Different Types Of Plastic Surgery That Are Available

Are you sure about the different plastic surgery options that are available? Different Types of Plastic Surgery That Are Available

There is no doubt about the fact that plastic surgery is growing in popularity every year as there are already 2 million surgical processes which take place in the US. In fact, you’ll be rather surprised to know that in the last decade, the total number of cosmetic or plastic surgeries had increased by 98% which was indeed a tremendous hike. Previously, it was only women who would seek the help of cosmetic surgery but gone are those days as men are also becoming metrosexual these days.

With the wide range of plastic surgery options that are available in the market, men are also easily contributing to the boom of plastic surgeries all over the world. Here are few types of surgeries which are done within the industry and which you might as well check out.

#1: Facelift

Facelifts are able to repair loose, sagging, wrinkled or drooping skin on the face. When someone goes under the knife for a facelift, her facial tissues are lifted and the excess skin that sags is removed or even replaced carefully. There are several women who even opt for neck lifts along with facelifts including reshaping of the nose, eyelid surgery or forehead lifts.

#2: Breast augmentation

As the name suggests, breast augmentation refers to the processes which augment the size of the breasts of women or just bring about a change in them. When women increase their breast size, this is called breast implant surgery and this isn’t the same with breast lifts or reduction of breasts. So, if you don’t seem to be satisfied with your assets, you can go under the knife to change it and make it look good.

#3: Dermabrasion

When you go through dermabrasion, the surgeon uses a specific tool which sands off the topmost layer of the skin and as soon as the skin is removed, the area heals when the new skin replaces the old one. The consequence will be much smoother skin than what you had before. This procedure is usually used for age spots, acne scars, lesions on the skin, crow’s feet, wrinkles and sun-damaged skin.

#4: Hair transplantation

Hair transplantation is also called restoration of hair and this is done in order to enhance the appearance of baldness. Hair is removed from a specific area and then moved to the bald area. In one session, more than a thousand hairs are moved and there are some who may need more than one session to cure baldness.

Therefore, if you’re trying your best to change the way you look, you may go through any of the above-listed plastic surgeries according to your needs.

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