The Different Types Of Rats That Can Infest Your Home

Rats are one of the most successful species ever, as they have managed to conquer every continent, with the exception of the two poles, and rats can be found wherever you find people. There are three main species of rats, and they thrive in similar environments, and all are extremely adaptable, which is proven by the fact they are still here, despite man’s efforts to eradicate them.

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The Common House Mouse

This is the species you are most likely to encounter in a residential environment, and the common mouse lives in groups, so if you see one, there are likely more on the scene. This hardy little creature survives on small pieces of food that are found in just about every kitchen, and there are many ways that claim to remove mice. These creatures can get through the tiniest of holes and are notoriously difficult to remove, which is why most homeowners turn to the electric pest control apparatus, as this is the only way to ensure the rats leave for good.

The Electronic Pest Control Device

Of all the mice repellents, the electronic pest control device is the most effective. Not only that, it is clean and perfectly harmless to children and pets, and they can easily be sourced from an online supplier, such as, a leading supplier of these innovative devices that tick all the boxes.
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The Norway Rat

Known also as the common sewer rat, this species grows to a significant size – in tropical climates they can be as big as the cats that are tasked to get rid of them. These hardy animals were transported to all corners of the world, thanks to the many merchant ships that sailed from country to country, and they breed very quickly indeed. Another trait of the common sewer rat is its ability to develop an immunity to poisons. This pest can easily gnaw through electrical cables and has a big appetite for just about any kind of food. Cats have long been tasked with ridding kitchens of rats, with a limited degree of success, yet the best way to remove rats from your home is to buy an electronic pest control device. It works by sending an electromagnetic pulse along the power cables, and rats do not like this, and will immediately vacate, looking for another location.
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Black Rats

Also known as ship rats or roof rats, these creatures possess an amazing ability to live in a way that we do not know they are there. Fortunately, all three species react the same when a pest control device is plugged in, and if you would like to purchase a few units, a Google search will help to locate an online supplier.

Rats carry diseases and if you want your home to be rat-free, all it takes is an online search, which will lead you to a pest control device supplier. The device does not harm humans or pets and is clean and easy to use. Invest in a few units and your home will always be rat-free, as long as you leave the units in place.
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