What Would Be an Unusual Way To Host a Party?

Here are a few ideas for planning a party

How to get started:

The first thing to do is create your invitation list and then decide if you would like a theme, depending on the type of party, birthday, shower, teen party or a theme around a holiday.

Then you would need to decide where to hold the party, whether it be at your home or renting a facility or going to a restaurant. But how about something different, what about hosting a teen party on a “bus”, I cant think of a better surprise party for a teen, invite all their friends and provide the food and drinks and games. You can look into a party bus rental to see what they have to offer, with a destination to a movie or a swim party.

  • What ever you decide, organization is key, here are a few tips;
    Pick a date and time
    Decide on the activities or entertainment
    You will need to shop or order party supplies and or decorations
  • Three Weeks Before:
    Make a list for RSVP’s close to your phone or on your phone
    Be sure to invite friends and family to help
  • Two Weeks before:
    Be sure to confirm the invitation list
    Be sure to shop for last minute game prizes
    Order the cake
  • One Week before:
    Purchase film for any cameras you might be using
    Purchase food and candies
    Create goodies bags
  • Day of the party:
    Pick up the cake
    If your using balloons, blow them up
    Get ready and have fun!

Week After the party:
Send out thank you notes to helpers, with a gift or gift card

What are the most interesting parties you have hosted?
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