Using Wall Tiles for The Maximalism Trend of 2018

Tiles for the Maximalism Trend

For what feels like a lifetime, minimalism has been the go-to trend for homeowners and designers alike. While beautifully timeless and classic, the minimalism trend is slowly being bypassed by a bolder and more colorful look, maximalism. Best summed up as the total opposite of minimalism, maximalism focuses on rich colours, patterns and textures. This lends itself to creative and character filled homes that are bursting with life. But how do you get this same look in rooms like bathrooms or kitchens which are notoriously more difficult to personalize? Well, the best place to start is your tiles. Tiles are the foundations to a whole theme in bathrooms and kitchens, so, lets take a look which tiles can help you to achieve that stunning maximalist home.

Using Wall Tiles for The Maximalism Trend of 2018

Black Metro Tiles

Metro tiles have more than been doing the rounds in the interiors world as of late. Walk in to nearly any commercial or residential building and you’ll likely be met with a metro tile. Metro wall tiles first rose to popularity in the early 1900s thanks to their extensive use on the London Underground stations. These tiles soon became an iconic design feature that is synonymous with this time in history and as such give a gorgeous vintage glamour aesthetic. For a maximalist look, use a black metro tile with a high gloss finish. This gives a dramatic flair that oozes sophistication. Black tiles are best used in spaces with plenty of access to natural or artificial light, so try a grey metro tile for smaller rooms instead.

Definition of MaximalismQuote 
“Maximalism has such an emotional quality to it because you’re
drawing upon things you love. Sasha Bikoff, interior designer”

Patterned Tiles

There’s no escaping patterns at the moment and they show no signs of going away any time soon. Whether it be a funky palm tree, geometric or chevron print, its safe to say that patterns are paving the way of the maximalist trend. Much like a wallpaper, patterned tile make for excellent feature walls. This allows you to focus on those stunning accessories that really make the maximalist design shine.

Herringbone Tiles

You may find the term herringbone vaguely familiar and for good reason. Most commonly found within the wood flooring world, herringbone refers to the name of the layout of the wood planks. One of the best thing about tiles is that you can lay them however you want once you’ve bought them. Herringbone floors have taken over the wood flooring industry and the look is currently doing the same within the tile community. Herringbone tiles are ideal for maximalist looks since they add incredibly fluidity and interest to a wall or floor. In a similar way to patterns, chevron tiles create a point of interest in a room which works perfectly with those striking colours and finishing home decor items. 

Maximalism couldn’t come at a better time. With minimalist homes starting to grow tired and predictable, the interiors world is relishing the chance to work with bold new looks. In the worlds current climate, a little makeover is exactly what were all looking for. So, why not consider maximalism as a theme if you’re planning to redecorate!

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