A Wardrobe Detox Guide for More Mindful Fashion

A Wardrobe Detox Guide for More Mindful FashionOver the years, the amount of clothes in our wardrobe has grown. We open it, we look at the piles, and piles of stuff, and not only do we think that this is too much, but that we still, somehow, have nothing to wear. The chaos of our closet doesn’t always inspire good fashion choices, and there’s always that sense of guilt because we know that no sane human being would ever even get the chance to wear all the things in there. It’s especially tough if you live in a smaller apartment and are woefully aware that your multitude of garments are just eating away at precious space, creating clutter, and aren’t all that ethical or environmentally conscious.

So, what can be done here, to clean up your closet and enjoy better fashion? A little detox is in order, and here we show you all the steps that you need to take.

Go through everything you haveGo through everything you have

Time to take everything out of your closet and then sit down and go through it. Yep, it’s going to be a formidable pile of stuff in front of you, but chances are that you’ll be surprised to see some of the old things that were at the back of your closet and that you forgot you even had. Go through every single one of them and make separate piles for the things you want to keep, and the things you want to toss away. It’s also a good chance to give all your old things a wash and really take stock of what you own.

Donate things you no longer need Donate things you no longer need

There should be another pile for the things you want to donate, either to your friends or to shelters in your area. Women’s shelters are usually very much in need of new garments, so check with people who are running the place whether they could use some of the things you’ve got.

Repurpose or repair Repurpose or repair

Not everything that has a hole in it needs to be tossed away, and it’s actually a good idea for people to learn how to do basic repairs on their garments so they wouldn’t have to keep throwing things away. Missing buttons, small tears, and broken zippers can easily be fixed, and some of your old clothes can be repurposed and made into something entirely new. If nothing else, old t-shirts can be used as cleaning rags, and you can also use old things for your own creative projects if you want to learn how to sew.

Take your things to second-hand shops

You probably won’t earn much, but at least it’s something! If you are in need of some quick cash, this is a good way to get a little money and declutter your wardrobe to boot.

Be a smart shopper Be a smart shopper

While clothes are cheap and readily available today, it doesn’t mean you actually need to give into the consumerism hype and buy a ton of garments every single time you’re at the mall. You need to think in terms of quality over quantity, and it’s best to buy things that satisfy these three criteria: they fit you perfectly, they’re in a color that you know you’ll wear, and they are made of high-quality fabrics. Look for well-made bamboo clothing that’s made from organically-grown bamboo because it’s really good both for the environment and for your health. It’s especially important to find quality women’s underwear because you want those fabrics to be breathable and hypoallergenic. It’s going to feel comfortable, and you won’t have to waste cash on cheap things that fall apart after being worn two times.

Be wary of sales Be wary of sales

Don’t go to sales just to check what’s out there. Go in with a plan, or don’t go in at all. Write down a list of things you know you need, then buy only the things that are at discount prices. Otherwise, you’ll get there and end up with a pair of striped orange tights with green polka dots simply because “they were 50% off, it was a bargain!”

Have a color palette

What are the colors you keep turning to? Pick your own color palette and try not to stray from it too much because clothing is a million times more difficult to mix and match when you’re dealing with a whole rainbow of shades. Besides, most of us look better in certain tones, so find the ones that suit your skin tone and your hair then stick to those. That way you’ll never have a hard time putting together a well-matching outfit in the morning.

Fashion can be ethical, and doing a clothing detox is the first step towards mindfulness. Go through everything you have, see what kind of things you want to keep, and vow to always make smart shopping decisions in the future.

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  1. I couldn’t agree with this more!! Especially the color palate. Now that I had my colors done, i’m really trying to stay within those colors for all my new clothes and get rid of the ones that don’t work. Then I know every piece will look good with my complexion!!

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