Four Ways to Give Smarter Gifts to the Kids

Many occasions throughout the year require a gift, and the kids always look forward to those special occasions because they love presents! With graduations, Christmas, birthdays, and other events, it can be disappointing for friends and loved ones to buy what usually ends up being toys.

There’s no doubt that the kids will love getting toys and electronics, but what if you want to do something different? Give a gift that lingers long after the present is opened with these four clever gift ideas. Four Ways to Give Smarter Gifts to the Kids

Give Them the Cash They Want

No kid will turn down cash! This is especially the case with teens who know exactly when they want when you might not. There’s nothing wrong with giving cash as a gift, but you can get creative with how you send it.

Skip sending cash in the mail and surprise a loved one in another country by sending money with a money transfer service. You can also teach some great money lessons by gifting a preloaded credit card. That way the kids in your life get the money they want while learning how to use a credit card.

Toys That Make Them Smarter

Nearly every toy in the toy store is made for fun. That’s especially the case with older kids. Babies get letter blocks, but older kids get nerf guns and baby dolls.

Do something a little different and get a toy that will make them smarter. STEM toys are a great way to encourage the kids in your life to get into science, technology, engineering, and math because they will make them think outside the box.

You can buy toys like robots, computers that must be put together, and circuit cubes that can motorize their existing toys. You can even sign up for an Amazon subscription service that sends STEM toys once a month.

Want, Need, Wear, Read

Sometimes it isn’t about what you get your child, it’s about how much they get. If you want to teach your child to value the toys and clothes they already have, you have to get them less. One method that’s gaining steam requires you to get only four presents for your children that include:

  • Something they want
  • Something they need
  • Something to wear
  • Something to read

Getting them less, especially around the holidays, allows the family to focus on traditions and spending time with each other instead of paying all their attention on stuff.

Pay for an Experience

Opening a gift is exciting, especially when there’s something inside that you really want. Unfortunately, that excitement will fade fast. If you’re looking for a more meaningful, long-lasting gift, give an experience.

It could be something as simple as a shopping trip you take together or a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, but paying for an experience is something they will remember long after the memory of a traditional gift fades.

You don’t have to wander the aisles at the toy store the next time there’s a birthday or a celebration. Instead, try the ideas on this list and you’ll give a much more memorable, meaningful gift.

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