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Do you dream of sake and sakura? Are you looking for a peaceful place to sip your afternoon tea? Here are just six ways to renovate your backyard with an Asian aesthetic.

landscape_large_8 lanterns1. Lanterns
Lanterns have long been associated with the east, and the good news is that there are plenty of ways to incorporate them in your outdoor decor. For example, paper lanterns can be strung up from your trees, and iron-wrought lanterns can be lined up around your deck for style and illumination. Contact a company like Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to learn more.

Cherry Tree2. Plants
If you’ve never heard of lycium barbarum, now is the time to brush up on your Asian plants. You might also be interested in gentle cherry blossoms or carefully-tended bonsai trees. Pines are another popular fixture in Asian culture, representing spring, freshness and eternal life. Of course, you don’t want to forget bamboo reeds.

Garden box zen garden3. Ponds
You can’t have a Japanese garden without a little zen. Fortunately, their creation is easier than you’d think; all you need is a shoveling tool and a willingness to roll up your sleeves. Once you’ve manufactured a serviceable pond, that’s when you can start playing around with rocks, waterfalls and koi fish.

Asian inspired gates4. Gates
Step into another world when you install wooden gates in your backyard. They’re seen at the front of almost every temple in Asia. Not only will they be a fashionable addition to your landscape, but they’ll also serve as an accurate and authentic example of Asian style. As a bonus, they’re easier to clean than wire fences.

Koi Pond5. Fountains
Like koi ponds, fountains are seen as a place of serenity and reflection in many Asian countries. If you could use an oasis in your backyard, something untouched by all the demands of school, work and family, consider investing in a stone sculpture or two.

Relaxing-Backyard-Part-of-The-Carriage-House-Landscaping-Idea-Beautified-with-Zen-Asian-Garden-Layout-and-Buddha-Statue-936x7026. Dragons
Dragons are celebrated in almost every culture of the east, but they’re particularly precious to China where the citizens hold a “Duanwu Festival” every year. While you may not want the same level of fireworks, parades and life-size model dragons in your backyard, a few sculptures or fence carvings will certainly make a statement.

These are just six ways to transform your backyard into an Asian haven. If you’re tired of the boring sameness of suburbia, consider these tips to embrace a new culture, a better look and a higher standard of living.


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