Have You Ever Wondered if Buying Quantity is The Best Choice?

Buy Quality Not Quantity

When you are getting ready to make a purchase you need to ask yourself three things: why am I buying this item? How long will this item last me? Is there an alternative item I could buy that is cheaper? Wait, no. No that’s not it. Don’t ever ask yourself if something is cheaper? You know what you get when you buy cheaper? Something cheaper! It’s like a four letter word. If you want to live better, healthier, longer, more fulfilling lives, buy quality, not quantity.

When you travel, you can skimp on several areas of your trip, but the things you will want to spend money on are your accommodations and your food. Because let’s face it, a bad night’s sleep can ruin your life and you want to travel to experience the world, not sleep through it. And you want to spend money on the food you eat so that you can ensure the best quality of food possible. It is better to have tasted one or two really great dishes than to have eaten 30 fast food joint meals.

When you go to buy a car, consider that you are buying something that will cost a lot of money over time. It’s not like you are going to buy the most expensive car ever sold, but it might seem like that to you at the time. Consider that a few extra thousand dollars will get you everything you want in a car and you’ll be able to enjoy the car for more years, than if you went cheap and find yourself wanting a new car in a few years.

When you buy your home, the same rule applies: over 25 years, don’t worry about an extra $100-$200 a month on a mortgage payment. If that extra hundred dollars gets you the house you can see yourself living in for the rest of your life, spend the money.

When you buy clothes, consider spending more money on less items. Sure, you’ve heard this suggestion before, but it really is true. When you invest in good quality clothes you take better care of them because you know their value. The quality of the clothes makes you look and physically feel better. And isn’t that worth more money to feel better?

Consider that when you count pennies, you might not get the things you want in life. When you spend money on quality things, you can live a much more interesting and rewarding life. Instead of owning two cars in your family, combine your budget and buy one really nice car. Instead of owning 10 pairs of $30 jeans, own 2 pairs of $100 jeans. It makes all the difference. You will actually treat yourself and your belongings differently when you’ve spent more money on them. Think about how you want your next purchase to make you feel: cheap? Or Amazing? Obviously, you want to feel amazing. So even if it takes you a little longer to get the quality you want, it’s worth saving over time to get the quality you deserve.


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