Yoga Vs. Pilates: Choosing the Best for You

Yoga-Vs.-Pilates-Choosing-the-Best-for-YouWhat would your exercise choice be, yoga or pilates?

Most people claim that yoga and pilates are the same. However, various research from fitness experts tends to disagree with this by citing numerous differences. Fitness enthusiasts, especially women, are keen to know what the differences are so that they can choose the best one for them. If you are taking enhancement gear like steroid injection – 120kgs, you ought to pick either yoga or pilates to be your complementary workout. Choosing the best for you is the only choice you have. Below is all you need to know before making a decision. 

What Is a Yoga Workout?
Yoga is an Asian technique of maintaining whole body fitness. Those who love the activity can confirm that it has benefits to various aspects of the body. Apart from the yoga moves that keep the body physically fit, it also involves meditation to heal the mind and soul. When yoga is done well, it brings some great relaxation and healing to all people who engage in it. Yoga rarely disappoints.

What Is a Pilates Workout?

In the same way that yoga is famously enjoyed by women, the pilates workout also takes a big place in their hearts. The workouts involve a series of moves that focus on toning and strengthening the core muscles. Ladies who want to do away with belly fat and lose weight generally focus on the pilates workout.

Most women are confused about what to choose between yoga and pilates to achieve their fitness goals. Such a dilemma arises basically because they do not understand the differences between the two workout activities. Below we will tackle some contrasting differences among many.

Differences Between Yoga and Pilates
The body, mind and soul connection – when it comes to yoga, most of us know that it is greatly connected with the soul and spirituality. Yogis take their time to meditate, search their souls and try to connect it to the body. On the other hand, the pilates workout focuses more on the physical body. Its main purpose is to increase strength, power and stability of the core. It is a great way to tone your muscles.

The origin of the workouts – yoga is an old practice that has been in practice for centuries. Yoga has great spiritual significance to those who have enjoyed it across the centuries. Its origin is India, where the yogis took their time to meditate and do the moves in search of internal peace. On the other hand, Joseph Pilates, a famous athlete, introduced the Pilates workout a few decades ago.

How the workouts are done – basically, the two workouts are done while lying on a gym mat. At first, an amateur will find it hard to pinpoint the differences. However, a keen look will show that yoga classes are flexible depending on the needs of the person taking the classes. On the other hand, pilates classes follow a routine prepared by the trainer.

Which Workout Should You Choose?
After seeing how the two workouts works and their main differences, the choice of the best depends on the goals you need to achieve. Yoga is great for people who need both physical fitness and soul-searching. On the other hand, the pilates workout is the best for an athlete who needs to strengthen their core or a woman who needs to burn belly fat.
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