Helping Your Elderly Parents To Enjoy Happy And Healthy Lives
If we’re lucky, age is something that comes to us all. But it can be difficult noticing our parents getting older. The realization that they won’t be around for forever is difficult to accept. And it can be hard realizing that they may need a little extra help. But for many people, their later years are rich and fulfilling. They […]

Helping Your Elderly Parents To Enjoy Happy And Healthy Lives

Mini Belle Mushrooms
My husband love mushrooms, a lot of them and he has always enjoyed a good “Chicken Marsala” at fine restaurants, but I have never attempted it until I started reading recipes recently. I found several recipes, picked the ingredients I liked and made my own recipe. Many Chicken Marsala recipes call for more spices but I kept mine simple with […]

Chicken Marsala -A Delicious, Classic Chicken Dish With Mushrooms and ...

Is It Time to Take the Plunge Into a Plant-Based Diet
Is It Time to Take the Plunge Into a Plant-Based Diet? Stroll any supermarket aisle and you’ll likely see packaging that proclaims the contents are sugar free, fat free or both. Many of today’s diet trends are all about cutting things out entirely, but that tends to make people feel they’re being deprived. That’s why if you’re thinking about changing […]

Is It Time to Take the Plunge Into a Plant-Based ...

With Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, and summer holidays approaching and a time for getting together for a barbecues, there’s always good food. Whether for family or a group, my recipe for Rubbed BBQ Ribs has just enough kick that everyone will love it. Packed with flavor!!! For these rubbed ribs you will have several choices to cook them. You […]

Whats Better Than Barbecue Ribs For Summer Rubbed BBQ Ribs

Path To Glowing Health and Vitality 10 comments
To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. – Buddha Being healthy is the prerequisite not only for normal functioning, but for happiness as well. An organism that is not functioning properly cannot produce enough energy for all of the daily challenges, which affects your […]

Path to Glowing Health and Vitality

Happy Holidays everyone, I hope you are enjoying some portion, baking, shopping wrapping or like me, decorating. But for now I took a moment to find some cookie goodness I wanted to share all from several blogs….and a bit of Christmas Music for your listening pleasure while you check out the cookies. Here are a few of Katrina’s masterpiece cookies & […]

A Christmas Cookie Roundup

Leading Gourmet-Bamboo-cutting-board-#leadinggourmet 1 comment
I received the Bamboo Cutting Board from Giveaway Services for my opinion my review and just so you know, I have included an affiliate link at the bottom, just in case you want to take a better look or purchase for a gift for yourself or someone you love. The Bamboo Cutting Board has a Natural Eco Friendly Non-slip – […]

Leading Gourmet – Bamboo Cutting Board