Flood Services Perth- How To Dry A Mattress

Flood Services Perth- How To Dry A MattressFlooding can cause significant damage to your property, and your mattress is no exception. A waterlogged mattress can be a breeding
ground for mold and bacteria, making it unhealthy and uncomfortable
to sleep on. If your mattress has been affected by flooding, acting quickly
and drying it out as soon as possible is essential.

Pointers On How To Dry A Mattress
Here, we’ll review some effective drying techniques for Perth wet
mattresses. Companies that provide mattress-drying services also
provide wet carpet drying Perth if you need it.

1. Clean Grime and Remove the Bedding
The first step is to remove all bedding from the mattress and clean any
grime or dirt from the surface using a soft cloth. This will prevent any
potential contaminants from seeping further into the mattress.

2. Extract water using a Wet-Dry Vacuum
Use a wet-dry vacuum, and extract as much water from the mattress as
possible. Water extraction speeds up the drying process and prevents further mattress damage.

3. Use a Mixture of Hydrogen Peroxide and Dish Soap to
Remove Stains
If there are any visible stains on the mattress, you can use a mixture of
hydrogen peroxide and dish soap to remove them. Apply the solution to
the stain and gently scrub it with a soft brush.

4. Dry It With a Hair Dryer From Some Distance
Use a hairdryer, dry the mattress from some distance. Keep the hairdryer
on low heat and keep it moving across the surface of the mattress. Avoid
holding it too close to the mattress because it can damage the fabric.

5. Prop the Mattress Against a Wall and dry Run a Fan, Prop the mattress against a wall and place a fan near it. This will help circulate air around the mattress and speed up drying. Rotate the
mattress every few hours to ensure all sides are dried evenly.

6. Move The Mattress Outside
You can move the mattress outside to dry it in the sun if the weather
permits. This will help eliminate any moisture in the mattress and kill
any bacteria or mold that may have formed.

7. Use Alcohol to Disinfect Your Mattress
Once the mattress is dry, you can disinfect it using rubbing alcohol. Fill a
spray bottle with rubbing alcohol and spray it over the entire mattress
surface to help kill any bacteria or mold that may be present.

If you live in Perth and your mattress has been affected by flooding,
acting quickly to prevent further damage is essential. By following the
above steps, you can effectively dry out your mattress and ensure it
remains clean and comfortable to sleep on.

If the flooding has caused extensive damage to your mattress, consider
replacing it with a new one. Always keep handy the contact number of
flood services Perth company that you can call in case of an emergency.
Do some advanced research on companies in the area that offer these
services and check whether they are available 24/7.
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