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We hope you all had an enjoyable Thanksgiving, it sure wasn’t a traditional for many people, but we are resilient and strong.  For me my brother and his wife came from Flagstaff to be with us this year, the first time to celebrate Thanksgiving in over 30+ years and a time to reflect and catch up.

As we embark on Christmas this month we will be sharing DIY ideas and there’s yummy recipes and a fashion feature. And dont miss my Traditional Oh My Heartsie Girl in A Holiday Baking Exchange Linkup

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Benefits of Heating Your Swimming Pool

There-are-many-benefits-of-swimming-in-a-heated-poolA swimming pool enables owners to create many memories. From swimming laps for exercise to throwing fabulous swim parties, your pool is a central part of your home. If you’ve had to close your pool for several months of the year due to cold weather, you know the sadness that accompanies the closure. Fortunately, installing pool heaters is an effective way to operate your swimming pool year-round. Here are the many benefits you’ll enjoy with a heated swimming pool.

Extended Use

First, pool heaters Pittsburgh enable owners to keep their pool open even during the off-season months. Many homeowners simply cannot justify the cost of a pool if they’re only able to use it for six months out of the year. The ability to use your pool year-round makes it more reasonable to install one in the first place. There are solar heaters that can be used in conjunction with conventional heaters. This system helps lower utility bills and is a cleaner source of energy than traditional electricity.

Relaxed Muscles

Swimming is an excellent cross training exercise. Any individual who participates in high-impact workouts knows the benefit of creating a balanced workout routine. Your body needs to rest and recover from high-impact exercises like running and weightlifting. Swimming in a heated pool relaxes stressed muscles while getting a low-impact workout.

Complete Workout

Many forms of exercise target a specific part of the body; however, swimming is a full-body workout. No matter what stroke you’re doing, all of the muscles in your body are required to work. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean your body is under high amounts of stress due to the fluidity of water. Swimming in a heated pool relaxes your muscles which also decreases the amount of stress.

Improved Blood Circulation

Swimming is known for its cardiovascular benefits. Owning a swimming pool is an excellent way to keep your heart in good shape. Unfortunately, a cold swimming pool deters individuals from jumping in the pool to get a daily workout. By heating your pool, you’ll likely provide more opportunities for family members to get a regular workout that improves their cardiovascular system. A consistent swimming routine has been shown to reduce high blood pressure.

Healthy Mind

Many doctors note the benefit of exercise for a healthy mind. Individuals who participate in some form of regular exercise can reduce their anxiety and depression and improve cognitive function. Swimming in a heated pool is an excellent way to participate in a consistent conditioning exercise program.

There are many benefits of swimming in a heated pool. The cost to install a pool heater is offset by the numerous benefits.

Oh My Heartsie Girl’s A Holiday Baking Exchange

Homemade Goodies Recipe Exchange Since 2016Oh-My-Heartsie-Girls-Homemade-Goodies-Exchange-Linkup-2020The time of year I love, to bake for family and friends. I have gone through a lot of flour over the years and baking is always fun. And I wanted to bring this exchange to the forefront, I started it back in 2006 and continue to promote it since there always new and inspiring recipes.
And  now I would like to invite you to share all the sweet treats you make for the Holidays.

Add your recipes and then visit to share others
Wishing you all Happy Holidays!!
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Black Friday

What Every Consumer Should Know About Cbd Tinctures

What-Every-Consumer-Should-Know-About-CBD-Tinctures.CBD is becoming very popular these days. This has been triggered by the discovery of numerous health benefits associated with the product. However, consumers are still in the dark when it comes to choosing these products.

One of the CBD products that is most widely used is CBD tinctures. This product is taken orally and it contains a high concentration of the cannabis products. It can be risky to indulge in the use of these products without understanding some facts about them. With the facts below, you may start the use of CBD tinctures with ease.

Never Buy If It Has No Label

If you are buying from a new source, one of the precautions to take is checking the labels. Surprisingly, some CBD tinctures around the world lack the appropriate labels. This can mislead the users, especially those who are interested in knowing the actual contents before consumption. Even if they are coming from a known supplier, never use them if they are not labeled.

Cheap CBD Tinctures are Risky

Even though cheap does not mean poor quality, cheap CBD tinctures are not the best. They are likely to have low-quality contents that can harm your body, especially if taken in large amounts. The best habit is to choose products from known suppliers ensuring that you can trust their products. Getting lured into products with a low price is not recommended by medical practitioners or those who have used the product for a long time.

CBD Tinctures and CBD Oils Are Different Products

If you visit a website that sells and promotes cannabis products like the Berkshirecbd website, you may think that CBD oil is the same as CBD tinctures, especially if you look at the packaging. However, these are two different products that are processed differently. However, they are from a similar raw product, which is the cannabis plant. For tinctures, the extraction is done through the use of alcohol and water. For CBD oil, the extraction is done through an oil like coconut oil.

CBD Tinctures Should Not be Overused

If you are planning to start the use of these products, you need to know that they should not be overused or abused. They are stronger than any other cannabis products as the alcohol never leaves any contents behind during extraction. Medical experts usually recommend very controlled use for those who want to get health benefits. Thus, a single drop in your mouth is enough because it gets absorbed directly into the body.

Terpenes Are Present in CBD Tinctures

One of the medicinal contents of CBD oils is terpenes. Although the cannabis plant naturally contains these products, more are added from other sources to make the CBD tinctures more potent. Thus, they will work effectively to heal you from specific ailments. When you buy the product, the level of terpenes will be shown on the label. Your medical consultant will help you to find the right amount for you.

CBD tinctures are effective and give great health benefits when they are used well. Now that you know some crucial facts about them, it is time to use them responsibly and enjoy all the benefits.

What Are The Benefits Of CBD Capsules?