Growing Plants in Containers with Kids

Growing Plants With Kids
Can Be A Rewarding Experience

Ok so I was thinking after my article about container gardening  that I would mention its not limited to moms and dads for bigger gardens, but get the kids can get involved. Growing-Vegetables-in-ContainersSo you want to grow a garden with your kids, but you don’t have a yard to do it in. That means you will need to grow things in containers, not a bad idea, makes it even easier to take care of, there will be “NO WEEDS”.  But what grows well in containers that’s simple and something kids will enjoy?

Simply put, pretty much any vegetable or herb will grow well in a container as long as there’s enough room. But let’s narrow this down to kid friendly. Here are the ten best plants that you can grow in containers with your children. Here are some great ideas to get your started.
Shop for your Home& Garden at NatureHills.comGrowing-plants-vegetables-in-containers-when-no-other-area-available.

9 Great Plants To Use When Growing in Containers
* Tomatoes – This is probably the most popular choice for growing in containers. Tomatoes are easy to grow; they can even be done from a hanging container and grow upside down. Using good soil and the right amount of water is what’s needed to make tomatoes grow well in containers.

* Potatoes – You can grow a large amount of potatoes in containers like compost bags or a large tub or buckets. If you would like to see more on how you can use a bucket to plant potato’s, I found an example over at Instructables Growing Potatoes In Buckets

* Cucumbers – These are easy to grow in containers, but they need the right conditions. They grow best in warm temperatures so don’t plant until early summer for best results.

* Carrots – These are so simple to grow and do really well in containers. So they’re a really great starter vegetable to grow with children.

* Blueberries – These grow well in containers, but only with the right conditions. They ripen best in heat so they’re best saved for the summer. They require rain water too, so grow them outdoors unless you are able to collect the rain water in something. They won’t do well with tap water.

* Parsley – This is great in a window box. It takes a while to germinate though and requires heat. Also, be sure to use a rich soil.

* Basil – Put it in the window box with parsley, but be warned: this does not do well at all with cold. So make sure there is not going to be any frost. Basil has a few weeks’ germination time, though, so it grows quicker than parsley.

* Radish – This is probably the easiest vegetable to grow in a container and will really get the kids excited. So this is the perfect choice.

* Lettuce – This is actually a great choice for growing in containers. Water in the morning and make sure it is kept in the shade and you’ll have a quick and easy plant in a container in no time.

* Flowers – It doesn’t have to be vegetables alone that you plant in containers. Potted plants such as geraniums, petunias, mums, and sunflowers are great in a pot and something kids will love to help cultivate.
The-Rewards-of-gardening-with-kidsPlanting anything with kids can be a whole lot of fun and very educational. Getting kids to eat more vegetables, then planting some sort of garden will be a huge help in that. Letting them get their hands dirty and eating the food they grow is a huge incentive for even the pickiest of eaters.

As you can see, lots of plants are not fond of the cold weather of winter, and it’s such a shame if your kids can’t experience gardening tasks just because of that. So how about moving under the roof and grow some indoors? That way, all the difficult conditions before can be adjusted as you please since an indoor plant is easier to protect from pests, you can control the amount of water and nutrients your plants consume and even the light can be monitored through the convenient LED Grow Lights.’

So don’t think just because you don’t have a lot of room you can’t create some sort of garden. Hanging tomatoes and window boxes and small containers on your kitchen counter with herbs and including some containers on your porch of radishes and potatoes and you’re off to a great start gardening with the kids and getting them to try more fruits and vegetables.

But if growing outdoors wont work for you, learn how you can “Enjoy growing vegetables indoors all year long with the Miracle-Gro AeroGarden

What have you grown in containers before? Do you think your kids would enjoy gardening?

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In addition you could also teach your kids about Re-Growing Vegetables using vegetable scraps from your kitchen. Such as Lettuce, Celery, Lemon Grass, Fennel, Basil, Cilantro, Bean Sprouts or re-growing root crops such as potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Ginger, Onions, Green Onions, the list goes on and you can read all about those and how it is done on And if you need a guide check out Vegetables That You Can Regrow Again And Again From Scraps and one more 30 Insanely Clever Gardening Tricks

How To Build DIY Raised Garden Boxes and Beds

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Is Gas Better Than Electricity?

 What-to-consider-gas-or-electric-for-home-and-carWhen it comes to the energy sources available for driving building systems and processes, such as air-conditioning and water systems, refrigeration systems, cooking, and the like, natural gas and electricity are the two obvious choices. Natural gas comes with benefits, like lesser cost, ease of transportation and cleaner burning compared to other fossil fuels. The value of electricity is not easily calculable as prices change depending on whereabouts and the source of power generation. The main factors to consider when choosing between the two are price, efficiency, environmental impact and reliability.


Natural gas has always scored higher when it comes to affordability and is expected to do so in the near future. Electricity tariffs tend to increase as your consumption increases but, with gas, you tend to save more. This is because the cost per unit of gas comes down as your consumption increases, in most installations by a reputed Plumber Sydney has.

The initial installation cost for gas appliances may be a bit more, but running costs are usually lower, which means that in the long run, gas saves you money. Hiring an efficient Gas Fitting Sydney service will definitely help you get the best value of your money. As an illustration, we take a look at the annual running cost of one cooktop and hot water system operating in a typical Australian household:

  • When run on electricity, the cost comes to around $1529 in South Australia and $1196 in Victoria
  • When run on gas, the cost comes to around $971 in South Australia and $701 in Victoria


Over the years, natural gas appliances have proved to be the more efficient ones, with equipment efficiencies nearing 97% in water heaters and condensing boilers. However, electrical appliances, too, have witnessed significant improvements in their energy efficiency partly due to programs like LEED and Energy Star.

Environmental impact

Although natural gas is a fossil fuel, it scores higher than electricity when it comes to environment-friendliness. With a different chemical structure as compared to coal, its emissions are much lower.

However, there are some issues with natural gas extraction. “Conventional” natural gas, a term for some types of natural gas, is accessible and economic to extract. “Non-conventional” natural gases pose accessibility issues in that they require deep drilling or methods like hydraulic fracturing (fracking) for extraction. These extraction methods are not entirely environmentally-friendly. Still, the following statistics speak in favour of natural gas:

  • In South Australia, the CO2emission for a gas hot water system is 62% less than its electric counterpart, and in Victoria, it is 83% less.
  • 44% of Australia’s household energy requirement is met by gas but it accounts for only 13% of household greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The yield rate from extraction to delivery is 90% for gas which is higher than electricity.
  • International Gas Union has reported that 60% more coal needs to be burned in the oldest power-generating facilities to generate the same power as a natural gas power plant.


Natural gas infrastructure enables distributors to carry gas to customers as per demand, without facing the supply and reliability concerns associated with electricity.

Thus, weighing the pros and cons of both systems, it seems that natural gas is the winner at present.

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Wonderful Wednesday

Hello all and welcome. With the new beginning of spring, flowers and gardens popping up, its also time for a more normal life.  I have been busy rejuvenating the soils in my flower pots and containers because the soil in pots has been depleted from last years plants, the soil has much needed amendments so new flowers and vegetables can thrive.
For me it is a rewarding experience because I love having my hands in the soil.  Not to mention I love fresh herbs, tomatoes and squash and the colors of some pretty flowers around my patio!  By saving me money on the vegetables I can grow, they taste much better and I knowing how they were grown, without chemicals  and more nutritious!

What do you plant vegetables, house plants, in a garden or in containers?
Let me know if you have any garden questions, I’d be happy to have a conversation.
With a few tips and ideas anyone can plant in containers, check out my post on:
Successful Indoor Outdoor Gardening Guide for Absolute Beginners

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How to Clean Doors and Windows Like A Pro

How-to-Clean-Doors-and-Windows-Like-A-ProHave you ever spent a lot of time cleaning doors and windows, only to realize a misty look after drying? Well, that feeling is draining. That effect is caused by cleaning the window the wrong way. However, you do not have to hire a professional to clean them for you just because you could not do it right. Here at Total Home Barrie we have decided to show you how clean doors and windows like a pro.

You need to learn simple hacks that anyone can follow. There are no sophisticated tools required, only what is available at home. Here is what you do to have sparkling windows and doors Barrie.

  1. Consider the Day’s Weather

As far as knowing how to clean doors and windows is concerned, you should consider the day’s weather. Weather is a major contributing factor to your window cleaning success. Ensure that the day you decide to clean your window is calm and cloudy. It helps in preventing evaporation of the liquid cleaner that occurs during sunny and windy days.

Wet days are quite a piece of work. They make it almost impossible because your doors and windows Barrie never dry. This means that you won’t know whether it is clean or not.

  1. Dust Your Windows

It is a vital preliminary step to take. Remove all the dust and visible chunks of dirt using a dry brush, cloth or vacuum cleaner. This practice prevents the formation of mud after spraying the liquid cleanser.

Your shades and blinds should be dusted at this point to prevent them from making the window dirty. A dry microfiber cloth is ideal for this work.

  1. Choose the Right Cleaner

You do not want your windows to look like a mess when you are done, right? Good. A glass cleaner that has grip is the best option. It does not evaporate quickly, which help you clean your window thoroughly. Alternatively, you can make your glass cleaner at home using these ingredients:

  • Water – 2 cups
  • White or cider vinegar – ½ cup
  • Rubbing alcohol with 70% concentration – ¼ cup

Mix the ingredients thoroughly and pour the mixture in a spray bottle. Make sure you label the spray bottle as a safety precaution.

  1. Type of Cloth You Use

If you do not want to use a newspaper for drying your doors and windows Barrie, a microfiber cloth does a perfect job. It absorbs perfectly, is washable and does not leave marks behind.

Other than a microfiber cloth, you can use paper towels. When using this, keep in mind that not all paper towels can give satisfactory results. Do some testing with your choice before you drain all your money in paper towels that will not work for you.

  1. Avoid the Squeegee

If you are working on small windows, a squeegee can give you a lot of work. When squeezing the water from your window, water ends up on the floor. This means extra work for you after you are done with cleaning the windows.

But, if you are working on large windows such as full glass windows, a squeegee can be handy. It helps you work fast.

  1. Break it Down

You do not have to work on your windows daily or weekly. It can be tedious and time-consuming. Instead, make window cleaning one of the thorough and do it once or twice a year.

When cleaning, do it in a different direction for the inside and the outside. That is, if you clean your interior part of the window horizontally, then clean the exterior vertically. This trick will help you spot which side of the window form a spot if any streak is left after the window dries.

  1. Use Steel Wool

Use steel wool for cleaning your doors and windows Barrie? Relax. You do not use it on the entire window but on stains that are too stubborn on the liquid cleaner. Scrub the stain gently and dry the spot.

There you go. Your windows become clean without spending too much. You can do it with your family members or a friend if you do not like cleaning alone. Now you know how to clean doors and windows, give your windows a fresh look once in a while as an overall window maintenance practice.

Spring Cleaning… In The Fall? Tips For Nailing That Deep Clean
The Main Benefits Of Hiring A Window Cleaning Service
5 Cleaning Hacks for People who Hate Cleaning

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