Are You a Parent Who Wants to Go Back to College? It’s Easier Than You Think

If you’re a busy parent, you’ve probably been putting off going back to school because you assume that you either won’t have the time or money to accomplish your dreams. After all, not only do you have a family to care for every day, but you might also work and have a home that needs constant cleaning and maintenance. Fortunately, […]



Friday Features Linky Party 12 comments   Recently updated !

I appreciate your taking the time to join in the part to share your blog and maybe find something interesting to inspire a project or a recipe to make. While at the same time sharing with our community what you have going on. I in my heart believe that the power of prayer works. Praying calms my mind and helps […]


In a Pinch Need a Payday Loan

Payday Loans in Ontario, Canada Are you strapped for cash? Does it seem like your next paycheck is eons away? A payday loan can solve your financial woes. Sometimes after paying bills, an emergency comes up, or you may even be a little short on bills. Typically, payday loans offer a temporary solution with a higher than the average interest […]



How To Find Out If Your Old Silver Is Valuable   Recently updated !

Out of all of the precious metals that we use, silver is one that is both abundant and affordable, so it is common to have silver objects around your home. Whether you go out and buy these or you inherit them from friends or family, they can often go overlooked and even removed from show to spend their time on […]


You Need To Make Sure You Get The Right Life Insurance   Recently updated !

It is important for people to take steps to protect their most valuable assets. Of all of the assets someone could possibly protect, the most important is their life. This is where life insurance comes in. Specifically, life insurance is a form of protection that people take out to protect the income they currently earn. For example, if someone were […]



Oh My Heartsie Girls Wonderful Wednesday 1 comment

    Welcome to A Wonderful Wednesday Linky Party #200!! So by now, we know the precautions we should be taking to care for our health for ourselves and our families and especially the elderly. The big thing is to maintain good hygiene and Wash Your Hands Often. #Socialdistancing If you need to read up on precautions, how you should […]


Keep Your Bedroom Organised for Better Sleep   Recently updated !

We spend our days working hours on end, and when we get home, all we want to do is to change into our comfiest house clothes and plop on the bed at night to try to get a good night’s sleep to get ready for the day ahead. But in reality, a lot of people do not get restful sleep […]



Eat Drink and Shop Local and A Domino’s GC Giveaway 1 comment

Out of concern that the Coronavirus could spread by people gathering in restaurants and the fact that it would be so labor-intensive to follow guidelines to sanitize everything that could be touched, like condiments, silverware, tables, chairs, doors even menus it would be inundated for workers to keep up. Thus the need to shut down fast-food dining rooms and restaurants […]


How to Register for the ACT

Kids grow up fast. Remember their first day at school? Or how helping with their basic grade school arithmetic made you look like a genius? And then, high school happened. Everything got harder, especially their becoming independent and not needing you as much. It’s healthy, though. Kids grow up to be their own person. Their independence is a sign you […]



 Gardening for kids: 5 links to get your child more involved outdoors

It would be fair to say that we are firmly in an era that is dominated by PlayStation’s, the internet and everything else that involves tech. It means that gardening is often forgotten about. This is despite the fact that it has countless benefits associated with it, including: First and foremost, it’s fun It gives children responsibility It provides them […]