Top 10 Tech Trends for Students

The modern day digital age with revolutionary innovations impacting all aspects of life. As a student, you have to remain on the lookout for the best technological innovations that can help improve your learning experience. There is no denying that school life has over the years become more demanding with the resultant pressure leading to high-stress levels. Creating a balance of life has become more difficult but luckily, there are technology trends that can help you out. Whether you want to create the perfect life-school balance, complete your assignments faster, learn on the go, buy thesis papers or enjoy cutting-edge learning tools, you have to stay abreast of the tech trends in education. Top 10 Tech Trends for Students

This article explores some of the best tech advances you should keep an eye out for this year. Keep reading.

  1. Cloud-Based Technology

Most likely you have heard about cloud technology but did you know you can leverage this tech trend in your education? A recent report published on Forbes says88% of all enterprise workloads to have moved to the cloud by 2020.  The same case will apply to the school with most operations happening on the cloud.

This is already happening and if you have always worried about losing your homework assignments, it is time to join the cloud computing bandwagon. You don’t have to buy multiple file saving gadgets and instead, you will only need to save your files on the cloud system which provides a secure, flexible and easy-to-share storage option.

  1. Virtual/Augmented/ Mixed Reality in Learning

Virtual and augmented reality might have sounded like a futuristic concept a few decades back but today it is a reality. These technologies have revolutionized gaming and their influence is now in education, business, and many other sectors. As a learner, you can now leverage software that uses virtual or augmented reality to enjoy a more interactive learning experience.

Virtual reality makes abstract concepts clear which in turn leads to better retention and a fun learning experience. With apps like Unimersiv and Magic Leap, learning is now fun and convenient and you need to embrace this trend today.

  1. 3-D Printing

Now, 3D is the reigning design technology with virtually everyone scrambling to use it on productions. Form movies, games, promotional videos to music videos, there is no limit to the opportunities available for 3D. Now, 3D printing promises to redefine learning by allowing teachers and students to reproduce anything they would wish in class. 3d printing will become a core teaching component as students will easily make learning aids and understand concepts without moving out of the classroom.

  1. Gamification in Learning

While psychologists have always advocated for play in the learning process, educators have had a hard time integrating this into their programs. However, technology has made things easier and it is now possible for learners to learn through video games. Gamification technology redefines the learning process by making the most complex concepts easier to understand.

Experts from Drexel University credit gaming technology with mirroring real life issues thus helping them apply skills learned in class to solve problems.  Students can play these games everywhere to hone their problem-solving skills. These games also motivate the student to keep learning. For these reasons, you need to keep an eye out for the best educational games to improve your grades.

  1. Educational Video Content

The video is now the most important form of content with experts projecting global consumer Internet video traffic will account for 80% of all internet traffic. In their 2017 State of Video in Education, Kaltura said 93% of teachers surveyed believe video boosted student satisfaction in the learning experience. 85% of respondents in the survey believe educational video increases student achievement.

As a learner, you need to leverage these benefits of video content by watching instructional and informative videos online. Teachers recommend the best videos and you should integrate these in your studies.

  1. Edu Mobile Apps

Today, you will find a mobile app for virtually everything under the sun. From shopping, health advice, driving skills, hair care tips, to gaming, there is no limit to what you can do with apps. As a student, you should leverage the best educational apps such as Khan Academy, Coursera, PhotoMath, Duolingo, Quizlet, Evernote, SoloLearn, Photomath, YouTube among others. Lookout for the latest homework, assignment apps, time management apps among others to stay in control of your studies.

  1. The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things will continue making a great impact in the classroom. By enabling interconnectivity of all devices around you to the internet, it is possible to enhance the learning process. IoT is no longer a futuristic concept as you can now find interconnected devices in most classrooms and as a learner; you can now complete tasks such as schedule-making and research.

  1. Collaborative Learning

Using the latest technologies and hardware, it is now possible for students to connect and learn in groups. As a student, you need to capitalize on collaborative learning to acquire diverse ideas from other learners across the globe. Look out for the best collaborative programs and forums to keep learning.

  1. Mind Mapping

Mind mapping entails unique brainstorming where teachers and students write down facts.  It is an approach that helps learners visualize and externalize concepts. In essence, it makes it easy to understand topics. Various innovative mind mapping programs such as MindMeister, Inspiration, The Brain and MindMaple are available online and students should utilize these for improved retention of difficult concepts.

  1. Flipped Learning

Like the name implies, flipped learning turns things upside down. Students learn concepts at home by watching videos and educational content proposed by the teacher. They then go to school to complete homework with the teacher acting as a helper. This trend leverages the growth of online learning resources and seeks to replace the learner as the sole source of knowledge.

These are some of the tech trends that will impact learning and as a student, you need to embrace them to enhance your learning experience. Whether you need help with thesis, homework assistance, career guidance or anything else, it is now possible to find the necessary help through technological innovations.

Technology in education has had a transformative impact on learners. Edutech increases efficiency in the learning process boosts research capacity, enhances convenience, reduces costs, and helps overcome learning handicaps.


The Best Tips for De-Cluttering Your Home for the Holidays

The Best Tips for De-Cluttering Your Home for the HolidaysThe holidays can be a very exciting and magical time, but they can also cause a little bit of stress and anxiety. Even if you’re not hosting a holiday event at your home, you can feel like your house gets out of control during this time of year. Coats and gloves are strewn everywhere, holiday presents are stacking up in various places of the house, and decorations are taking over your living spaces. In order to make the holidays less stressful, you should try to de-clutter your home for the holidays. Here are the best tips to help you de-clutter.

Consider getting a storage unit

Sometimes you have a lot of items you want to keep but nowhere to put them, and that’s okay. When this occurs, you should consider getting a storage unit. Companies like offer storage for very affordable pricing, so you don’t have to worry about your budget. Plus, they will pick up and deliver your items to your storage facility for you—so you don’t have to do any work. Opting for a storage unit can help you put all your must-keep-but-not-use-regularly items away and have access to them when you need it. Think about how great this would be for your holiday décor.

Use wall units

De-cluttering your home for the holidays is easier when everything has a place. This is when wall units come in handy. Consider getting things like wall storage units or bookcases to keep all your belongings. This way, everything is neatly in its place with one piece of furniture, so you don’t have to worry about moving so many pieces around when it comes time to host or decorate.

Purge your pantry

The holiday season comes with a lot of food, and this means you may be looking for places to put it all. A few weeks before the holiday season kicks in, go through your pantry, fridge, deep freezer, and anywhere else you may be keeping food. Get rid of things that have expired and things you know you absolutely will not use. This way, you will make room in these areas for the things you’ll need for holiday cooking.

Donate clothing

You are going to get some new threads this year, and chances are you have things in your closet that you either don’t wear or no longer need. Instead of allowing all this stuff to take up space in closets or storage units, go through it and donate the items you no longer need. During this time of year, things like coats, scarves, hats, and gloves are in high demand at shelters, so be sure to look at these items and donate what you no longer use.

Donate toys

If you have kids, now is the time to go through their toy bins and donate the items they no longer play with. After all, your kid is just going to get more stuff during the holidays, so it makes sense not to continue adding to the clutter. Depending on your child’s age, you may want to go through their toys with them. However, if you think your child is just going to want to keep everything, this may be a task you handle while they’re at school

Organize gifts

Sometimes the number of gifts starts to take over your home during the holidays, so the best way to handle this is to organize them as best as possible. If you don’t have room under the tree for all the gifts, consider getting storage bins and putting the gifts in there. Then, you can keep these gifts in the garage or basement until you actually need to break them out.

Another way to organize your gifts is to cut back on the number of gifts you give. Yes, the holidays are about giving but remember it’s the thought that counts and you’re better off giving someone something they’ll use than a bunch of things they won’t. If you feel like you go a bit overboard with the gift-giving, now would be the time to become more strategic.

Optimize space

If you are hosting during the holidays, you may feel pressed for space. This is when it’s important to optimize the space you have. For instance, if you live in an area where the weather is still nice, consider bringing part of the event outside. If you don’t have access to an outdoor area, consider putting tables in the basement or creating a kid’s area in another part of the house.

Don’t let your lack of organization or too much clutter add to the stress of the holiday season. Instead, use these tips to make your home more inviting during the holidays.
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6 Roof Maintenance Tips That Will Save You a Lot of Money

6 Roof Maintenance Tips That Will Save You a Lot of MoneyThe integrity of your roof is very important not only for the integrity of our home but also for our health.

While some people are inclined to call a roofing company as soon as something bad happens, most of us are more likely to fix things by ourselves. In the end, you can prolong the life expectancy of your roof by performing simple fixes and checkups.

               A team of Vancouver roofing contractors has decided to treat us with a great article about roof maintenance. These roofing experts will share some of their best tips that will help you safeguard your roof and improve its durability.

  1. Periodical checkups

Periodical checkups are the best thing you can do for your roof. By inspecting it from time to time, you can notice as soon as something goes array. The inspection needs to be done at least twice a year, during spring and fall. You can also check it after strong storms. Make sure not to step on the roof but instead, look at it from a close distance. Things you need to focus on include missing or damaged shingles, troublesome flashing, missing fasteners, damaged gutters, granules lying at the base of your home.

  1. Cleaning the gutters

Gutters are one of the most problematic areas of the roof. During autumn, they will start filling up with leaves and debris. This is a big issue as the collection of leaves can also lead to accumulation of humidity that will cause various issues and damage roofing materials. Gutters should be checked all the time but especially before bigger storms as they will need to distribute incoming water. If they are clogged, water can build up and rot the fascia.

  1. Trimming the branches

One of the best ways to avoid clogged gutters is to regularly trim your trees. But there are more reasons why you should do it. Branches can also cause damage to your roof, especially during strong storms. If they are too close to your home, the wind will start pushing them towards the roof and they will start hitting it and damaging it.

  1. Checking for moss

Moss and algae commonly appear on the northern shaded part of the roof. They are extremely visually unappealing and can also start weighing down the roof if there is too much of it. While some people may try power washing it, the procedure will cause microdamage. Instead, you can use products that kill both algae and moss. When it comes to these plants, the best thing you can do is to prevent their creation. Make sure to remove debris regularly and keep your attic ventilated at all times.

  1. Re-caulking

Re-caulking should be done from time to time. Not having caulk on your flashing can cause it to fall off. So, make sure to check all the area and see if they have to be caulked once again.

  1. Call professionals if necessary

In an ideal world, you will do all the maintenance by yourself. But sometimes, you might want to rely on a professional roofing company. Even a brief inspection can tell you a lot about the current state of a roof. Furthermore, roofing expert can point out some minor damage, and might even give you tips as to how to fix them. However, one of the biggest benefits of roofing inspections is that an expert can tell you whether you can go with repairs or you need to a complete roof replacement. Sometimes people are keen to replace their roof even if it has some time left in it. In that sense, roofing professional can optimize the life expectancy of your roof.

With these tips, roof maintenance is always a breeze.

Always be proactive and fix issues as soon as you notice them. Also, make sure to pay attention to safety and if necessary, call a friend to back you up.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I might receive a small commission if
you make a purchase using an affiliate link.

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