How Music Therapy Can Improve Your Hearing

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While advancements in technology like hearing aids and cochlear implants have helped many people hear more clearly, music can help each sound make sense. 

Numerous studies have shown that music therapy has increased the quality of life in thousands of people. However, evidence also shows that it can improve how well individuals interpret sound and even improve how well they hear.  

If you or a loved one is hard of hearing, music therapy may help you achieve better hearing and increase your communication skills.

Music Improves Perception of Speech

Hearing is not a matter of just how many decibels an ear can register. How well you hear is also largely determined by how your brain is wired. 

The Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory at Northwestern University selected a group of classically trained musicians and untrained people to listen to a voice recording. As the recording progressed, the voice noise level remained constant while the background music steadily increased.  

As a result, the classically trained musicians were much better at distinguishing the voice against loud backgrounds, proving that much of hearing is determined by how well the brain interprets sound. It also proves that studying music is one of the most effective ways to improve your hearing.

A similar study on a group of factory workers and musicians further supports this theory. While both groups suffered from equal hearing loss, the musicians could distinguish harmonies that were off-key much better than the factory workers. 

Through music therapy, children can train their brains to hear more clearly despite hearing loss.

How Music Impacts Cochlear Implant Users

One of the greatest improvements in hearing loss has been the invention of the cochlear implant. This device bypasses the damaged part of the ear and sends electrical signals directly to the auditory nerve.

While a cochlear implant does allow people to hear again, only 22 different electrodes exist to replace the 3,500 hair cells in a healthy cochlea. Therefore, some people have difficulty distinguishing  the words in sentences, and it can be very frustrating in the beginning. While they can hear noise, patients using a cochlear implant can’t always make sense out of it.

Fortunately, music therapy has proven to help even cochlear implant users with speech perception. 

One study showed that after just four weeks of music training, the cochlear implant user’s sentence recognition increased by 14 percent, and their melodic contour identification (MCI) skills increased by nearly 23 percent. Additionally, four weeks after the study was over and the music training paused, subjects still maintained the same percentage increases.

Moving Forward

The promise of music therapy is exciting, and many hearing professionals recommend it as a mainstream practice. If you have lost hearing or have a loved one that is hard of hearing, don’t lose hope. The physical ability to register sound is only one part of being able to hear. The other part is training your brain to recognize sounds. 

This is in your control, and there are numerous affordable music therapy programs around the U.S. to help you reach your hearing goals.

About the Author:

Dr. Pauline Dinnauer, AuD is the VP of Audiological Care at Connect Hearing, which provides industry-leading hearing loss, hearing testing and hearing aid consultation across the US.

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Skin Treatment Services in About Face

Skin-Treatment-Services-in-About-Face-–-BrisbaneA few years ago, skincare was thought to be something that only celebrities and older women were concerned about. It was something you did when you got older. However, now thanks to the internet and social media, we have easier access to resources that tell us otherwise. We can even view the skincare routines of our favorite celebrities and influencers, and it is evident now that skincare has nothing to do with age or gender and everything to do with lifestyle.  So let’s get to the basics – what do you need to know in order to take good care of your skin?

  1. Know Your Skin Type

Ever wondered why the cleanser you bought last month is still not controlling your breakouts? Or why your face is still dry after using the cream your friend recommended to you? Chances are, the product you purchased didn’t match your kind type. The first step to developing an effective skincare routine is
to identify your skin type (normal, dry, oily, combination). If you’re unsure about your skin type, here are 2 easy methods by Tatcha to find out.

  1. Find the Right Products

So now you know what your kind type is, you can move ahead to purchase the right products. If you’re a beginner, stick to the basics – a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Check out CeraVe for great options for all three – they have a wide range of products according to skin type. You will find many dermatologists recommending their products because they actually work!

Be cautious to choose products that match best with your eye texture as well because a wrong product can destroy your eye’s skin. A lot of people end up choosing fake 3d lashes extensions that are not of quality and it hurts their eyes in the longterm.

  1. Build a Routine

Once you have gotten used to the basics, you can now upgrade and build a more varied skincare routine.  This is when you can start using serums that target specific concerns – such as niacinamide serum for reducing pores, or a Vitamin C serum to lighten blemishes and acne scars. The Ordinary and INKEY List are two of the best drugstore options for skincare that’s easy on your pocket and delivers results. Identify your concern and then invest a serum(s) that will treat that concern. It is best to consult your dermatologist before starting a new product as well.

  1. Exfoliate

Exfoliation is the process through which dead skin cells are removed from the skin and newer cells are brought to the surface. There are a number of exfoliation techniques:

  • Physical –using a scrub that contains granules which manually remove dead skin cells
  • Chemical – using alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), beta-hydroxy acids (BHA), and poly-hydroxy acids (PHAs) formulations, which dissolve the outermost layer of skin and allow newer layers to surface
  • Enzymatic – using formulations from natural sources (e.g. fruits). This work similar to Chemical exfoliates but is much gentler on the skin.

The type of exfoliation you choose is largely dependent on your skin type and skin concern.

Remember – consistency is key. As with all good things, skincare takes time to show results. Once you build a routine, stick to it and you will enjoy the results in time.
Be Careful in Using Homemade Skincare Mixtures
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Get an Instant Color Boost with Madison Reed

Great Gadgets That Help You Be a Better Cyclist

Great-Gadgets-That-Help-You-Be-a-Better-Cyclist.Cycling is a sport that just about anyone can enjoy. It gets you outside in nature to see the world around you. You can take a break from your devices and clear your head. Even the best electric bike can benefit from accessories and gadgets that increase your safety and pleasure when you’re out for a ride.

Sigma Pure 1 Computer Wireless ATS

If you’ve ever wanted to track your speed on your bike, this computer attachment is for you. Mount this on your bike. It attaches to the tire and monitors your speed, your distance and your time. It’s wireless technology that gives you more information whether you’re riding for pleasure or exercise. The gadget is affordable at under $50 and is available at the same place where you can find a fat tire electric bike for sale.

Zefal Handlebar Mount Spy Mirror

Mirror mounts give you more information while riding to see what’s coming up behind you. This mirror mounts on your handlebar and is adjustable to your riding style. It fits on any handlebar, on either side. Having a wider view alerts you to potential situations anywhere you ride.

Car Rack

Being able to take your bike somewhere new to ride can help you stay motivated and energized. Look for a rack that fits all types of vehicles, so when you upgrade your car or use a friend’s car, you have more options for riding. You’ll enjoy taking your bicycles on vacation or when you go visit family to keep exercising.

Park Tool WTK-2 Tool Kit

Even casual riders will experience a flat occasionally. This tool kit includes pre-glued tire patches, a screwdriver tool, tire levers and emergency tire boots to get you out of a tight spot. The tools come in a handy pouch that won’t take up much space on your bike or belt. You’ll be able to make minor adjustments and simple repairs to get you home.

Drink or Cup Holder

Whether you’re riding for sport or pleasure, you want to stay hydrated. If your bike doesn’t have an attachment for a water bottle, you can find universal cup holders that mount to your handlebars. Kroozie makes a large selection of cup holders that hold a soda can or small water bottle while you’re on your bike. If you plan to ride for a long time, add a rear rack or a pannier that can hold a small cooler to carry more water with you. You’ll be glad for the storage space if you do a lot of riding.

Wireless Speaker

If you enjoy listening to music while you ride, a speaker that attaches to your bike is safer than headphones or a headset. You’ll get hours of playtime from one charge, but you can still be aware of your surroundings. Find a speaker that plays music from a Bluetooth but get a phone holder for your bike to keep your device secure instead of putting it in your pocket. Phones can easily fall out of your clothes and make you hotter while you ride.

Browse a selection of women’s electric bikes for sale to find the bike that helps you get out in nature and enjoy a ride.
Cheap Bikes For College Students (Insider’s Guide)
Electric Bikes for Women

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