7 Useful and Practical Baby Products Worth Investing

Let’s face it, it can be quite overwhelming browsing the baby aisles looking for the perfect baby must-haves. With so many new toys, gear and accessories it’s tempting to just bring home the same tried-and-true products everyone else has or that worked with older siblings. Today, I’m narrowing it down whether you are a new or seasoned parent, grabbing a gift for a baby shower or simply just want to know what the hottest products for babies are at the moment.


Here are my top seven most practical and useful baby items that are worth investing in:

  1. Montessori-Inspired Wooden ToysMontessori-Inspired-Wooden-Toys.

There are so many reasons why I absolutely love wooden toys. Wooden toys have been around for decades, if not centuries and other than their (now trendy and simplistic) look, they also offer plenty of benefits:

  • Helps to Build Fine Motor Skills
  • Improves Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Promotes Problem Solving & Reasoning Skills
  • Less Distracting & Noisy
  • Encourages Use of Imagination
  • Very Durable & Easy to Clean

A few personal favorites of mine are wooden rattles, shapes and blocks, wooden cars, peg dolls and pretend food. Although these Montessori-inspired toys may cost a bit more, they come with incredible value.

  1. Beanko Baby Portable Diaper Changing Station Beanko-Diaper-Changing-Table

As a seasoned mom of four, I cannot count the number of times I have had to change my babies diaper in the car. Whether you’re on a road trip, at the park, or an outdoor event, this portable diaper changing station is hands down the most convenient accessory you can have. Not only does it fold up nicely for storage, but it also comes complete with a soft wedge to place underneath so your baby doesn’t roll. Here are a few of my favorite features:

  • Organization: Comes complete with storage pockets for baby essentials like diapers, wipes, toys and even a built-in tablet holder.
  • Sanitary: Public restrooms can be gross and often inconvenient. This is a great way to keep your baby comfy and clean with an easy-to-clean surface.
  • Convenience: If you’ve ever been in a situation where your baby has a messy situation but the kids are all asleep in the car, this is your go-to! No more waking up the kids and hauling them all inside just to change a diaper.
  • Versatility: The changing pad can detach for use on its own as a portable play mat, or you can use the storage side to attach over the back of the seat for organization when your baby is out of diapers.
  1. Dock-a-Tot Dock-a-Tot.j

The Dock-a-Tot is simply a docking station for your little one. It provides a safe and cozy space for your baby to rest, lounge and play. It’s perfect for traveling, co-sleeping, tummy time and is machine washable! The Dock-a-Tot is recommended for babies 0-8 months, but is also available in a larger size that fits toddlers.

  1. Play Gym by LoveeveryPlaygym-Lovery-Baby

If you’re anything like me, then you love anything that’s versatile and that will last for years to come. The play gym by Loveevery is one of those investments that you’ll instantly see the long-term benefits. This play gym features:

  • Stage Based Brain Development: It is designed to promote visual, cognitive and motor development from newborn through toddler years.
  • Safe & Sustainable: Comes complete with organic accessories and water-based non-toxic finishes.
  • Developmental Play: The areas on the play mat can be revealed or concealed to prevent over stimulation and promote learning through various senses like seeing, touching, mouthing and hearing.
  • Removable Accessories: Most of the pieces can be detached for continued play.
  • Convertible: Not only is this a great tummy time mat and play gym, but it also converts to a play fort using the play space cover that’s included.
  1. BabyHood Premium Baby Cots  Kaylula-sova-classic-Baby-Cot.

Purchasing your baby’s crib is probably the biggest investment of them all. This is going to be a place where your little one sleeps from birth through toddler years (or even beyond) so it’s very important to find one that you love and that will grow with your child for years and years. This BabyHood Riya Cot has a modern, stylish design and includes all of the conversion accessories that can convert into a crib, toddler bed, day bed and sofa bed. My favorite feature other than the beautiful Scandinavian design is that it has a smooth, single-hand drop-side railing so no more heavy bending!

  1. Puj Bath Tub  Puj-Bath-Tub-that-is-adjustable

One thing that I have learned from experience is that bathing your little one in the sink is the ultimate way to go. This Puj bathtub is soft, comfortable, mold and mildew resistant, fits most sinks, is great for travel and very easy to clean. With a separate mini-bathtub, you have to purchase a separate piece that helps prop the baby up, wait forever for the water to fill, wait forever for the water to drain and then clean it thoroughly after every use. It’s quite exhausting which is why I love the Puj bath! Quick, easy, convenient and hangs flat for easy storage. Plus, when your baby outgrows the sink, he/she will be big enough to sit and bathe in the regular tub.

  1. Stroller/Car Seat Travel System Evenflo-Travel-System

A car seat is an absolute must-have, while a stroller is optional (although I highly recommend having one). This Evenflo Travel System is your all-in-one! It comes complete with an infant car seat that attaches easily to the stroller itself, a stay-in-car base and a full-size luxury stroller. The stroller itself features six modes of use, a large canopy, extra large storage basket, removable child tray, soft sturdy tires and is lightweight and easy to store. Truly the best of both worlds with this travel system. Try a stroller bundle bag to keep baby warm, you can make them yourself.

There are numerous innovative baby products on the market, but these are just a few of my personal favorites that I truly believe are worth investing in. I wanted to share products that will bring both you and your baby joy in your day-to-day activities as well as products that will grow with your baby. Did I miss one of your must-have products? Feel free to share your favorite baby accessories that spark joy for you and your little one down below!

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Hi everyone I hope your all doing well and you had a great weekend. I had a quite weekend, I did a lot of research and reading about Acid Reflux otherwise known as GERD as my son started experiencing heart burn even swallowing saliva, crazy right. I dont like what I have read about antacids most have aluminum in them and some products have been taken off the market. He does not have insurance and does not like taking pills and OTC products, so I was looking for a something that would give quick relief and found chewing on fennel seeds, they taste like licorice and it worked. A bit of soda was another. There were a lot of other ideas and if you need some information Pinterest has a plethora of information, recipes for meals and drinks. It was enlightening to learn about Acid Reflux and getting alkaline.

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4 Ways To Buy Your Dream Guitar

Ways to Save Money for Your Dream Guitar

You have a pretty clear idea of what you want your dream guitar to be. First off, it should be from a trusted brand. It’s actually not hard to find a guitar, you can use the Allaxess , they have virtually simplified the reviews of branded guitar and accessories so it’s easy to compare and see which suits you best. It should also have a solid wood top, a pickup system or or at least the option to have one factory installed, quality tuning pegs, a nice finish, a comfortable neck and a good sturdy hardshell case. 4-ways-to-buy-your-dream-guitar

You’re hoping to find ‘the one among the most highly rated acoustic guitars under $2000, because that’s your budget limit. Choosing an acoustic guitar is not easy. Make sure you do your proper research and compare prices and features before making a purchase.

You’re now wondering how to save up enough money to buy your dream guitar. The old ‘loose change in the piggy bank’ strategy you did as a kid to buy your first guitar is simply taking too long. At the rate you’re going, you’ll probably be able to buy the high-quality guitar you want in five years’ time. Not ideal, especially if you’re planning on using the guitar for work. 

Guitar Lessons

If you’re willing to be a tutor and teach students to play guitar in Cape Town that’s an excellent way to make some extra money. You can charge an hourly rate that’s fair and give students one on one personalized training from the comfort of your home.

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which means I might receive a small commission if you make a purchase using a link at no extra cost to you.

So, what to do? How can you save the cash you need? Follow these quick tips!

Set money aside every month

Check how much you still need to buy a guitar and how much money you can realistically set aside for it every month. Think of it as a fixed cost. Stick to your monthly budget and avoid spending on unnecessary items so you don’t dip into your guitar money.

Do online research

Take a look at which online shopping platforms have the best deals on acoustic guitars. There’s a big chance you can get a guitar at a lower price than the retail price stated on the manufacturer’s website. Always check for coupons or discount codes from guitar sellers.

Make small sacrifices

Saving money doesn’t necessarily mean living the life of a pauper. It means being conscious about what you’re spending on and spending your money wisely. This involves not spending at all on things you clearly know you don’t need.

You don’t need to buy that big bag of chips or tub of ice cream right now. You don’t need that new pair of headphones that just came out – your old one is still working great, though it’s not as shiny as before. You can switch to another brand of toilet paper if it’s as efficient as that of a more expensive brand. You don’t really have to eat out tonight.

Before you spend on anything, think. Can you do without it? Is there a cheaper alternative? Making these small sacrifices can speed up your saving process so you can buy your dream guitar sooner.

Sell some stuff

You probably have a few items you’re not using anymore. Some old guitar equipment, chord books, perhaps even a starter guitar that’s still in good playing condition. Consider selling these to raise funds for a new guitar. A beginner on a budget may be looking for the same items you just have lying around. Declutter, set a fair price for the things you can sell, post about them in online forums or community board and watch your guitar fund increase as you sell off those items one by one.

Earn more

To really speed things up, you need to earn more money. You can do this by getting a side gig or a part-time job. Try offering basic guitar classes to folks in your neighborhood, doing odd jobs like sweeping lawns or trimming hedges, painting someone’s house, assisting at a local music studio and so on. We’re sure there are plenty of opportunities for you to get that extra cash – just keep it legit, OK?

So there you have the top 4 ways to save money for the guitar you want. Focus on your goal and be conscious about where your money goes, and you’ll be on your way to getting your dream guitar in no time!

This post contains affiliate links, which means I might receive a small commission if you make a purchase using an affiliate link.

Industry and Environment and Corporate Responsibility

Industry and Environment

Corporate Environmental Responsibility (CER) refers to a company’s duty to work to avoid damaging the natural environment. Many investors look at a company’s environmental responsibility before they invest in its stock. There are some essential markers to keep in mind when we evaluate a company’s environmental impact (and lack thereof). This is especially important in high-impact industries. Although manufacturing and other industries continue to face environmental challenges, many are taking steps to reduce their footprint and even produce a positive impact on our world. Before a company moves forward they should do an environmental evaluation following environmental guidelines for their industry.

Fuel alternatives

One of the industries facing the biggest criticism and challenges is the fuel industry. Fossil fuels are proven to be hard on the planet, both in terms of carbon emissions and the methods used to drill for oil. All the same, they are a lucrative industry and maintain their position as our primary fuel source, especially for our vehicles. But alternatives such as biodiesel have come on the scene. Biodiesel is diesel fuel made from the leftover organic oils of restaurants and similar ventures. It manages to recycle what could be waste, and it burns cleaner than fossil fuels do. Manufacturers and businesses rely on all types of energy sources to keep themselves functioning. Even if a company hasn’t made the switch to renewable energy yet, there are methods by which it can reduce waste.

Complying with regulations

There are particular industries that face major challenges due to their environmental impact. One industry that has faced major criticism is the process known as fracking, which is short for hydraulic fracturing. In this process, water is injected into subterranean rocks and boreholes at high pressures, opening existing fissures further to extract oil or gas. It’s a major fuel production method for the US; hydraulic fracturing companies, as well as stone fabrication wastewater are now required to employ the best methods of treating produced water. By following EPA regulations, which are based on ever-evolving scientific understanding and research, companies involved in environmentally-challenging processes can mitigate their footprint and make sure that their product or service comes at a smaller health and environmental risk.


Businesses might employ a consulting service or contractor to help evaluate the environmental safety and impact of the company. Some companies will survey a site for toxins such as asbestos and lead and guide a company through meeting environmental guidelines. This is essential to keep track of for both the health of employees and environmental impact–and it helps businesses avoid fines or worse.

Simple changes

Any company or industry can find ways to minimize its environmental impact, however. Methods include building eco-friendly buildings that meet Leadership in Environmental Energy and Design (LEED) -certifications of Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum. Manufacturers can easily make their facilities consume less energy. Simple energy awareness and facility monitoring will inevitably lead to less consumption. Hiring an energy management team, conducting regular energy audits, strategically scheduling when equipment is used, and controlling production with floor shutdowns during weekends or off-shift times are relatively easy to implement and make a notable difference.

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