Cloth diapers; 5 Reasons To Start Using Them For Your Infants

 5-reasons-to-start-using-cloth-diapers-for-your-babyYou might be thinking of a ton of reasons why cloth diapers might not be good for your precious baby. But you might just even consider switching to cloth diapers once you understand the various benefits it provides.

There are a ton of reviews and recommendations online about cloth diapers, why you should or should not use them, and even about disposable ones. There are a multitude of health and potty training benefits that can be used to your advantage if you switch to cloth diapers. It is important to do your research well and then decide what is best for your child.

Your infant has more breathability

Disposable diapers are not made from cotton and as such, cause issues with breathability. Cloth diapers, on the other hand, are mostly made from organic cotton, which is a very breathable material. This lowers the chances of rashes and even offers more space for sweat and other things to be able to dry up quickly.

Cloth diapers are chemical-free

Cloth diapers, unlike disposable ones, are free of chemicals such as perfumes, polyacrylate, and chlorine. All of these chemicals have a tendency to damage the good protective bacteria on the skin and not the best choice for babies skin. This, in turn, can lead to an imbalance in the pH level of your infant. This leads to an increased risk of skin irritation and dryness. These rashes can be prevented with the use of baby balm as well, but it is important to understand that disposable diapers can cause all of these issues. In more critical cases, your infant can even develop fever, vomiting, and severe skin irritations.

These are reusable

Cloth diapers are made of certain natural fibers, which make them reusable. You can easily wash it and reuse it again. They are not as expensive as normal disposable diapers and are way more durable than them.

You can potty train your infant earlier

Disposable diapers do not let your child feel the wetness or that ‘wet sensation’ against their buttocks. With cloth diapers, your baby can understand and start becoming aware of this sensation in their body, and then be more aware of when they have gone potty. This can be a huge factor in helping you potty train them sooner.

Cloth Diapering
Image Source: From Pinterest Conquering Motherhood

This is quite environmentally friendly

Disposable diapers are not at all healthy for our environment. There is so much waste produced in a year, out of which more than 2% is diapers. Cloth diapers are biodegradable and reusable. This makes them a great option for the environment. It also helps us save a ton of money, along with providing our children with diapers that are chemical-free and will not severely irritate their skin.  Since they are reusable, they also tend to produce less waste.

Even if you choose not to fully go with cloth diapers, the best part is that it can always be a good backup in case the store is closed and you do not have any diapers on hand. Cloth diapers are better for both your infant and the environment.

Menopause Self-Care Tips For Easy Navigation Through Transition

Tips-to-navigate-through-menopause.To say menopause is merely a transition would definitely be an understatement. This phase includes numerous changes both physically and mentally, leading to fatigue. Constant tiredness and weakness during this time might also increase the risk of developing other health diseases such as heart disease, osteoporosis, or depression.

Therefore taking proper care of your health at this time becomes more than critical. But the question is, where to begin? Don’t Worry! This article includes some basic yet crucial self-care tips that can help you through the transition.

So, let’s get started!

  • Keep An Eye On Your Weight

Weight gain is one of the serious symptoms of transition. Fortunately, unlike the other symptoms, such as hot flashes or night sweats, you can keep your weight in check. Rather than letting fatigue control you, take steps to bring some changes in your life. Focus on your diet and exercise on a regular basis for at least 45 to 60 minutes. Also, make sure that your diet has fewer calories and more calcium to ensure bone health.

Note: Proper diet and regular exercise will also help in reducing other symptoms and improve your overall mood. Thus, making the transition phase easier.

  • Pay Attention To Skin Hydration

In addition to the physical changes, menopause also brings some noticeable changes to the face and neck. The sudden changes in the hormones might make your skin dry and thin. Therefore, it becomes essential that you pay attention to skin hydration with the right skincare products.

While looking for skincare products, make sure that they don’t include added hormones or estrogen. In fact, it would be better if you look for menopause relief skincare kits. Create a proper skincare regime and stick with it.

Moreover, you should also drink enough water for even better skin hydration.

  • Don’t Skip The Annual Mammogram.

Did you know that breast cancer is the second most common cancer in U.S. women? According to the ACS (American Cancer Society), two-thirds of the invasive breast cancers are diagnosed in females over the age of 55 or older. That’s why it is essential that you start having an annual mammogram after entering your 40’s and beyond. It can help in the early detection of breast cancer. Otherwise, it can get challenging to control and might also affect your health to a great extent.

  • Quit Smoking And Alcohol

Last but not least, you need to improve your lifestyle by quitting smoking and drinking. According to the statistics, more than 50% of menopausal-aged women have osteoporosis. It is a grave concern and shouldn’t be neglected. Therefore if you or any of your friends consume tobacco, you must stop immediately. Believe it or not, but it will improve your bone, heart, and skin health.

Not to forget, it will also help in reducing the symptoms, making it easier to navigate through transition.

Wrapping It Up!

Keep in mind that the more attention you’ll pay to your health, the better you’ll be able to manage “The Change.” Also, the symptoms and other health conditions vary from person to person. So, make sure that you visit your doctor if the symptoms are becoming unbearable.
4 Ways to Beat Menopause

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How to Find the Best Cafe Near Your Apartment

 How-to-Find-the-Best-Cafe-Near-Your-ApartmentA nice cafe is something that every apartment should be near.  The availability of affordable coffee, the calming atmosphere, and the ability to sit and work while you enjoy both of these is irreplaceable.  Unfortunately, when you move, it can take some time to find the best spot near you.

If you want the relaxation and fun that comes with a great cafe, here are the best ways to find a premium spot near you!

Talk to Locals

Ask people in your area, whether it’s your apartment neighbors or coworkers, if you work in the area, and try to get a word-of-mouth recommendation.  These recommendations are usually the best because they ensure that this person may be someone you can trust.

If you want to kick it up a notch and make a friend in the process, you can invite the locals to go with you!  Getting to go with someone who’s been there before can help you feel more comfortable there and will allow you to make a connection with someone near your new home.

If you get mixed messages from a few different people, you may have to try a few for yourself to be sure.

Try Out A Selection

This can be fun, as long as nobody’s food makes you ill and the prices are affordable.  Try to go to a different local café once a week, and get to know the options. Then, to be more in-depth, take notes about what you like about each of them.

After you’ve been to four or five options, compare and look at what you liked or disliked about each cafe.  If you were thorough with your notes, a clear winner should come out ahead!  If not, try to narrow it down by visiting each of your top three again.

If you end up unsure and unable to make a clear choice, you could split your attention between your top three options!  Rotating which you go to can be fun, and it supports more local businesses!  Although it’s fun to think about having a set cafe you go to every time, it’s okay if you don’t.

Look At Reviews Online

If you took the time to look at apartments in Charleston, SC, before settling on one: you can take the time to shop around for cafes.  Take a few minutes and look at reviews on Yelp or Google Reviews to try and check out which eateries speak to you.

Of course, there can be some false reviews, but if you notice that every review is negative, that’s not a good sign.  Dig through the local options to find an option that’s affordable, has good vibes, and has coffee and food that’s appealing to you.  

If working at the cafe is important to you, try to find reviews about their wifi connection to ensure you’ll be able to complete your job while you enjoy some food and coffee.  If you find one that you love, leave a review as well!  This can help any future searchers who have the same questions you did.

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