Is The Comparison Between A Western Saddle And An English Saddle Valid?

is-the-comparison-between-a-western-saddle-and-an-english-saddle-validThe internet is littered with debates and arguments over the comparison of the Western saddle and the English saddle. To be honest, there is no need to compare the two. You do not have to be stuck with deciding on just one of them. If the truth be told, anyone who truly desires to be competent and skillful when it comes to horse riding shouldn’t worry about this decision.

While every rider has a favorite tack, good riders do not attribute an excellent performance to a specialized tack. As a skillful horse rider, you ought to be able to perform excellently, regardless of the tack as long as the saddle is well fitted. However, always ensure that your horse is comfortable with the tack you choose to use.

A rider should learn how to ride on both the English saddle and the Western saddle. The reason for this is that riding on both opens up an entirely new horse-riding experience that allows you to execute more functions. For instance, the English saddle allows you to execute jump fences, a hack, fox hunting, etc.

On the other hand, Western saddles allow you to perform rodeo and ranch events like barrel racing, calf roping, etc. Lots of hose riders see this saddle to be more comfortable than the English saddle in terms of long-term riding. However, others prefer the Australian saddle for this feat. Visit to learn more.

Ensuring That The Saddle You Select Fits Your Horse

It doesn’t matter what saddle you opt for, the factor you should focus on is the fit. Using a horse saddle that is not appropriate for your horse exposes him to injury. On the other hand, beyond the simple truth that the rider will most likely not enjoy his ride, an unfit saddle will also be uncomfortable.

There are several factors that you should watch out for when selecting your perfect saddle. These include the dimensions, weight, and size of both yourself and your horse. You should consider that both of you will experience physical changes as time goes on. Hence, the need to always monitor if your saddle is still the right one and upgrade it if the need arises. This will ensure that neither you nor your horse becomes uncomfortable with a saddle that no longer fits over time.

Tips To Selecting An Excellent Saddle

Here are a few tips in selecting a saddle that will afford you your desired horse-riding experience:

  • Experiment: You should test the varieties of options that the Western or English saddles have to offer. Do not be afraid to sit on them. This will help you figure out what will serve you best.
  • Pick Quality Over the Bling: While we all love things that appear fancy, you should know that when it comes to choosing a saddle, fancy is not the same as quality. Hence, you should invest your money in saddles with plain designs instead of fancy saddles without quality.
  • Go for Brand Names: There is a reason why a brand is recognizable and used often. While they are usually more expensive than unrecognized companies, picking their products reduces your chances of purchasing a saddle that isn’t long-lasting.

In conclusion, what matters the most when choosing between a western and English saddle is the reason you want to use them. 

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