How to Decide Whether Your Home’s Loft is Suitable for Conversion

How to decide whether your home’s loft is suitable for conversion

In your mind, a loft conversion could seem like a very exciting prospect. Theoretically, it would let you create a new room – like a bedroom, bathroom, games room or home office – from space already in your home. Still, how feasible would all of this be for you specifically?

Done right, a loft conversion can boost a home’s value by up to 22%, as reveals. However, you would first need to check whether your particular loft is ripe for conversion.

Have any similar homes on your street had loft conversions?

If so, this would bode well for your chances of successfully converting a loft in your own home. You might be able to tell whether a home has had a loft conversion just by looking at the roof – as some loft conversions require this to be extended so that there will be enough usable space.

You could find that, if you ask any neighbours whether you would be able to take a closer look at their converted loft, they are receptive to the idea.

How much head height does your loft have?

The UK consumer watchdog organisation Which? insists that, for a loft to be converted, it must be at least 2.2 metres in height.

It’s easy to measure a loft’s head height just by heading to the room’s tallest area and there running a tape measure from the floor to the ceiling. Many Victorian homes could lack the required head height, as houses from this era are generally lower than those built in the 1930s or later.

What type of roof does your home have?

To find out, you just have to peek through your loft hatch and check whether the roof has trusses or rafters. The former are supports running through the loft’s cross-section, while rafters instead run along the roof’s edge, leaving most of the underlying triangular space hollow.

A loft conversion is easier when the roof has rafters rather than trusses, which would have to be replaced with extra structural support.

How would you need to change the floor below?

Since you are likely to want to visit a loft more often once it’s been converted, you would be well-advised to have some kind of steps fitted permanently between the loft and the floor below it.

While a staircase would be one option, it could also swallow up a lot of space you won’t get back. A better option might therefore be one of the loft ladders available from Instaloft, as such extendable steps would only take up floor space when strictly necessary.

How much would your loft conversion cost?

The more spacious a loft already is, the less expensive it will be to convert. For example, abundant floor space should ease your efforts to install large beams as necessary.

In the UK, loft conversion costs can fall somewhere between about £18,000 and £65,000, according to Homebuilding & Renovating. If you know you wouldn’t be able to stomach such costs, you might have to forgo a loft conversion altogether.
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6 Tips for Remodeling your Bathroom

Thinking of having your bathroom remodeled? Consider yourself lucky that you found this article. In the rest of this post, we will be sharing some tips that will give you an idea on how to proceed in the renovation of your haven for relaxation.

Install a Freestanding Bathtub

Freestanding tubs from Badeloft will help to add a hint of luxury in the bathroom, making it look like a space from a five-star hotel. To be able to save space, install a shower head on the top so that you won’t have to build a separate shower roomFreestanding-Bathtubs

If you are contemplating on where to find the best freestanding bath tubs, Badeloft has got you covered. The company is known for their innovative designs and top-notch materials, which can provide you with peace of mind when it comes to quality.

Look Beyond Tiles

To give the bathroom a fresh design, look at some of the best alternatives to bathroom tiles. A few of the options that you might want to consider include hardwood, concrete, rubber leather, and beadboard. Be careful when choosing wood as it will require more maintenance, especially because it can be easily damaged by moisture and humidity.

Image Credit Pinterest

Rethink your Lighting

A bathroom is a place where you often look at yourself in the mirror. Therefore, find lights that will make it easy to see your face and dress up. More so, lighting should also be warm and relaxing. As much as possible, choose dimmable lights so that you can create a soothing place. Accent lighting will also be great to add a hint of character.

Maximize Storage Space

To be free of clutter and achieve a minimalist look, make sure to have ample amount of storage space, such as in the case of overhead and under the sink cabinets. To maximize storage space in the bathroom, you can use skinny shelves, which capitalize on height and not width. You can also hang racks and use storage basket as a decorative piece.

Spice Up your Walls

A lot of bathrooms will have walls that are painted in white or any other warm color. Yes, this is a good way to make the bathroom more relaxing, but it can also be boring. You might want to consider adding beadboards for a more vintage appeal and a contrast. Using accent pieces, such as an artwork will also add more life to the wall. You might also want to consider using wallpapers that can resist humidity and moisture for added design.

Vinatage bathroom ideas
Image Credit: Pinterest

Choose the Right Toilet Position

If you are ever a believer of feng shui, one thing to remember when renovating the bathroom is to not position the toilet facing the door.  Instead, it is recommended that you position the toilet ninety degrees from the door.

With the things that have been recommended above, you can renovate your bathroom like a pro! At the end of the day, the most important is to combine both form and function. Never sacrifice one in favor of the other!

Placing toilet more private
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Home Series: 4 Ideas and Inspiration For Dining Rooms


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Every room in your home is unique, but there is something special about dining rooms. That is where you gather with your friends and neighbors on Friday evenings and chat about your week; or maybe the whole family likes to sit together for lunch on Sundays and all the generation gaps disappear.

Therefore, it makes sense to devote a lot of attention to designing your dining room, which includes several important choices ranging from the table to the home decor. If you are stuck in a limbo with no ideas, here are a few ideas of inspiration to get started. And with so many ideas, many are easy to switch up, anytime.

Take It To The Country

Country dining rooms are irresistibly warm and inviting, and there is no one who wouldn’t enjoy this old-school setting while having dinner, so let’s help you with some suggestions.

Table: In this case, you should go with a deeper shade of wood and more massive pieces of furniture.  Have you ever thought about using a barn wood dining room table made from reclaimed wood Barnwood-Table-for-Dining

Chairs: Create a contrast with white chairs or combine different styles including carved wood and simple designs. You can also use upholstered pieces with rustic design. Everything is allowed.

White Pine Chairs
Source: Pinterest

Lighting: One fixture above the table is enough no matter whether it’s an old lantern or a candle-style chandelier.

Rectangle Lantern Light for dining room
Source: Pinterest

Home Ware: Bring in that authentic farmhouse style by introducing checkered or polka dots home-ware. Pennys-Vintage-Treasures-Style-Dining-Room-With-Buffalo-Checks

Go Scandi

Scandinavian décor is one of the top movements in interior design today. It is popular because of its impeccable stylishness and minimalistic approach. It is also a perfect style to borrow a few ideas from when it comes to designing a dining room.

Table: Pale wood is the signature mark of Scandinavian design, but you can also get by with matte black or white table.

Scandinavian Table
Source: Pinterest

Chairs: Simple wood chairs are enough, but you can get a more modern look with classic Eames white chairs.

Eames White Chairs
Source: Pinterest

Lighting: Three symmetrically placed pendant lamps are what you’re looking for. Depending on your preference, they can be white, matte black, pastel, metallic or mixed up.

Nordic Pendent Lights
Source: Pinterest

Home Ware: Unique and classy  Scandinavian kitchen ware will perfectly reflect the simplicity and nature-loving approach of this Nordic design.

Nordic Touch DIshes
Source: Pinterest

Thirst for Mediterranean

Mediterranean people love entertainment, and they love to host big dinners for their families, relatives, friends and neighbors, so I was researching and found more  for inspiration  on Houzz, a great pace to peruse for all things home.

Table: Massive solid wood table in dark shades will do fine, but if you want to go all the way, hand-carved wood should be your choice.

Massive Dining Room Table
Source: Pinterest

Chairs: Mediterranean people love to enjoy themselves, so comfort is the first thing you should think about when choosing the chairs. Wooden chairs with rich patterns on the upholstery will break the monotony of dark wood, and they are perfectly cozy as well.

Parsons Dining Chair
Source: Overstock

Lighting: It’s time to go big. Choose large, conspicuous, crystal chandeliers that emit warm light.

Classic Lighting Mediterranean 5-Light Crystal Chandelier
Source: Pinterest

Home Ware: Here, you can’t go wrong with mixed colors and rich patterns.

Mediterranean Table Setting
Source: Pinterest

Modern Luxury is timeless

Perhaps you don’t like modern designs in the dining room. Perhaps you are not so fond of mixed colors and patterns. Perhaps you just want to sit and enjoy your elegant and timeless dining room. And that’s ok. Here’s how to do it.

Table: Go for a classic dining room table with clean lines and shiny finish. Deep wood shades always work better if you want to create a timeless feel.

Modern Dining Room Table
Source: Pinterest

Chairs: Plush dining chairs will give you the elegance you need with extra comfort. Choose a neutral color or some easy-on-the-eyes shade, such as dark blue.

Navy Blue Velvet Gold Toothpick Leg Accent Dining Chair
Source: Pinterest

Lighting: A crystal chandelier or a candle-style fixture will never go out of style, so you can use either and your dining room will be resistant to any changes in trends.

3 Light Candle Chandelier
Source: Pinterest

Home Ware: Jewel tones and metallic (bras, gold, copper…) items are the details you need in order to complete this formal dining space.

Tables decorated with mixed metals
Source: Pinterest

There you have it– four ideas for a perfect dining room where you will enjoy eating dinner with your family or entertaining your friends. Each of them is unique and interesting in its own way, and each of them appeals to a different audience, so when you take a look at a few inspirational photos of the designs and say “that’s the one”, trust us – that is the one.

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How Water Features Like A Pool Pop-Up Fountain Bring Positive Feng Shui

How-Water-Features-Like-A-Pool-Pop-Up-Fountain-Bring-Positive-Feng-ShuiMany people incorporate a variety of different water features in their yards for a feng shui design. Some of the more popular choices include pools, koi ponds, waterfalls, and container fountains. In adding these enhancements to their home’s exterior, the intention is to bring a positive element of feng shui. 

In some instances, the claims read that a water element has the potential to provide benefits for some in certain aspects of life. That isn’t to say everyone should run out and hire a contractor to install a pool. It’s merely a ‘belief.’

Regardless of which option you choose, listening to the sounds of the water, particularly a fountain striking up out of the middle of a swimming pool on a beautiful summer evening is calming and relaxing bringing a component of peace to what may be an otherwise hectic day.

Tips When Apply Feng Shui For Your Backyard Water Features

Regardless of the school that you follow for placement of your components, there are principles that apply for the methodology as a whole.

  • Cleanliness is a priority in the principles. For all decorative pool features and fountains, cleanliness and order without clutter must be maintained. That means investing in a skimmer so debris can be swept out as it appears. You should also be paying attention when the water becomes at all cloudy or discolored. This can produce negative energy, which you are trying to avoid.

For those with a koi pond, it is particularly important to monitor the water including the pH for the health of the fish. Be especially mindful of accumulations of algae.

  • Direction of flow towards your home:  The claim is that a common error is to install these elements where the flow is directed away from the house. You always want the direction of the flow to go towards the home. It is said that the level of ‘chi energy’ flowing towards your house will be determined by the force and direction of the water flow.

If it’s going in the wrong direction, the ‘belief’ is that it will draw the new energy away from the home.

Using Water Fountains as A Popular Feature Choice

If you decide to add a water feature to enhance your feng shui, you should place the element after careful consideration and understanding of the principles. With deliberate intention, the component such as a well-placed pool with a lovely spray of water shooting up in the center has the potential to aid in generating auspicious energy.

You will need to ensure when having the pool installed that the experts understand your stipulations taking care to follow the principles as they’re laid out. Most professionals responsible for special features like fountains, which you can see here, understand each client’s needs are unique and there are products to suit each individual need.

These components are often used in the practice of feng shui to encourage advantageous energies into spaces, rooms, or homes. When placing them in a space such as the swimming pool, it’s important to consider the sectors, either north, southeast, or east, for the most auspicious energy with water flowing towards the home so you receive the intended energy as opposed to it going away from  you.

The style doesn’t matter like the placement. You should go for a style that reflects your personality and goes with the pool’s aesthetic. If there are lights in the system, you can either go bold and brilliant or stick with an easy white palette for calm, serenity. These elements are simply a matter of personal choice. Pools

Final Word

Choosing a fountain as your chosen element is common for these practices, but it’s also simply a lovely addition to a pool for any reason. These can be seen for poolside weddings, birthday parties, any kind of celebration. It’s just an added component of beauty. Follow this link to learn how to find choices on a budget.

You should try to place it carefully if you do want to follow the schools. It will help if you remember to engage in proper maintenance and upkeep to keep the system in optimum operational order so you can always enjoy the element of moving water in your life.
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