How to Build an Active Lifestyle Capsule Wardrobe

When you reach a certain age, you already have a fashion style you belong to. It is important to create your wardrobe depending mostly on your daily activities, and your lifestyle. If you have an active daily life, here is how to create an active lifestyle capsule collection.

First of all a capsule wardrobe represents those few essential pieces that everyone should have in their closet because they never go out of style. Some of those are coats, pants, and skirts, but how does active wear fit into all of that?

Paring sneakers with basic pieces
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Define your style

Before you start investing in some essential pieces, you have to figure out what style suits you the most. Stop following the trends blindly, because something that is pretty popular now, may not be something you like, and can make you feel uncomfortable. Ask yourself how you mostly spend your days. If your lifestyle is pretty fast, and you want to feel good, comfortable active wear may be the solution for you. Look into some of the new trends because now there are ways to pair functional and stylish. 

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Versatility-of-the-basic-active-wear.Leggings and bike shorts

Fortunately for all of you who enjoy wearing casual clothes, even active wear to work, many brands have started their lines, or have even shown how you can look stylish and combine formal and activewear look. For example, a blazer is an essential part of your regular wardrobe. If you don’t want it to look way too formal paired with some trousers, you can pair with simple black leggings and a tunic. Add a purse and heels to the outfit and there you have it, leggings as the perfect workpiece.

Bike shorts are another piece you should get whose functionality will amaze you. They are a great and comfortable substitute for the classic workout shorts, and their bonus is that they can be styled in the more formal and casual day and nighttime occasions. They go great with any sneakers, basic t-shirts, crop tops, jackets, hoodies, and even blazers and heels for a formal look, which we have seen many times even on celebrities like Rihanna and Kim Kardashian. You can have one in black and nude color and mix and match them following some of those trends.

Casual and relaxed wearing sneakers with a dress
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Another example is to wear your favorite running shoes with high-waisted jeans and the same blazer. Many influencer’s and brands have shown us how we can wear the same sneakers with dresses, skirts, leather and denim jackets, and create chic and fashionable outfits. So, make sure you invest in a quality pair of running shoes. You can then dress up any outfit with a wristwatch, or some stud sparkly earrings.


During the summer, many of you like to enjoy water sports and mix that with a rest period when you can sunbathe, and have fun with your family, and friends. Stylish high waisted swimsuits are perfect for such occasions because they are first of all comfortable, and you don’t have to worry about anything slipping, or opening up. They are fashionable, and they flatter every body type, which is why we are sure you will be able to pick one in your favorite design. Activewear swimsuits don’t have to be one-piece anymore, and besides the functionality, you can get tan and look amazing.


What should you pay attention to when picking those pieces?

Sneaker outfit

It all sounds so easy when you read it and see it on other people. However, you may have trouble when choosing those pieces and not get the desired look. So, here are some things you should pay attention to. For starters, until you feel more comfortable, stick to neutral colors like black, beige, dark blue, or gray. They go well with everything and are easier to mix and match. When buying bottoms, make sure they are not see-through, so look for firm, durable fabrics. You should also choose a style that is the same as your regular clothes. If you are not into animal prints, bright colors, or tight pieces, opt for those that suit you because they will feel like a part of you.

Fortunately for all of you who enjoy a more casual style, there are ways to build an active capsule wardrobe from the basic pieces you would wear to the gym, and bring them into your daily life as well. Make sure you get the pieces we mentioned, and you can find the inspiration to style them in some of our suggestions.
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This post has affiliate links, which means I might earn some cash if you click on a link, with no cost to you.


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