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Celebrating Birthdays Never Goes Out Of Style With a Birthday Cake

Whether it’s an adult or a toddler, birthdays are always special! It is one day where you get pampered, and you can get to do all you like. The majority of people have interesting ways to celebrate their birthdays, based on their likes and hobbies. But one of the ways to celebrate that never goes out of fashion is the birthday cake.

A birthday cake designed the way you want adds an extra spark to your birthday celebrations. And today you have multiple cake flavors and designs to select from. There are countless online resources to browse through that will help you to decide on the best birthday cake ideas. You can browse through Styckie Blog and other similar support and get various ideas as well. Discussed below are some interesting ideas for your birthday cake selection.

  1. You can experiment with the ice-cream cakes 

    Source Flicker

It is one of the newest trends in the birthday cake section! As the name suggests, this cake type makes use of ice-cream and tastes delectable. The common concern that arises is that of the ice-cream melting too fast. The bakery experts today make use of thick and flavored ice-cream along with cream cheese to ensure that the blend is thick and the cake doesn’t melt very fast. Ice-cream birthday cakes usually are bigger and thicker than the traditional one pound cakes. Concerning the look, ice-cream cakes resemble a cheesecake. However, it tastes different. The price varies on the flavor and the size.

  1. Opt-in for the themed cakes 

    Source Cake Central

The themed birthday cakes too are one of the favorite picks! As the name suggests, these cakes are centered on a theme, which can be fictional or conceptual. For instance, if your friend is a huge Game of Thrones (GOT) fan, you can opt-in for a birthday themed cake with GOT themes and characters. Other favorite themes to select from include Lord of the Rings, Mermaid, Moana, Barbie and the like. Usually, people think that themed cakes are for children. But you can use it for adults as well by customizing it according to their choice.

  1. Photo-cakes never go out of fashion 

    Source One Wed

If you thought that you could only customize the picture of a face or any other photo on a Tee shirt or commodity, then there’s more for you to discover. Today, you have access to the photo cakes which is a perfect way to wish birthday for adults and other senior citizens. You can use one single photo or many based on your requirement. Generally, it takes about two or three days to customize a photo cake. You can customize the cake based on the size and shape you want.

  1. Quirky cake ideas 

    Source The Knot

Gone are the days when you only could experiment with the conventional birthday cake patterns! Today, you can break the age-old pattern and experiment with quirky ideas as well. You can try out different cake ideas like pancake birthday cakes or crepe birthday cakes. You get to select from a mix of chocolate syrups, sauce and crèmes as well.

There are several other cake ideas that you can experiment with today! If you want to experience something unique on your birthday, you can read more on quirky and exciting birthday cake ideas and implement the same.

This post may contain affiliate links and I might receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on a link.
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Baby Shower Cake Decorating 101- Unique Ideas

Baby Shower Cake Decorating 101- Unique Ideas ©

It’s just not a party without a cake – and a baby shower is a great opportunity to have a really adorable cake and eat it, too. If you are planning a shower to celebrate the baby’s arrival, then you’ll need to find the perfect cake for the party. There are lots of wonderful baby shower cake decorating ideas to choose from, and no matter your level of cake decorating expertise, there are many beautiful cakes you can easily create.

Baby Animals
Baby animals of all kinds represent some of the most popular themes in baby shower cake decorating. Animal themes are appropriate for babies of either sex. Cakes can be decorated with simple depictions of animals, or the cake itself can be cut in the shape of the animal. Chicks, lambs, elephants, and monkeys are popular choices for baby shower cakes. How can you get this kind of cake? You can either try to make it yourself or order it from a bakery. Baby shower cakes are a popular choice amongst bakeries, so you can get one at a very good price. Check out Cakes Price for more details on baby shower cakes prices from popular bakeries.

Mommy Had a Little Lamb Mommy Had a Little Lamb

The little lamb cake is very cute and very easy to create. Frost a round cake with white icing. Add a single ring of marshmallows all around the circumference of the cake, and two or three extra rows of marshmallows around the top half of the circle for the lamb’s fleece. For the ears, color two marshmallows pink with icing or colored sugar and pinch to a point. Place a pink jellybean in the center of the cake for a nose. A few simple semi-circles in black icing represent the eyes and the mouth.

Traditional baby toys are great inspirations for cake decorations. Teddy bears, rattles, alphabet blocks, Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls, sock puppets, and any other childhood favorites would make a great cake. Here are a few ideas for alphabet block cakes.

Baby’ First Blocks Baby' First Blocks

It’s very easy to cut out block shapes with cake and decorate with a single letter per block. If you aren’t handy with writing in icing, most places that sell cake decorating supplies will have pre-made edible letters. You can use a different color for each block or stick to a single color theme. Use the blocks to spell out “Baby”, the sentence “It’s a boy/girl” or the baby’s name.

Baby Shower Cake Decorating 101- Unique Ideas




Baby Things
All the things we associate with babies are fodder for cake decorating ideas. Baby booties, baby buggies, onesies, and baby blankets have all appeared in cake form.








Beautiful Baby Buggy Beautiful Baby Buggy

The baby buggy cake is elegant but easy to make and looks great in any color. Take a round cake and cut out the upper right quadrant. Pipe a line of icing straight across the middle, then add three or four more angled lines from the center of the cake to the edge of the upper left quadrant to create the buggy’s canopy. For wheels, use doughnuts, cookies, or cut circles from the quadrant you removed and draw spokes with piped icing.

Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales

Beloved Mother Goose poems and fairy tale classics provide dozens of charming ideas that can be turned into a cake. If you don’t know whether it is a boy or a girl on the way, you might want a cake with stars and moon (or a star-shaped cake) inscribed with an inspiring message.

There are hundreds of baby shower cake decorating ideas – the possibilities are endless. Let your imagination soar and get creative. Use the suggestions in this article as a starting point and personalize a special cake for one of the most important days in your life.

Image source: 1, 2, 3, 4

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