The Most Common Car Noises And What Causes Them


For most people, your car is an essential part of your daily life. It takes you from one place to another, allowing you to get to work, shop, and even meet friends. Of course, you probably don’t think about your car that much, until it starts to sound strange.

That’s when you need to get a local professional to take a look at the car for you, it’s easy to find one, simply check out here.

Of course, it can help to know what the most common noises are:

Squealing Engine

This is perhaps the most commonly heard sound and it can usually be traced to a belt. The belts under your bonnet generally drive the water pump, power steering, and alternator. Over time these belts dry and the grip wears. They become cracked or loose and will squeal.

A belt that squeals when you first start the car and its damp can probably be tightened. If it squeals all the time you’re going to need to replace it.

You can spray the belt with a special compound to stop the squeal but it won’t fix the issue. It can help you to identify which belt is squealing.

Click Noise When You Turn

If you notice a clicking noise as you take a turn then you probably have a damaged or torn CV joint. The CV joint is situated at each end of the axle. It uses ball bearings and can twist, allowing your wheels to turn and you to change direction without affecting the power delivery from the engine.

These joints are protected by a rubber cover, known as a CV boot.

Your CV boot will become damaged over time and crack or even develop holes. This allows the grease that protects the joint to leak out. You end up with a dry joint that clicks when you turn.

You can pack the joint with grease and replace the CV boot to help it last longer but the best option is to either replace the axle or the outer CV joint.

Rattling Noises

A rattling noise can come from almost anywhere on your vehicle. It can be hard to trace but usually indicates you have a loose part. One part you should always check is the exhaust heat shield, this fits between the exhaust system and the underneath of the car. It protects the underneath of the vehicle from getting too hot.

A loud rattling noise suggests the heat shield has corroded because it lives in extreme conditions. You’ll want to replace it as soon as possible.

Rumbling Noise

A rumble while you are driving, especially if it gets louder the faster you go, suggests that you have a bearing fault. The bearing sits in the wheel and if it seizes up it will lock the wheel up, potentially causing you to crash.

It’s best to get the bearing replaced by the professionals as soon as possible. This isn’t something you can generally do at home.

Of course, the bottom line is that any strange noise on your vehicle should be checked out straight away. The earlier you catch it the easier and cheaper it is likely to be to fix it.

Using Coupons on Auto Gear to Stay Safe

 Coupons-and-deals-you-shouldnt-turn-down-on-auto-gear-and-services-that-could-protect-youDo you see a large number of coupons for your local auto parts store and rarely use them? This mistake is something that many people do and is a concern because you could use many of these items or services to protect yourself. Here are a few coupons and deals you shouldn’t turn down.

Tuneups on Engines

The next time you’re going on a big trip (or even if you’re just handling your day-to-day driving tasks, you should check for deals on tuneups for your vehicle. You can get your engine tweaked and improved to minimize the chance of breaking down.

Pay attention to your dealer during changing seasons, as this is the most common time they offer this type of gear. Just as importantly, try to get at least one or two tuneups a year, even if your car is running fine, to avoid any long-term concerns.

Tire Protection

Make sure that you also pay attention to any deals you might notice on tires or tire devices. For example, you’ll probably see a lot of amazing coupons just before winter, as this is when people are often upgrading their tires to keep them safer.

For instance, you may find a supermarket or an auto shop offering devices like an air hawk pro at reasonable prices with a coupon. Try to identify which of these devices feel the best for your needs and integrate them into your day-to-day car use.

Phone Synchronizing Gear

With distracted driving worsening over the recent years, many dealers are attempting to find devices and other elements that can minimize this danger. Thankfully, this gear often goes on sale as a way of minimizing serious distracted-driving issues.

These devices include things like synchronization tools that let you speak directly to your car to do phone calls. You can also get a phone display item that you can use to put your phone somewhere safe and out of the way while you drive. You should also turn off your phone as you drive or put it on mute to minimize the risk of crashes.

Improved Mirrors for Left Turns

Left turns are often some of the most dangerous driving situations but don’t have to be if you’re careful. For example, you can buy inexpensive side mirrors with better blind spot protection. These expanded mirrors are easy to install with minimal difficulties. You may want professionals to help balance them to minimize any errors.

Check your local auto parts dealer or mechanic for deals and coupons on these great mirrors. You might be surprised at how easily you can integrate them into your day-to-day life. Just as importantly, you can use them to minimize any potential crash problems.

Don’t Neglect These Deals

By using coupons on these deals, you not only protect yourself but also avoid unnecessary financial expenses. Often, it is fairly simple to find stores or mechanic shops offering these savings, so don’t hesitate to try them out to save yourself serious money and avoid dangerous issues.
Is a Car Shield Extended Car Warranty A Wise Investment?

Is a CarShield Extended Car Warranty A Wise Investment?

 Is-a-CarShield-Extended-Car-Warranty-A-Wise-Investment.If you have been doing research, you’re going to realize that CarShield extended warranties are popular choices. The question remains as to whether they’re a wise investment for you and your car. The answer is not entirely as cut and dry as you might like because it largely depends on your situation. To help you decide, you’ll need to read reviews, get to know the payment options, coverage details, and expected responsibilities on your end.

CarShield Reviews

CarShield is a broker, meaning it is responsible for service contracts between you and repair facilities. Because of this, customers have the opportunity to have repairs done at dealerships and any ASE-certified mechanic. You can appreciate the flexibility in taking your car for repairs because it will be easy to find a mechanic no matter where you are.

Many high-profile programs and celebrities have endorsed the company. If you search on Google’s ratings, you’ll find thousands of positive reviews of customers in favor of having coverage through CarShield. On a completely different platform, Trustpilot, you’ll see even more thousands of ratings that are primarily positive.

Something that might make you pause is the ratings on the Better Business Bureau. The BBB rates CarShield as having an F rating, which is definitely on the poor side. This rating comes about because of complaints about misleading sales or advertising and difficulties regarding canceling policies. On the other hand, there are less than a thousand of these negative reviews. Comparably speaking, the overall positive vibe from the company after considering all platforms may be enough to help you decide to move forward.

Available Payment Options

Payments are dependent on the coverage you select. You can expect fees as low as $100 per month or as high as approximately $2000 for a four-year plan. To get a more specific quote, you’ll need to contact the company directly. When you get in touch with the company, you’ll need to know certain details like the mileage, car history, mechanical issues, and the make and model to get more information.

It’s also nice to know that while there is a deductible, it is not outrageously high. Instead, you can expect your deductible to be as low as $100 per repair. You’ll also have options for limited and unlimited warranty options. Limited warranties are for four-year terms, and payments are expected for 18 months. For unlimited warranty coverage, you’re looking at about $100 per month on the low end for as long as you own the car.

Because of the payment plan options, having coverage for peace of mind is an excellent option considering the possibility of expensive repairs. A warranty through CarShield is perfect for those who want to keep your car until the very end and those with luxury cars beyond the manufacturer’s warranty coverage.

Types of Coverage

CarShield has six different plans of coverage available. All of them include 24/7 roadside assistance, rental reimbursement, and towing as part of the plan.


The Diamond plan is similar to a bumper-to-bumper warranty. It is designed to cover everything, including engine, transmission, electrical, air conditioning, and more. This warranty is an excellent choice if you want to protect an investment vehicle.


As the second top tier plan, the Platinum coverage includes engine and transmissions and minor issues like starter problems. It’s a great choice if you have a vehicle with high mileage and you want to protect yourself from out-of-pocket repair costs.


The Gold plan is more limited and covers a few major repairs but mainly focuses on minor repairs like the water pump and alternator. Older cars with fewer electrical and technological components would do well with this type of coverage.


Considered the most affordable of CarShield’s offerings, you get good coverage at a reasonable price. Your transmission and water pump are covered, but you may be responsible for minor repairs. Coverage is considered basic, but it can protect you from more expensive repairs.


If you’re worried about electrical components in your car, this is the plan for you. This plan also covers Computer-related issues, so if you experience a problem due to a computer malfunction, this plan will cover that repair.


This one is pretty self-explanatory and covers motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles. You can adjust coverage for this plan by calling CarShield to get more details on what they offer at this level.

Last Thoughts on CarShield Extended Warranties

A warranty through Carshield can be a wise investment as long as you get the coverage you need. If you don’t need bumper-to-bumper coverage, don’t get it. Otherwise, you’re throwing money away that you will never get back. Knowing that CarShield has a variety of payment plans available makes it easier for you to decide what coverage you need based on what you can afford. Also, after reading through reviews for yourself, you can decide whether CarShield is the right choice for you.
Should You Remain At The Scene of A Car Accident?

Noico Sound Deadener Reviews You Must Read

Noico-Sound-Deader-Reviews-You-Must-ReadCars. We all love them, while environmentalists combat their existence. It has almost been a century since the first automotive vehicle was introduced to the world. However, the way it shaped our society and culture is only comparable to the internet itself. It has changed the way we live our lives. Before, we depended on our feet and other animals to travel shorter distances. The trains and ships were just for special occasions and circumstances. The car changed all of that, and its availability to the common became an entire business of itself.

However, there are still some issues with cars. One of the main ones is it contributes to the problem of noise pollution all around the world. Most cities are littered with various kinds of vehicles. We know that it is important to have those honks so that it can be an emergency signal for others to stay away or to warn them. Combined with the other noises a city can make, then it becomes a problem. Long term exposure to loud noises can affect the hearing of so many people and it is also not good for children, this article says. This is why many homes opt for soundproofing materials to be installed in their homes.

Sound Proof Your Car

On the other hand, the last thing that you would even care to soundproof your car. It is one of the main sources of noise, especially the older models. Even when they are just running, you can almost hear all the parts vibrating inside form a distance. It can be an irritating sound to hear constantly while you’re outside of your car. Now, imagine hearing all of it from the inside. You know that there seems to be a problem, but there are many cases that you just forget about it. After all, the car still runs and that’s the only thing that matters, right?

However, soundproofing your car can prove to be quite beneficial for you. If you are driving your car every day, you will be exposed to the other noises around. As mentioned before, too much of those sounds can be detrimental to your ear. You may want to opt that you don’t want to hear those sounds while driving ever again. This would lead to a more peaceful drive and you wouldn’t be disturbed. Driving should also include comfort and the silence matters with that…

This is also a snapshot of the disaster. You still need to hear what is going on outside while driving because this is an essential skill. Hearing what is going on can alert you of anything that is going to happen. Sure, you still have eyes and the windows are also quite clear. However, you can only focus on one thing at a time. If you cannot hear anything outside of your car, you will not be able to hear the honks and horns of other vehicles. As much as they can be annoying to hear, this is not why you need to soundproof your vehicle.

Mats are What You Need

There are many soundproofing mats on the market these days that advertise themselves as the best. Aside from silencing the usual sounds your vehicle makes, they also improve the stereo on the inside. There is nothing better than good music while driving, and these mats can help with that. One of the more popular ones these days is the Noico Sound Deadener.

Noico manufactures soundproofing materials that can only be used for vehicles. Others can be used for your household needs, but not this one. It is specifically tailored to your car so that you can maximize its potential. It is made from butyl along with other materials, which makes it great as a sound dampener. The mats are also quite thick, as most of the best ones are. The thickness is directly proportional to its effectiveness and Noico delivers with that. Learn more about them here:

However, its thickness also makes it a challenge to install in your vehicle. You might need to take the time off and get some help so that you can cover your car with it. There are other materials that you need to purchase first so that it would be easy for you to install them like the rollers, for example. The adhesive that Noico used is really strong as well, which is great since it will not move all that much anymore. This would also mean that you need to get the installation right on the first try. You also need to be very careful as it can get stuck on your hands. Use gloves when installing this.

Compared to other brands, it is also more affordable as well. Most of the noise dampening materials specifically made for cars can cost an arm and a leg. However, its coverage might not be the same as the others since you can still hear some of the sounds after installation. The thicker you get, the more difficult it is put inside your car. However, you will not need to worry about the temperature inside your car since it can handle heat quite well.

This brand might have some drawbacks, but overall it is great for an average car. The coverage is enough for one and it is quite effective for its job as well. Installation might be pain and it will smell slightly because of the asphalt underneath all the butyl. However, for a lower price, this is already a good deal.

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