How to Efficiently Treat Collapsed Trachea in Dogs

common-condition-called-collapsed-trachea-in-dogsA pet owner wants their pet to live a long and healthy life, but that is never possible. It is natural that when your dog is not feeling well, it affects your well-being. Many dog owners are worried about their pets suffering from a common condition called collapsed trachea.

Nonetheless, if you have the right information, it would become more comfortable to handle this health issue in your pet. A small dog owner may need to be extra careful, as they are more prone to this condition than other breeds of dogs.

With this short guide, we aim to bring a clear picture of this awful condition that can affect your dog and you simultaneously. Let’s start with understanding:

What Causes a Collapsed Trachea?

Let’s start from the basics, the trachea’s primary function is to pass the air that your dog inhales from nose to mouth and further to the lungs. It is made of circular-shaped cartilage which makes its structure. Put, a collapsed trachea is the collapse of that tube mentioned above.

With time, this pipe and cartilage rings start to weaken. It can no longer take the pressure and collapse. To know the ways in which you can treat this condition, read how to treat a collapsed trachea in dog, and find all your answers. Due to this, the path for air gets blocked, which further causes a sense of inflammation in your pets.

This directs us to the next section:

How to Treat Collapsed Trachea With CBD?

Currently, the medical field is researching CBD and how it can help your dog treat this dreadful condition. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the 400 active compounds found in cannabis and is essentially made of two major components: endocannabinoids (Anandamide and 2-AG) and their receptors (CB1 and CB2).

Furthermore, CBD is an essential part of the endocannabinoid system, present in every mammal, including dogs. This system is known for its modulatory qualities in the brain, which helps the body function properly.

CBD incites the endocannabinoid system, which further promotes homeostasis in the body by decreasing pain, anxiety, and inflammation.

A recent study elaborates on its effects on animals, especially dogs – CBD tends to enhance comfort and osteoarthritis. And in one more study, states that the consumption of hemp oil can minimize the risk of seizures in dogs.

You can find many CBD pet products available in several forms as edibles, balms, or oils. With all these products available as treats, you can make the treatment a healthy alternative for your pet. Your dog will love these treats and oils that you can give him in its food. However, make sure you take extra precautions in taking care of your pet when they are suffering from this condition because treatment and prevention go hand in hand.

In Conclusion

The problem of a collapsed trachea is pretty common in dogs. That said it could be treated with a little bit of extra care and Cannabinoid dog treats. Your pets deserve to be happy and taken care of, make sure you do that with the CBD dog treats if your dog is suffering from such a condition.

Use A Chart To Determine The Right CBD Dosage For Dogsf

5 Reasons to Only Travel with a No-Pull Harness

Traveling is an exciting and inevitable part of life. You can travel for business or leisure, locally or abroad. Sometimes, a feeling of loneliness overcomes you as you visit a new area. A traveling companion helps you avoid this feeling. A dog is your best traveling companion because it reminds you of home. However, keeping it in control as you travel is a challenging exercise especially when it comes to regulating its movement. Here are 5 reasons to only travel with a no-pull harness. 5 Reasons to Only Travel With a No- Pull Harness For Dogs

1.        It Prevents Injuries to Your Dog

A no-pull harness prevents injuries to your dog’s trachea because it distributes pressure across the dog’s back or chest. This redistribution of pressure reduces the strain that your dog feels as you exercise control over it. That means walking with it for long distances is possible. For example, you can walk with it in various places including museums, parks, and beaches. You can take these walks with your dog without causing any strain on its neck as you hold onto it.

2.        It Helps Dog with Conditions

Dogs suffer from many conditions including tracheal and spinal issues. For example, some of them have cervical intervertebral disk disease. In this case, a disc in their spinal cord degenerates and bulges. Then it applies pressure on the surrounding discs in the affected area. Dogs with this condition suffer from pain and sometimes, they cry out unexpectedly. Usually, these cries alarm fellow travelers. Using a harness is one way of reducing your dog’s pain. More specifically, it reduces the strain on your dog’s spinal cord.

3.        It Limits Irritable Behavior

Dogs drag and pull their owners for many reasons. For example, they drag you to a given area so that they can show you something. Perhaps they want to run away to play with other dogs. When you are traveling, they might pull you toward curious sites and animals. Limiting this behavior is difficult if you are using a collar to control their movement. Remember, collars irritate them. Therefore, dogs exhibit a higher level of irritability when wearing collars than they do without them. No pull dog harnesses are the best alternatives to collars.

4.        Reducing Chances of Abandonment

Dog owners abandon their pets because of various reasons including irritability and disease. Others decide not to look for their runaway dog. The likelihood of abandonment increases as a person travels because the rate of undesirable behavior increases during these trips. Fortunately, a no-pull harness helps you reduce this rate of increase. For example, dogs exhibit less irritable behavior when you use it than when you use a collar. Consequently, the probability of you abandoning your dog because of this kind of behavior reduces as well.

5.    It Improves Support for Lifting Dogs

A no-pull harness holds the dog’s chest and back. Doing so provides additional support to these areas. It soothes the dog as well if it suffered from an injury in one of these areas and that area needs support. More importantly, taking hold of the harness helps you lift your dog with little or no effort. This ease of lifting the dog is critical in case an emergency occurs. Avoid hurting the by being careful while lifting it with the harness.

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