Four Flooring Ideas for Your Creative Space

The errant soldering iron accident here, the odd paint splash there, and suddenly your craft area looks less like a creative space and more like a disaster zone. Choosing a durable flooring for your craft corner or hobby room can extend the life of your space, leaving your spare time open for the craft projects you really want to finish. Temporary-Flooring-Trimco

Temporary Flooring

Products like Aqua Shield by Trimaco are a perfect temporary flooring option. Unroll the water-resistant material in long sheets to cover your space, trimming it to line up perfectly. Then tape the seams and enjoy your new damage-resistant flooring until the time comes to roll it up again when you want to change the look or convert your space for another use.

Leave it Bare

If your creative space has a cement floor, don’t cover it with other flooring. You can express your creativity by painting it or using a cement stain in a wide variety of patterns and colors. Cement is a great surface for a creative space due to its durability. It can be hard on knees and backs when standing for hours, so place a couple of throw rugs in bright colors or invest in a rubber shock-absorbing mat where you’ll be standing.

Wood Would be Good

While using wood as a flooring can open it up to damage from paint spills or dropping heavy tools, if you already have wood in your space you can use it to your advantage. If you’re feeling brave, paint it in a cheerful checkerboard pattern that will help to disguise wear and tear or put some rugs or plastic flooring down to avoid harming it with any crafting spills.

Tile for a While

Similar to cement, tile is a durable surface treatment that can resist plenty of crafting disasters thrown its way. Seal the tile and grout to avoid seeping stains from spilled paint, and you’ll have a surface that will last for years. If you’re feeling particularly creative, you can set tiny tile squares in a variety of mosaic-like patterns. Take inspiration from simple cross stitch patterns for flowers, decorative borders and other motifs, and lay your tiles to match some of your favorite stitching projects.

Whether your creative space is the corner of a larger area or an entire room dedicated to your passion, you can find temporary or permanent flooring that will not only repel the very worst spills and accidents you throw at it, but will also reflect your own innovative and creative vision for a space you can truly call your own.
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