DIY Tips To Convert Your Child’s Bedroom into a Dreamland

Being a parent is never an easy task, most especially when your children are all so picky and hard to please. But, one thing is for sure, they will brighten up your day when you feel sad, and will put a smile on your face when you are tired. There are times also, that our children are the ones who help us in our daily tasks. Therefore, they also deserve to be happy and rewarded.

When we say they need to be happy, it is not always that they need to be given a food, a toy, or whatever material things they want. We can give them a room makeover, isn’t it a good idea? Well, it is not always that what we want for our children is what they want. They also deserve to get what they want at times.

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We all want the best for our children. If they want a room that is themed from their favorite cartoon character, why not give it to them? Are you not confident about it? Is the budget your worry? Well, I am telling you, you can do it yourself! And the cost, it will all pay off when you see your child’s smile after seeing his/her room.

Is There A Need To Transform Your Child’s Bedroom To A Fantasy?

Well actually, the answer to this question mainly lies to you. Do you ever feel that you must spruce up your kids’ bedroom? Or are your kids constantly beg for a makeover of their own space? Our kids need a place to call their own. They are just like us, adults. Their bedroom, their territory! Just like us, if they find their territory ugly and unpleasant, they will feel uncomfortable and uneasy.

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The “Somethings ” Every Child’s Bedroom Must Have

When it comes converting your child’s bedroom into a dreamland, you must not just consider what they want, you must also think about the things they really need. Here are some of the “somethings” they need for their room:

  1. Something To Question.

Try to include something that may intrigue their mind. Try making them curious about nature, life, or the way a particular thing works.

  1. Something To Sleep On.

Obviously, it is a bed room, so it is basic to give them a bed to sleep on, but not just that, their bedroom must be inviting, warm, and soft.

  1. Something To Read.

Always remember that books feed the imagination of a child. Furthermore, it also nourishes the mind.

  1. Something That Tells Time.

Even though they cannot tell what time is it yet, let them have a clock in their bedroom. This is for them to understand and follow a daily routine.

  1. Something With Color.

A room that is full of the colored rug, chair, blanket, and pillow may draw their eye’s attention and it’ll be a reminder that life with children is more fun and colorful.

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Tips And Tricks For DIY Child’s Bedroom Transformation

Let’s look into some of the tips and tricks to making your children’s dream bedroom into a reality.

  •         Wall signs and some murals are suitable for your child’s bedroom. You need not paint all over the room; there are some child furniture and child-friendly decorations that are widely available in supermarkets.
  •         Consult your children what they really want for their room. Make sure that it is part of the theme they want.
  •         Divide the bedroom into two, their play area, and their work area. You can use some child furniture like chairs and simple desks for them to have a place for studying.
  •         Provide profusely open shelves that have bins on it for them to keep the room clean and make sure that the toys are all in place.
  •         To make their bedroom into a dreamland, incorporate some of your children’s favorite cartoon or anime character.
  •         Push the bed against the wall to create an open space for them to play. This will not just make the room to look more spacious, but will also make your child safe when sleeping.

You need not stress yourself about turning your child’s bedroom into a dreamland. Just enjoy the time you spend planning and decorating his/her bedroom and don’t forget to involve them in making the decision because after all, it is their territory.

Author Bio: This article is being authored by a regular blogger and writer Paul Trevino. He loves to decorate his home and office in new and different ways. He also works for offering wide range of kid’s furniture and room styling products. He keeps sharing his ideas and latest trends in interior designing through his articles.

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Bring the Ocean into Your Home with an Aquarium

Bring the Ocean into Your Home with an Aquarium

Do you love the ocean? The smell and taste of the saltwater and the beautiful colors of the sea life? Why not bring the magic underworld of the ocean into your own home with a custom built saltwater aquarium? Aquariums are an attractive addition to any home, and they can be made to fit in any room of the house.

Bring the Ocean into Your Home with an Aquarium

The Benefits of an Aquarium in Your Home

#1 Soothe Your Soul and Mind

Aquariums have a relaxing effect on the mind and soul, rough day at the office? Are kids driving you mad? Just got off a bad phone call? Stare at an aquarium for a few minutes, and you will feel the negative energy dissipate from your mind as you watch the air bubbles rise, and the fish swim about the coral.

#2 Bring Color to Your Life

Saltwater fish are colorful and cute. Have you ever seen a pair of clownfish swimming through an anemone? Those cute little fish have spectacular coloring, and it flashes in the light as they defend their territory. Moray eels, seahorses, and coral are all colorful examples of saltwater fish that are beautiful additions to a home aquarium. You can even extend the theme of the aquarium out into the room.

Nicholas Projects 25-beach-room-ideas-on-pinterest-beach-room-decor-beach
Source: Nicholas Projects

Make an ocean themed bedroom around your aquarium. Use coral around the room and posters of marine life on the walls. The pleasant light and soft noise of the bubbles will calm your mind and help you drift off to sleep.

#3 Keep the Kids Entertained and Responsible

Are your kids unruly in the morning? Consider placing a custom built aquarium in your dining or living room. Have the kids congregate around it in the morning while they prepare for school. They can eat their Cheerios and check their homework while they watch the fish. You can use your aquarium to teach your kids some responsibility.

Let them feed the fish every day and get them involved with cleaning the tank and the filter system. Let them name their favorite fish and quiz them about the characteristics of their favorites in the tank, you never know, you may have a budding marine biologist in the family.

#4 The Ultimate Conversation Starter

An Aquarium makes for a great conversation starter when you have guests over. You can all gather around the tank while you tell people about the specifics of the fish and coral in the tank. People love to hear others talk about their passions, and when it involves something cool like staring at a saltwater aquarium, they are happy to listen.

#5 Revitalize Your Thoughts

Aquariums stimulate the mind and keep the brain active as it interprets the brilliantly vivid colors and motions of the fish and coral. If you have elderly parents that live with Alzheimer’s disease or other degenerative brain diseases such as dementia, then an aquarium will provide their mind with vital stimulation and help to slow the progress of the disease.

In Closing

Aquariums offer an incredible visual experience for your home. However, you deserve the very best aquarium, so it’s essential that you choose to purchase yours from a professional aquarium design service that will create the ultimate custom saltwater tank for you. Captivate your mind and that of your friends and family with an aquatic centerpiece from Titan Aquatic Exhibits. An aquarium can be built to your exact specifications to fit any room of your home.

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