When is it Time for Assisted Living for Seniors?

Every senior citizen loves to reside in their home, be independent and look after themselves but unfortunately is not capable of doing this. About 75% of seniors aged above 65 need long-term care either in an independent living community or a senior assisted living community. Here, the most critical question is when the most convenient time in making this move is? Signs-that-an-Elderly-Needs-to-move-to-an-Assisted-Living.

The truth is this is a pill that is difficult to swallow. For many seniors nonetheless, there comes a juncture where living by their own is not safe anymore and is not their cup of tea. The moment you notice that any of your elderly loved ones cannot look after themselves adequately you need to take into consideration a safe option. If you see they are not caring for their home with basic chores, weight loss or frequent falls or injuries,  or if they are feeling isolated it might be time to plan for their health and safety.

Signs that an Elderly Needs to move to an Assisted Living

Below are some signs that your elderly relative needs to be shifted to an assisted living,

  • Basic Tasks becomes a Challenge- People perform a dozen small tasks daily which requires to be done but are taken for granted – such as paying bills, doing laundry, tidying rooms and making meals. The aging effects may make it difficult for a person in doing the same. Moving from one room to another or lifting things may become painful. Not only this; the simple laundry chore may also get difficult. Take some time and see if your elderly loved ones are facing a challenge to accomplish their daily tasks, if yes it is time to take the help of assisted living.
  • Chores Being Neglected- Often when a senior citizen finds it challenging to deal with things they tend to neglect it. They will pile up the dishes, leave home completely covered in dust or pile up the dirty clothes. If you notice these signs on your elderly loved ones, then you need to shift them to an assisted living. Independent senior living communities will also be a good choice.
  • Frequent Injuries- medical professionals treat more than 2.5 million elders every year for injuries resulting from falls. Here in most of the cases the damage being quite serious. In case the injury is a minor one it will turn into a bigger deal with age. So if your dear one is already suffering from it, then they require more help on a daily basis which they do not admit.
  • Noteworthy Weight Loss- One of the basic needs of people is to eat well. But if an elderly fails to maintain a healthy weight, this may be because they are not capable of cooking meals for themselves or suffering from loss of appetite which is a sign of a bigger problem. No matter what, should your elderly loved one require help with the primary job of eating they need regular care.
  • Feel Isolated- Loneliness is equivalent to illness in case of a senior citizen. If an elderly does not go out and stay active then shifting them to an assisted living community will help because they will have access to a new social community.
  • Presence of Health Issues That Need Round-the-Clock Care- Certain health conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and late-stage cancer, require round-the-clock care to help seniors live a safe and comfortable life. Other chronic conditions such as bladder and bowel incontinence may not be as severe, but they can take a toll on elderly adults who already have limited mobility. Of course, there are incontinence protection undergarments they can wear, but those won’t eliminate the aftercare that needs to be done after an episode. An assisted living facility can provide seniors with the care they need to live as normally as possible.

To shift your elderly loved one from their home to that of an assisted living is a tough transition yet the experience will be something positive for sure. Find the best as this entire move is everything about your elderly’s safety as well as your satisfaction and peace of mind, learn how to get started with aged care as it might take time to move your parent into an assisted living facility.

This post has been updated on 3/2/2022 to reflect new information.

Senior Living and Memory Care For Alzheimer’s

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Best Ways to Care for Aging Parents

As time passes and old age catches upon our parents, they would need us to care for them more than ever! As a dutiful son or daughter, you would want to provide the best elder care arrangements to your parents. Do your parents suffer from any serious physical or mental condition? If yes, then it’s essential to remedy that first. Caring for your aging parents needs proper planning and smart execution. And for this, you need to consider a few critical thoughts and perspectives. Best-Ways-to-Care-for-Aging-Parents.

Do you want to ensure that your parents get the best elder care from you? If yes, here’s how you need to go about it.

  1. Spend more time

Start by spending more time with them. Parents during their old age want their children beside them than anything else.  Besides, when you start spending more time with them, you will know what ails them most and how to plan the treatment. As you spend time with them, ask what kind of living conditions they would prefer. Furthermore, question if they feel any invisible signs of discomfort and stress that needs medical attention.

  1. Check for any severe physical conditions

Do any of your parents have Alzheimer’s or Dementia? Is there anyone who is prone to any epileptic attacks? If yes, then the chances are that they can be treated better outside the house. It is where the concept of assisted living residences comes to use. It doesn’t mean you are shifting your parents to a different place for good. It’s just a temporary or necessary arrangement to heal your parent. Before you move parents to assisted living communities, ask your parents how they feel about it. Answer every question they have about assisted living patiently.

  1. Make arrangements for routine healthcare

Increased blood pressure count or sugar level increase can result in significant health issues during old age. Hence, it is essential to monitor the basic health charts of your parents. The advanced medical devices like blood sugar monitoring device and the like can get you through. However, when you arrange for regular health checkups, you are in a better position to monitor your parent’s health and save them from any unwanted health fluctuations.

If any diseases are diagnosed, you can order their prescription meds from Canadian pharmacies. Get online and visit website to acquire medicine at affordable rates. You can also get in-home NAD treatments to help improve cellular health and boost energy levels. You can get safe treatment without NAD side effects by using a professional in-home service.

  1. Do you need to shift your parents to retirement communities?

Do you have to make the shift to another region owing to your professional commitments? If yes and you want to ensure that your parents are in good living conditions along with sustained medical care? It is the best time to find home health care agencies. This way you can ensure that your parents are in safe and professional hands.

  1. Ensure light physical activities

Lack of physical activity is the reason for excess fatigue and other health issues. The human body at any age benefits from physical activity. Ensure that you take your parents for a light evening or morning walk. It will help them stay fit for a long time. You can also share more time with your parents this way.

Caring for your parents need complete commitment and smart decision making. Whether you want to put your parents to assisted living or appoint a physiotherapist at home, you need to think through it all accurately. By following these guidelines, you can care for your parents in the best possible way.

Prepare Yourself And Your Home For Aging Before Hiring A Home Healthcare Agency
Benefit From the Best Home Health Care Services
Senior Living Facilities Explained

Prepare Yourself And Your Home For Aging Before Hiring A Home Healthcare Agency

Aging comes with planning for the future care, including a healthcare agencyIt is a natural biological phenomenon that your body will change as you grow old. You will not be able to do things that you could do easily or took it for granted at your young age. Now, since your old and your physical strength will not support such activities anymore.

  • You will not be able to drive in the evenings when you suddenly remember that you need to buy something from the grocery store.
  • You will even need help to visit your doctor, take your medicines, bathe and even cook your meals and eat.

At this age and times, you will need to make proper and meticulous plans to execute such acts, if you want to do it on your own.

On the other hand, at most, you will need a full-time companion to do all your jobs in your daily life. In such situations, a home care or home health care provider or an agency will come to your help.

However, just as living on your own when you age is not an easy job, it is also not an easy task to hire such an agency that will back you up properly and at all times. You will need to consider a lot of such home health care agencies in Philadelphia and compare their services and cost to make the best choice.Aging comes with planning for the future care, including a healthcare agency

Making the place suitable

When you have made the final decision to age in your place and even have chosen the right kind of home health care aide for that matter, you will now need to make sure that both you as well as the home health care provider are comfortable living in the space together.

That means you will have to make the place suitable and make the necessary changes that are essentially required to make in your home suitable for you to age living in it. For this, you may need to repair and even make some additions in your home.

Remember, as per the state and federal laws for home health care aides you will need to:

  • Make arrangements to accommodate the home caregiver in a separate room
  • Provide time off within their service and
  • Abide by all federal laws.

Therefore, your home needs to change. This is essential to deal with several issues related to old age such as:

  • Reduced vision
  • Less mobility
  • Joint problems and arthritis and others.

It is a modified home that will lessen these issues when you age in your home keep you safe and happy.

Plan your home renovation

Most of these changes to the home are fairly inexpensive and easy to make such as:

  • Changing the knobs on doors and kitchen cabinets to levers
  • Removing the rugs, mats and other items to reduce the risk of slipping or tripping
  • Putting on strong handrails on stairs
  • Installing grab bars in tubs
  • Using chairs in showers
  • Brightening the interior lights
  • Equipping the home with motion detectors and more.

Since all homes are not suitable for a person to age in it, there may a few where you will need to make significant changes. At times you will need to shift your master bedroom to the main living floor and may even have to install an elevator.  These are changes that will need a significant amount of money as well.

Therefore, in order to make the most out of your money and investment as well as the available space within your house when you have to renovate your home, you should plan it well and only focus on your needs as well as that of the home caregivers.

  • Do not go for any extravagance but stick to the basic necessities instead. Remember, these are not just one-time needs and investments.
  • You will need repairs to be done regularly, taxes on your real estate to pay and make other necessary expenses.

Since you will live on a fixed income, you should be all the more careful with your finance so that you can deal with any emergencies as and when it occurs. Therefore, make sure that you plan both for your short term as well as your long-term benefits when you age and continue to live on, happily and in a healthier way.

A word of caution

Whatever you do to your home, just make sure that you make the modifications well before you need them. There are of lots of benefits when you plan ahead such as:

  • It will reduce the chances of any accidents or falls and
  • You will not have to look frantically to make arrangements for modifications right at the time when they are needed.

Planning ahead will keep you well prepared for any need and situations as well as help your aide to ensure the best care is provided when they are needed.

When you are unsure about what to change and what not to, you can look into a few good sources to get some ideas about modifying your home. This will help you a lot since everything in a home is not required to modify to age in place and sometimes things may not be as obvious as you may think either.

Last but not least, you should review and update your situation and make amendments in the process as and when required. It is obvious that situations will change over time and it can be for better but mostly it will be for the worse.

When you review the situations with the help of your home health care aide on a regular basis you will know what all changes and removals you need to make in your home. At the same time, you will also need to review the services available that too may require to be changed according to your need.

Trust the person with whom you review with to make sure aging in place is still the best option for you.
When is it Time for Assisted Living for Seniors?
Home Adaptations for the Elderly
Senior Living Facilities Explained
How to Help an Aging Parent

Senior Living Facilities Explained

The choices of senior living explained

The options are many when choosing which type of senior living facility would be best for you or someone in your family. Knowing about what each kind of living offers should help to make the right choice even though sometimes too many choices might appear somewhat confusing.  Evaluating the options with an eye on the needs of seniors can make the task easy and avoid chances of feeling overwhelmed. Having gone through the list of facilities and amenities offered by the senior living facilities, consider the cost and how it matches your budget. This should help to create a shortlist of facilities from which you can select one that works best for you.Senior Living ConsiderationsHelping Your Elderly Parents To Enjoy Happy And Healthy Lives Depends On Understanding and evaluating the needs of seniors

Home sweet home

Living within a family often provides more comfort to older citizens as they live among the loved ones while being cared in the best possible manner. Seniors who are still quite independent and need only little assistance would feel that homestay is comfortable for them. The caregivers support them in all activities of daily living as they help with meals, cleaning and any other type of support that seniors would need. However, the home would require some upgrades to make a safer place for seniors.

Independent living

Senior housing, retirement homes, retirement communities, and senior apartments are some examples of facilities created to support seniors who want to live independently. The centers provide the perfect setting for seniors who wish to lead a life free from worries and stay busy with the activities that allow them to live life in their own way. The opportunities of socializing are high in this type of community that provides an environment that supports a spirited living.

Residential care homes

This kind of facility recreates home care with some modifications and with the touches of community living.  Personal care homes and adult family homes are the other names of such facility which is ideal for someone who is looking for care in a more personalized home setting.  Besides the assistance for daily living and meal services, comfortable living is a big attraction to these homes.

Assisted living

Older adults who love independent living but not able to perform all their daily work by themselves and need some little assistance would benefit by joining an assisted living community.  Help is available for the members round the clock as the staff helps with meals, bathing, dressing, transportation, and housekeeping.  To allow social mixing most of the centers have common areas for dining and other recreational activities.  Some senior members might require more support especially those who have Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, and it should not be difficult to find an Alzheimer’s care near you as many of the assisted living centers have arrangements for it.

Nursing home

Adults who are in need of extensive medical support along with assistance in daily living activities would find nursing homes best suited. Those with debilitating conditions are unable to take care of themselves and require constant medical supervision that is only available in nursing homes.

Understanding the needs of seniors and matching it with the budget helps to decide the best option.
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When is it Time for Assisted Living for Seniors?
How to Find and Hire a Good Senior Home Caregiver

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