Who Is Stargirl?

“Stargirl,” the new, live-action DC television series airing on the CW, features Courtney Whitmore, a normal high school student dealing with the trials and tribulations of moving to a new home in a new city for her stepfather’s job. As if that wasn’t enough upheaval, Courtney’s world is changed further when she discovers the Cosmic Staff. This powerful weapon gives her the superhuman abilities to fly and to fight and transforms her into Stargirl.

Who is Stargirl, and how does she deal with the stress of being a high school student a newly minted superhero? Read on to discover more of this exciting new DC hero’s origins.

Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E

“Stargirl” is based on the 1999 DC comic book “Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E,” which was created by , the executive producer of “Stargirl, “Geoff Johns” and comic artist Lee Moder. “Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E” follows Pat Dugan and Courtney Whitmore, a unique stepfather and stepdaughter duo. S.T.R.I.P.E is a robotic bodysuit created and donned by Dugan, a talented auto mechanic, for fighting alongside and protecting his stepdaughter. The original comic book was itself a spinoff of an earlier team-up that included Dugan as the Star-Spangled Kid who, together with his partner Stripey, fought the Nazis

On “Stargirl,” once Courtney finds the Cosmic Staff and gains her superpowers, she joins the Justice Society of America and carries on Dugan’s legacy, joining numerous DC superheroes in an attempt to save the world.

The Cosmic Staff

The Cosmic Staff that gives Courtney her abilities and turns her into Stargirl has a rich legacy as well. It was originally the source of Starman Jack Knight power. Like Courtney, Knight was also a member of the Justice Society of America; he succeeded his father Ted Knight, the original Starman, in the Golden Age of comics

The younger Knight had a disinterest in traditional superhero aesthetics that may have been influenced by the fact that he had no inherent superpowers. Instead, much like Stargirl, all of his abilities were sourced from the Cosmic Staff, which was created by his father, who was an incredibly intelligent scientist. Ever the reluctant hero, Knight only agreed to be a superhero in the first place if his father gave his great wealth of scientific revelations to the rest of the world.

Later, Knight made it a point that his successor must possess specific qualities in order to use the staff. Courtney has those qualities.

Stargirl is a unique superhero in the DC universe. Her superhero lineage is embedded in both the history of comic books and the history of the United States. She’s a teenage hero with big shoes to fill and she still has to graduate from high school, too.

Tips for Hiring a Celebrity Impersonator


Image Credit: Pixabay

Hiring live entertainment can do a lot for your party or event. Not only will your live entertainment provide a focal point for the event, but it will also generate hype, improve the overall atmosphere, and serve as a conversation starter for the event. However, you may not want to hire a cookie-cutter live entertainer like a singer or dancer, and instead make a hire that is unique. One form of unique live entertainment you can look at are celebrity impersonators, ranging from tribute bands to celebrity look-alikes. That being said, hiring a celebrity impersonator can be a tricky experience, as they aren’t good for every event, and you likely have little knowledge in hiring that type of performer. So what do you need to know when searching for a celebrity look-alike? Here are some tips for hiring a celebrity impersonator. 

Consider Your Audience

When hiring a celebrity impersonator, it’s best to first consider your audience and what they would enjoy. Celebrity impersonators are among the more unique types of live entertainment, especially the obscure ones. As a result, you need to ensure that your party or event would fit with a particular type of celebrity impersonator. For example, you wouldn’t hire an Elvis impersonator if it didn’t fit the event’s theme or fall in line with the audience’s interests. However, you may want to hire a group that can impersonate the Beatles if you are throwing an event that celebrates Rock and Roll. Knowing what type of performers fit in best with an audience and type of event is key to making a great hire. 

Factor in the Venue

Another thing you need to consider when hiring a celebrity impersonator is the venue they’ll be performing at. Some celebrity impersonators may need a lot of space to operate, while others may need little to no space at all. For example, a group impersonating the Beatles may need a large area to set up their band equipment, meaning they may not fit into a smaller venue. Before you commit to hiring any type of celebrity impersonator, ask how they would operate in the venue provided. Venue problems can be a nightmare to solve, especially once contracts are written and signed. As a result, it’s always best to confirm that your entertainment and venue are compatible before everything gets locked in.  

Read Reviews

Before committing to any purchase, you should always do some thorough research, something that extends to hiring a celebrity impersonator. One of the best ways to conduct this research is by reading customer reviews from people who have previously worked with the impersonator. If the customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive, you know that the impersonator conducts himself professionally and can get the job done. On the other hand, if you see a lot of negative reviews, you may want to avoid working with that particular impersonator. In addition, customer reviews can allow you to know the strengths and weaknesses of a particular impersonator, allowing you to better match a performer with your needs. If you want to make a great hire for celebrity impersonators, you definitely should do some research and read some reviews.

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Enjoy the Excitement of Your Own Home Cinema Room

For many people these days, staying in is the new going out, with many turning to various forms of home entertainment in their spare time. One of the popular methods of entertainment at home is to settle down and watch movies on the big-screen TV. With access to huge TV sets and a wide range of
movie streaming sites, this is something that many people now enjoy doing.

In fact, some people have gone as far as to create their own cinema room at home so they can enjoy an authentic movie experience without leaving the home. With advanced technology, you can do this with ease, and you can even enjoy discounts on the equipment you need with promotions such as Kohls discount codes. In this article, we will look at some of the benefits of setting up your own cinema room at home.

How You Can Benefit with Your Own Home Cinema

There are many ways in which you can benefit from having your own home cinema. You can create your cinema in any spare room you have including your basement, which you can convert into a cozy home cinema. Some of the benefits you can look forward to include:

Saving Money Over Long-Term

If you love going to watch movies at the cinema, it can become quite expensive over time. If you also have family members that go with you, it can be even more costly due to the price of cinema tickets. When you have your own home cinema, you can watch movies whenever you want free of charge. Once your home cinema is set up, you can simply settle down and watch your favorite movies and new releases whenever you like.

Entertainment at Your Fingertips

The great thing about a home cinema is that you have entertainment at your fingertips whenever you need it. You don’t have to worry about getting ready, going out, or waiting in queues for tickets and seats. Instead, you can retire to your own cinema room whenever you like, and you can even go and watch movies in your pajamas if you like!

A Great Place for Family Fun

Watching movies with your kids and family members is a great way to spend quality time together. When you have your own home cinema, you can take family movie fun to a whole new level. You can all get together and enjoy movie days and evenings whenever you like. This makes it more convenient as well as more fun to spend time with your family at home and enjoy entertainment you can all immerse yourselves in.

Set Up the Perfect Cinema

With the right equipment, you can set up the perfect home cinema for a fabulous experience. You can invest in comfy furniture that you can sink into, a big projector screen, and you can stream content from a range of movie sites. So, you can enjoy the big-screen experience in your very own home.

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7 Tips to Help You Throw an Unforgettable Formal Dinner Party

Hosting a dinner party and want to ensure that you impress your guests? So let me share 7 tips to help you throw an unforgettable dinner party for your guests.

It is very stressful to host a dinner party if you are not prepared. Preparing great appetizers, preparing delicious meals, choosing the right drinks, and some tasty desserts to setting the table, making sure the house is clean, choosing the right genre of music, the list goes on.

A dinner party isn’t supposed to be stressful because it is the time to have fun while impressing your guests in a relaxed atmosphere that makes all of you feel at ease.

Are you hosting a formal dinner party and want to ensure that you impress your guests? Our tips will help you throw an unforgettable dinner party, one to remember.


  1. Create A Great Guest List

Not all friends may contribute to the success of your party; some are just spoilers, so, choose friends who get along well with you and have at least a few things in common with you. For invitations, you can hand-write them and post.

Phone calls or emails can work fine too, but people tend to forget about them.

  1. Find out About Allergies Early Enough

Though some friends will tell you ahead of time about being allergic to certain foods, it should be your duty to find out early enough so you can have some alternatives for them.

Everyone at a formal dinner party should enjoy and not just a few people.

  1. Prepare What You Know

Party time is not the right time to try a dish you had never prepared before, but if you have to do it, then you have to practice a few times to ensure you don’t mess up on your big day. This also applies when you are used to preparing only small portions of food, you can practice making larger portions that can serve all your guests.

  1. Cook Smart

You need to have a good time at your party. So, don’t cook foods that need constant attention – checking, flipping, stirring, etc. The simpler the meal, the better.

  1. Have Everything in Place

Ensure that you have all the necessary cutlery before the party begins because it is not wise to go looking for things like dessert forks, extra plates, more wine glasses, or serving dishes when the party is already on.

  1. A Formal Dinner Party Needs to Be Flexible

Some of your invited friends may not come alone, while some may not turn up at all. This makes it a bit difficult to know what quantity of food to prepare. However, it is good to have some extra food prepared than to have less.

Prepare enough food to serve an extra two or three guests.

  1. Plan Your Menu Items Strategically

Avoid dishes that require last-minute preparations or those that require exotic ingredients, and also, avoid those that take too long to prepare or those that need to be in the oven or fridge for too long.

You can use a menu maker to help you come up with a good menu and you may also try Canva for creating great invitations

A Formal Dinner Party Needs to Be Fun

A formal dinner party is a social occasion where people enjoy and have fun. It is not a time for you to keep wondering whether things will turn out right. Planning everything early enough and choosing the right friends is the best way to host a fancy dinner party.

You can visit our blog if you need some recipes for your dinner party.

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