Angels On The Ground For Female Veterans

Operation120 Inc. is a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 based in Boca Raton.  Renette Verhaeghe is the Founder & President and she is also the Founder of the Verhaeghe Family Foundation since 2010. Operation 120

Our mission is to empower female military veterans for a successful reintegration to life after service by assisting them with supportive housing, job training, employment, and support services in Palm Beach County. 

Our vision is to ensure that every female veteran who comes come to Palm Beach County can live independently and proudly.

Operation120 Inc. will start serving our female veterans in Palm Beach County as currently there is no shelter available for “JUST” female veterans.  While female veterans are in our program we will be providing them with not just a safe place for them to live but a home where they can regain their dignity, and self-esteem.

MST is the term for sexual assault or harassment during military service and 53% of homeless women veteran’s report that they experience it.  This means 1 out 4 women are sexually abused.  The last place these females would like to be is in a shelter where they will be among men.   Therefore, there is a great need for such shelter in Palm Beach County.

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The primary causes of homeless women veterans are:

    • Military Sexual Trauma (MST)
    • Medical problems exposed to combat conditions
    • Lack of treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
    • Substance abuse during military service
    • Unemployment

Preventing MST is just as important as rescuing the women who are losing everything due to its effects.

The military mentality in dealing with MST needs to change radically for the sake of our female veterans.

This means changing the way the military treats sexual harassment.  It is a much bigger problem than what most people realize and until this is addressed, the increasing number of homeless women veterans are at a much higher risk than their male counterparts.

Operation Paws

OPERATION Paws program is to improve the life of our veterans by providing them with  a loyal, non-judging, unconditional companion for life.  There is never any charges to the Veterans or their families.

Our team takes the time to listen and assist in selecting the most compatible pet that will bring support and unconditional love to our Servicemember.  We will be providing hope, and a safe, permanent loving home to rescue dogs and kitties.

OPERATION Paws is open to any U.S. Veteran in Palm Beach County who could benefit from having a companion pet.

We have a team of volunteer trainers who will work with each Servicemember to train their own dog for socialization, directional, obedience, and public access so they can become a strong family unit.


  • Assist with the adoption process
  • Training
  • Register with the US Service Dog Registry
  • Food for Dogs and discounted food and treats for dogs and cats
  • Discounted veterinary fees



Helping Female Veterans One “Angel” At A Time …

ANGELS ON THE GROUND are OPERATION120’s honored and admired a group of active women that will serve as Ambassadors in the community.

They are individuals who see the opportunity for transitional change in our community.  Female Veterans need our help in ways that have, till now, gone unnoticed. Right here in Palm Beach County, we need “Angels” who are energized by a common goal to increase awareness and support for female veterans in need.  As passionate champions, with a heart-centered focus, they value the opportunity to commit their time, energy and resources to provide for the immediate and long-term needs, safety and stability of Female Veterans.

ANGELS ON THE GROUND cannot ignore the need they see to champion veteran women, who have gladly risked family, injury & death to protect all Americans who depended on them for their safety and protection. The unique individuals we seek believe it is never “if” they can help and facilitate change for good, but “when and how”. 

ANGELS ON THE GROUND are action-oriented and guided by their core values to give back.  They see their own values as aligned with Operation120’s core values and goals.  These “Angels on The Ground” truly believe that an organized, authentic desire to give back enriches their own lives and the lives of everyone around them.  Our “Angels” know in their heart and soul that their committed, positive support and actions toward bettering the lives of Female Veterans create a momentum for good that cannot be stopped or underestimated!

Listed below are some of the in-kind donations that our angels can provide but not limited to:

  • Appliances
  • Baby/Bridal Showers
  • Clothing
  • Diapers
  • Food
  • Haircuts
  • Holiday meals
  • Household items
  • School supplies
  • Toiletries
  • Toys

Please join us in this pursuit

To learn more or to sign up, please contact:
You Can Find the Organization on Facebook
Also, on Twitter  Operation 120

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