How To Get Rid Of The Tailor’s Bunion Without Surgery

Minimally-invasive-medical-treatment-for-Tailors-BunionsAs people grow older, it’s common to encounter various health issues that might not be that dangerous, but they’re certainly uncomfortable. The tailor’s bunion is one of them: a bump formed along the little toe that causes the fifth metatarsal bone to enlarge and shift forward. That can be painful at times, especially when wearing tight footwear.

There are many treatments for this issue, the most effective one being the surgical procedure called an osteotomy. This procedure can be done by a licensed surgeon only and the recovery, even though usually successful, can be daunting at times. Using crutches or wearing a splint can seriously hinder one’s quality of life, which is why many people opt to try other remedies instead. For that reason, here are some non-surgical suggestions that can help you remove the tailor’s bunion.

Ice is always a good idea

The first and most sought-after treatment is, of course, ice. It provides an almost immediate relief, which is why you should give it a try before you decide to use something else. So, prepare an ice pack and wear it for five to ten minutes three times a day. If possible, lift your leg as you do it: that will improve circulation and help you feel better.

Stay away from uncomfortable shoes

There are so many shoes in this world and a huge number of them are so gorgeous and, sadly, uncomfortable. If you’re dealing with the tailor’s bunion, then these types of shoes are not for you. Yes, they look great with a nice pair of trousers or an elegant skirt, but they’re often very pointy, narrow, and unstable. This is something you should avoid when dealing with the bunionette. Instead, opt for flexible shoes with a wide toe box as they’ll provide your feet with enough room so you won’t experience discomfort.

Reducing pain can be helpful

Sometimes, there’s not a lot to be done, especially in the current situation with a pandemic when hospitals and clinics are dealing with emergencies only. In case you’re not able to reach your doctor, you can opt for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen because they’ll help you reduce pain and swelling. When looking for tips on reducing the pain, it’s important to consider every possible treatment idea and over-the-counter drugs such as Advil, Nuprin, or Motrin can provide you with enough relief so you’ll be able to go about your day.

Minimally-invasive medical treatment

When everything else fails, people often start to think about surgery, but they’re too afraid to actually take that step. This is quite understandable, as surgeries tend to be painful and traumatizing to an extent. Luckily, while trying to find ways how to get rid of tailor’s bunion without surgery, scientists and doctors came up with a minimally-invasive medical treatment that involves way less operation than traditional surgical treatments. Nowadays, this type of procedure is an outpatient one, meaning it’s quick, less hurtful, and convenient.

Appropriate footwear padding

The proper pair of shoes can do wonders for your feet, especially if you tend to walk a lot. And inserting appropriate padding might help reduce the pain which can be useful mainly if you have difficulties doing basic day-to-day stuff such as grocery shopping. These pads contain gel protection that can secure the area around the little toe. If you’re unsure which pads to get, then feel free to browse forums and other online communities so you’ll get some recommendations.


The tailor’s bunion can be very unpleasant if not treated on time. Therefore, it’s essential to monitor your body and ask for help as soon as you notice and uncomfortable changes around your little toes. These treatments can really help you, so before you decide to go under the knife, make sure to try some of them first.

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