Let’s Talk-DIY with Pearls

Let’s talk about pearls. Yes, good old-fashioned pearls. The same ones Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel made famous by layering strands of the highest quality gemstones in various lengths around her neck. The fashion industry would never be the same, and the world turned to pearls as haute couture.

Girls That Wear Pearls
Image Source: 2 Geeks Who Eat

But the days of Chanel are gone. That was decades ago. Pearls have since waned in popularity, often looked at as jewelry your mother or grandmother might wear – or so we thought.

All it takes to know pearls are back is a flip through your favorite fashion or couture magazine. Even celebrity gossip mags are filled with images of Hollywoods A-list sporting bracelets, studs, necklaces and the likes. According to Accessories Magazine, so popular have pearls become that their price is even starting to spike significantly.

Image Source Nicole Kidman in Big Little Lies
Image Source Nicole Kidman in Big Little Lies

Right about now, you’re probably thinking about digging your own pearls out of storage. We wouldn’t blame you; repurposing and reusing your own strands can save you a pretty penny and make you super chic in the process. We’ve got you covered with some DIY ideas of our own.


The great thing about pearls is there customizable and easily manipulated. Why not go with a nautical theme for your summer beach vacation? Here’s how to create an awesomely unique pair of earrings:

Mark a spot in the center of two like-sized seashells and make a small pin hole in each. Next, grab a strong adhesive and delicately glue two loose pearls to the inside of the shell (note, it’s recommend you go with faux pearls to avoid damaging any highly valuable gemstones you have lying around the house).  From there, you can use craft wire to weave the two together using the previously drilled hole. You can apply the same basic process to string bracelets and necklaces as well. Make something of your own that speaks to you! There are no rules. For more inspiration, The Pearl Source regularly posts ideas and instructions.  Pearl Earrings from the The Pearl Source

Knotted Bracelet

Pick your poison: Leather, twine, a thin piece of wire…even fishing line for you outdoor types! A knotted pearl bracelet is a killer look popular on the red carpets and silver screens that you can easily pull off yourself without spending a fortune.

Here’s what you’ll need: 16 pearl beads pre-drilled (head to any crafts store to find some) and approximately 2.5 yards of cordage of your choice. Hook the pearls onto the wire with knots on both ends. Tip: You can space them however you’d like, and you can vary the spacing, too. If you’re having trouble finding the materials and your local store, you can always order loose pearls online. Sites like Laguna Pearl offer them at a discount. Knotted Pearl Bracelets Laguna Pearl

Headband (and Other Accessories)

This one is easy. Pick your favorite headband (or handbag, denim or leather jacket, cuff, etc.). Using a strong adhesive (avoid a hot glue gun), dot your item however you’d like with as many pearls as you’d like. Again, it’s recommended you go with faux pearls for this as depending on the adhesive you use, you may end up damaging the pearl. Ivanka Trump is clearly a fan of the look (albeit at a slightly higher price point).

A Simple Choker

Grab a piece of leather cord or ribbon that you’re fond of and make sure it’s a snug fit around your neck (but not too tight that it impedes your ability to breathe!).  Cut the cordage into two equal halves, then use a tapestry needle to make a small hole on the end of one the cords. Thread a four-inch piece of 24-gauge gold wire into the hole, create a wrapped loop, then trim any excess wire that remains. We know – it sounds complicated. In reality it’s not as hard as we’re making it sound. Check out this post for further instruction that provides each step one at a time, with pictures!

Happy crafting!
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