7 Pro-Tips To Give Your Small Patio a Gorgeous Makeover

 7-Pro-Tips-To-Give-Your-Small-Patio-a-Gorgeous-MakeoverIf you are wondering why should you spend your valuable and hard-earned money on petite issues like patio renovations, then welcome to reality, my friend! Firstly, patio renovations are not petite issues. Beautifully done patio renovations make the perfect group hangout and party spots. It can be your personal space where you can spend quality time with yourself and your loved ones anytime of the day. The light environment keeps your mind stable and refreshed after a stressful day. While many people, having small outdoor places, think of patio decorations as an absurd concept, follow the post below and see your perception change along with your patio.

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1. Chic furniture for your patio

One of the most important parts of a patio makeover is your choice of furniture. The fun part is that you have a whole variety of options to choose from which makes the makeover process even more interesting. You can opt for wooden or stainless steel furniture table and chairs. You can even opt for cement slabs and cemented table and chair which are durable and easy to maintain.You-have-a-choice-of-outdoor-furniture-metal-wood-or-even-wicker.

2. Plants and flowers for your patio

To naturally uplift the beauty of your patio, fill in greenery and see the magic happen. Once you have worked hard enough to grow a wide variety of plants and flowers in the patio, you will see the fruits of your labour in the form of blooming plants and flowers which will cover up a lot of space at affordable rates. Not only does this setting look refreshing and soothing to the eyes, it also keeps you healthy when you spend more time around nature.Dont-forget-to-fill-your-garden-with-colorful-flowers

3. Various flooring options

If we listen to the expert services providing villa renovations in Auckland like Your Builder, they suggest that a natural flooring surface looks gorgeous when it comes to patio. Pebble and stone pathways are highly popular in this context. People having high deck patios can opt for wooden, ceramic or cement flooring according to their home decor. The idea is not to go over the top, but create a relaxing setting which only gives comfortable vibes.12-Flooring-ideas-for-your-next-patio-makeover.

4. Investing in expensive statement pieces for your patio

Instead of investing in expensive statement pieces, show your smartness by investing in cheap decor items which will look perfect in your patio setting. Control the lighting scenes with items like fairy lights, LED disco lights, flameless or original candles and more. To give a nice garden feel, you can purchase a few gnomes and elf statues which will work as statement pieces too. Table vases and lanterns are additional suggestions for your patio decor.

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5. Unique decor pieces- hammock, bean bags

As we have already covered the general cheap decor pieces which will help you fill the space in a quirky manner, here we will let a few bucks loose to buy what would serve as perfect statement pieces. Bean bags are comfortable, look cute and perfect for patio decor which people of every age will enjoy. Moving up a notch, standing chairs and hammocks are such decor pieces which accentuate your patio decor setting and give it a classy edge.

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6. Work on colour scheme

If you are a pro bright colours person but did not get the chance to experiment much with your home decor, here’s your chance. Patio is one such place in your home where you can experiment your heart out and nothing will look bad. Whether you are thinking of going overboard with bright shades or you are willing to blend a lot, you are most welcome. Try to keep in sync with your home decor colour families for better results. Aside from walls, work your colour scheme on the cushions and other decor pieces as well.

7. Adding a small bar to your patio

Since you will be working so hard on your patio with these above-mentioned tips, the place will undoubtedly turn out lit which makes it the perfect party spot. Various top builders in Auckland like Your Builders suggest that a majority of people getting patio renovations done opt for small bars for throwing great get together and parties. Set up a small bar and throw parties which everyone enjoys.

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Patios are an important part of your homes but not many understand it’s potential. Be the smart one, and use these tips for making your patio the perfect hangout and chill place in your home. 

What is your latest makeover for your patio or backyard?

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5 Tips To Incorporate Mid-Century Furniture Into Your Home

Everyone is jumping on the Mid-century modern bandwagon. As an interior designer I find that incorporating furniture that was designed in the 50s can be quite the challenge especially considering the ultra-modern approach that most homeowners use nowadays. However, there are a couple of tips that you can use that would make it easier for you to bring in mid-century furniture without entirely overhauling your home. Make-Small-Changes-for-a-Mid-Century Decorating

Go for white walls

One of the most essential parts of a mid-century modern design is having white walls. If you dread such a bright color, you can also go for any other neutral solid color. White walls are usually preferred because other items like furniture and decorations can also draw attention to themselves. The white walls also allow you to keep a clean and uncluttered atmosphere which is quite relaxing. One-of-the-most-essential-parts-of-a-mid-century-modern-design-is-having-white-walls

Invest in light fixtures

Mid-century modern design is all about simplicity and it should be unassuming. The only time that you can deviate from this is when you are buying lighting.  Mid-century modern lightings are the only ones that failed to get the simplicity to stick. They are complex and attention grabbing and they are very unique. At times, they might even look at little strange but that is what makes them the perfect addition to your modern home to give it that mid-century look.  If you are going for the contemporary design, the pendant lights might be the better option. For mid-century lighting, we usually head over to online mid century furniture stores like EMFURN to pick up some great options for our clients.

Wood, Wood and more Wood

Even though compressed wood materials are more affordable, they are rarely favored by mid-century modern designs. You need to start investing in more furniture that is made from real and actual wood to help you tie everything together.

If for one reason or another getting real wood is out of the question, then you can try to get pieces that mimic the finish of wood. This is an inexpensive approach but could work really well for you if only you take the time to pick the items carefully.

Leave the windows uncovered

Not all mid-century incorporation tips will leave your pockets screaming. Some of them are quite affordable and might not even require you to spend a penny. You need to bring your outdoors indoors. One way you can do that is by bringing down all the covers on your windows like drapes and blinds. The flow of air gives a more open feeling of your living space and it brings in more light into your home.

Have fun with the colors

Don’t get too fixated on the white walls. Instead, you want to have a little fun but, you should know that with mid-century modern, your scope of fun will be somewhat limited.  The goal is to bring in neutral and bold colors into the same room. If you have white walls, you can try going for bolder furniture.

With these tips, you can finally join the rest of the crew in picking the right furniture and design for your home without having to worry about the finances. With these tips, you can’t go wrong and most importantly, most of your ultra-modern home will be left in one piece.

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Why You Should Consider Updating Your Home This Spring

Why-You-Sould-Consider-Updating-Your-Home-This-Spring.Home improvements happen year round in the United States and in every corner of the world. Whether you live in Bend, Oregon, Howard County, in northern Virginia, or anywhere in between, your family is likely eyeing up home improvements that might create a new environment in which you can relax and enjoy the good life.

Updating a home in the early months of spring is a great way to lock in the benefits for the year to come, and it falls right before the new tax year begins as well, giving you the ability to consider these changes in your tax calculation, if applicable. The springtime is simply a wonderful transition period in which the year feels like it begins to unfold for you. Winter extends from the previous year and into January and February, but the new year doesn’t really kick into full gear until the weather starts to turn for the better. Because of this, many sports and leisure activities align with the seasonal change rather than the turn of the calendar.

Planning a home improvement project here is a great idea, too, and many homeowners choose these early months to hire roofers, contractors, or repair workers to conduct their most important jobs to have the home ready for the coming months of relaxation.

Start with essential maintenance.


Howard County roofing companies are busy in the early months of the new year, but looking for a professional roofing contractor that you can trust (and with years of experience in the industry, of course) to repair, replace, or alter your home’s covering is a must at this juncture.

Your roof typically will last about twenty years. However, heavy rains, intense snowfall during the winter, or wind during hurricane season that extends into the late fall can play a major role in dismantling your home’s protective outer layer many years before this due date. Homeowners must keep an eye on this feature of their homes in order to prepare for the capital intensive job of replacing an old covering with a new roof.

Also, homeowners are best served by a routine cleaning of their gutters and drains. Gutters that are filled to the brim with leaves and other debris are nesting grounds for ants and other bugs and rodents, on top of creating blockages for free flowing rainwater that will end up pooling on top of your home. You can hire a contractor for this job as well, but many homeowners find the gutter cleaning to be a routine chore that can be completed in an afternoon.

Repair your appliances for long term cash savings.


Appliances are an expensive component of a fully functional household. First time buyers tend to discount the importance of a new or recently repaired dishwasher or refrigerator—until it breaks. These last for many years without much thought, but once they begin to fail, you’ll need to remain alert. This invites a slippery slope of outgoing expenses in the home. Repairs for appliances in Bend Oregon are simple stopgap solutions that can extend the life of an aging washer or dryer for many years. Instead of purchasing new equipment, simply invest in a repair job that will save you money and give you a gap in years to begin saving for a new replacement unit in the future.

Home upgrades and maintenance projects are a key feature in the life of any family who owns their home. Tackling important projects can’t always be timed perfectly, but conducting much of your renovation and repair work during the early spring will give you the freedom to enjoy your home at peak performance for the warming spring and summer months, when it really counts.

Sectional Sofas Make Things Easier

Sectional-Sofas-Make-Things-Easier.Customers may feel as if they’ve purchased multiple high-quality furniture pieces at once after buying a large sectional sofa. Many people do often choose to keep the components of their sectional sofas together.

However, these are sofas that can automatically give customers lots of additional interior design options. The customers who enjoy rearranging their furniture regularly often specifically get sectional sofas for that reason.

Sectional Sofa Ideas

The sofa is frequently the largest furniture piece in the living room or sitting room. People may decide that they want their living or sitting rooms to be arranged that way. When these people have sectional sofas, they can quickly decide to separate the different parts of their sofas. After that, customers can find interesting new ways to use those sections.

Some people like to take the different sectional sofa pieces and more or less turn them into a set of chairs. These different sections are usually identical, making it easier to make them look like part of a completely new furniture collection. Pieces of sectional sofas can have a tidy and minimalist look to them when they’re separate, so they’ll fit in well with a living room that has that style.

Sectional sofas can also be split in half. People will more or less get a pair of smaller sofas as a result. They can use the space in their living rooms very effectively when they decide to set their furniture up this way.

The people who often have parties will probably enjoy having a living room setup like that. Guests can converse easily when they’re able to sit on different chairs that are facing each other. The different chairs in a room like this will match completely, so everyone will have the same type of seat available.

After a party, people might decide to put their sectional sofas back together. They’ll essentially have a full, expansive sofa sometimes and a new collection of chairs the rest of the time. A sectional sofa Montreal can give people more chances to be flexible and stylish.

Long-Term Use

Purchasing a very large sofa might not be practical for everyone. They might worry about transporting that furniture piece at some point. It can be difficult to move most sofas, especially if they’re big enough.

Sectional sofas can be much easier to move than other sofas. People can just separate the different portions of the sofa when it’s time to move the sofa, which is a popular way to store and move sectional sofas. The individual parts usually won’t be especially heavy.

In fact, these parts can be easier to move than chairs that have similar proportions, since these sections usually won’t have arms or similar features. People can hold onto their sectional sofas for years without significant issues.

If one section of the sofa gets damaged, people will also still be able to use the others just as easily. They just won’t have to use the damaged section. Customers truly get many of the advantages associated with full furniture sets when they purchase these specific sofas.