Marketing Tips That Will Get Your Product Noticed

You’ve spent years struggling with foot pain, and after dozens of failed attempts, you have designed a life-changing orthotic. After posting on Instagram a few times and telling all of your local business owners, the product is not flying off the shelves. Is it a bad product? Should you give up and deprive the good people of a pair of insoles that will relieve inflammation and bring a hop back into their step? NEVER. What you need is to optimize your marketing strategy.

It’s time to bring visibility to what may be the most innovative product the market has ever seen. Today, we’ll talk about how a simple “SEO in Birmingham” search can elevate your business. A company like Flagstone Search Marketing can help you achieve your marketing goals, but what else can you do? Read on to find out!

Know your target audience.

This is arguably the most important aspect of brand marketing. WHO is the one buying your product and WHY do they need it? Take a note from one of the highest viewed Ted Talks by Simon Sinek, where he delves into the psychological reasons why people live and breathe for some companies (some who may even have less than perfect products) and, on the other side of the coin, why the absolutely perfect products sometimes don’t end up flying off the shelves. The bottom line here is knowing exactly who is buying your product, why they need it, and how you can change their lives with it. Your company can build the best children’s playground, but if you’re marketing it to parrot owners, you’re going to fall flat. It is imperative that you find the right consumers.

You can look at PowerStep as a great example of a company that knows how to target its audience. PowerStep provides insoles for a variety of footwear, including sandals, athletic shoes, and even high heels. Each shoe insert from PowerStep is lightweight and fits the shape of your foot to support proper alignment and relieve intense heel pain and fatigue. PowerStep products are marketed for men and women who love to work out and run or who just need relief from foot pain during everyday routines.

Growing organically online.


Don’t be daunted by Instagram accounts with half a million followers just yet. The numbers up top may seem appealing, but you can quickly decipher who has true engagement by checking out if they have organic traffic or not. This can be easily seen by looking at whether or not their engagement is reflected in their following. If they have 500,000 followers yet only 1,000 likes and 50 comments? That right there is a scam in the digital world, and buyers can see right through it. It is significantly better to have authentic and organic growth with few followers rather than to obviously buy the numbers and end up looking foolish with an off-balance social media account.

Sometimes, you’ve got to call in the professionals.

Ever heard of a term known as SEO? Basically, SEO is search engine optimization. Imagine you’re stressed out looking for a new showerhead as yours just exploded but you absolutely need one with a filter (because hard water in New York is the pits, right?). You zoom to Yahoo to search for a new showerhead with exactly the correct filter. SEO is what companies use to bring their filter showerheads to the top of the search results so you can experience all the greatness that their products offer. Flagstone Search Marketing can provide the SEO solutions you need to get your products at the top of search pages, so set up a consultation with their experts to learn more!

Long story short, a strong digital marketing strategy will help optimize your SEO content and bring your company the website traffic that it needs to skyrocket into success, changing the lives of everyone who purchases your product. Working with an SEO company can be the aspect that changes your life in ways you never thought possible, so you can see why Forbes thinks SEO is an essential aspect of modern-day marketing. Now get out there and get those sales and change lives!

How to Find a Good Liquor Store in Texas to Buy Premium Liquor?

How-to-Find-a-Good-Liquor-Store-in-Texas-to-Buy-Premium-LiquorDo you spend your weekends planning parties for family and friends? A party without good food or alcohol is like putting together the pieces of a random jigsaw puzzle.  Before you plan your house party, it is important to grab some essentials. Liquor being the center of attention for any celebration in Texas the question is how to try to save as much as possible by getting the best wholesale deals.

If you search for the best liquor stores in Texas, you will probably come across names like Zipps Liquor, a well known Texas Liquor Store and other big box names where you can buy and order liquor. You can check a few stores on the Internet before placing an order. But before that, you need to verify whether the store is capable of fulfilling your needs. Suppose you need twenty bottles of wine delivered to your home address in Texas; you will first have to enquire about the store’s delivery options. Does the store serve delivery liquor in your zip code?

Consider checking all nearby stores and compare their prices to get the best deals in hand. When searching for a store, a pro tip is do they have a drive through lane which will speed up your shopping trip.

Factors that must influence your choice of trusting a liquor store

  1. Does the store have what you want to drink?

A successful and recognized store would have fixed regular customers. To fulfill customers’ requirements, a good store will always have the stock that a customer would preferably buy. Other than the most sellable liquor, the liquor store will continually stock a collection of newly launched products. It will indicate that the store is willing to take the risk of selling new products without fearing losing profits. When you visit a liquor store or order products online, you must always prefer to buy from a source with sufficient backup for its customers.

  1. Is your Zip Code eligible for pick up or delivery?

Alcohol delivery is not banned in the United States, but  many states have restrictions. In Texas, restaurants and individual liquor stores have permission to deliver liquor to a customer’s doorstep. The customer can check whether a particular store is providing pickup, drive through, or delivery in their area. Always check for delivery or extra pick up fees as you don’t want to pay extra.

  1. Does the store offer good prices?

When you buy liquor in bulk for your event, you often can benefit from paying a sum that includes a discount per bottle. Suppose you buy 12 bottles of wine; it would cost you less than what you pay when purchasing a single bottle of wine. Better liquor stores like Zipp Liquor’s can help you plan how much liquor you will need for your party or  wedding and usually offer excellent prices. When you see a liquor store catering to parties and restaurants, you can definitely expect to get better prices from such a store.

  1. Does the store offer alcohol delivery?

According to the law of the county your event will be in Texas, restaurants, bars, and liquor stores may have the permission to deliver alcohol and even on Sundays. Texas has many dry counties where no liquor is sold so do your research in advance as a “dry” wedding or birthday party may not be what your guests signed up for.

  1. Does the store have enough variety?

There are some great stores out there with all sorts of interesting choices for those who love their alcohol. Make sure and search around because not every store will have everything that suits your fancy or be close enough to merit a trip.

The way a business treats its customers says more about them than any advertisement. It shows what kind of company they want to be and how far their staff will go for your benefit, which in turn reflects on themselves as managers or owners (or both). When you visit an unfriendly liquor store where nobody has time to help because there are too many other things going on around that store. It is time to move on especially if those employees seem apathetic when asked questions–that might just tell me not only am I wasting my money but do I want to be shopping at such a chain. This is often common with the larger big box retailers and why we love the friendly service at a mid size liquor store.

So, always stay smart when you’re out to buy liquor. Shop friendly, knowledgeable liquor stores with good selection and great prices.
How Alcohol Can Effect Your Beauty and Health

How Social Media Has Changed Wedding Proposals


Believe it or not, social media has changed a whole lot more other than the way we connect and interact with others around us. When you scroll through your Facebook, Instagram and even YouTube feeds, you can see that wedding proposals have become even more elaborate and thoughtful. Not to mention, almost everything and anything is captured today and posted for the whole world to see.                                                    

How Social Media Has Change Proposals

Image Source: Canva

As you can guess, this has had a big impact on wedding proposals. If you are planning to propose to your special someone very soon, you may want to check in with this article for any ideas. Also, if you are still searching for the perfect ring, check out reliable online jewellers such as Certified Diamond Network for unique engagement rings.

The bottom line is, however, even though it has changed the way we propose as a whole, it doesn’t have to affect the way you choose to propose. If you aren’t one of those who post about your relationship on social media, you can keep it that way, of course. This article is simply written to delve into the changes the big names have made to our romance.

How Proposals Are Different In The Age Of Social Media

Proposals, in general, have gotten much more over the top. You just need to look at the stats to see how many Facebook status updates have changed to ‘engaged’, spurring expectations among most women that their own partner will be pulling a massive romantic stunt soon.                                                How-Proposals-Are-Different-In-The-Age-Of-Social-Media               Image Source: Canva

Nowadays, there is also an expectation that everything must be ‘Insta’ worthy and if it’s not, couples may just go with it or shelve it entirely and start over.

We cannot deny the fact that social media has a big impact on our lives today, whether personal or interpersonal. Now, there are also clearer distinctions of wedding seasons due to social media. As a result, marketers also step up their game. This means from all angles, no matter where you are looking, you will see a spike in proposal-related material which can be positive or negative depending on your perspective.

When proposal season hits, there is usually a massive spike in sales and wedding planners normally get extremely busy, not to mention all the guys who want to really impress their woman and their whole circle of friends by posting their proposal on social media.

The bottom line…

It can be a positive thing and as always, there are two sides of the same coin. However, if you feel that the expectations cast by social media are getting in the way, you can always step back and go down the old-fashioned yet time-tested route, which is to get down on one knee, present the ring to your beloved and propose in private, sans social media posting.
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