Can I Eat Salsa On Keto?

Can-you-eat-salsa-while-on-a-keto-dietYes!!! Good news for keto dieters, most of the Salsa is keto-friendly, but don’t forget to check the ingredients.

Eating Salsa is absolutely ok if you are on a keto diet. It is a low carb accouterment that will add a burst of Mexican flavor to your meal.

Some people get confused by this, and it is perfectly understandable. Salsa is made from tomatoes, and tomatoes are botanically a fruit, fruits are generally cut out of the diet in keto. But thankfully, tomatoes are a rare exception that is allowed in keto diet (but in moderation).

Although saying that, homemade Salsa is recommended if you are on a keto diet. The store-bought salsas have added sugars and ingredients that are loaded with carbs, these can kick your body right out of ketosis.

When you make your Salsa at home, you know exactly what you are putting in it. You can make it and store it in an airtight jar, preferably a glass jar.

After making it, don’t let it sit out for too long and store it in the fridge. Homemade keto salsa can last up to a week if you store it properly. Homemade Salsa is the best choice if you are on the keto diet, it is fresher and more flavourful and will not kick you out of ketosis.

If, for any reason, you are unable to make your own Salsa, then make sure you read the labels correctly and know exactly what ingredients are in the store-bought one before you take it, and it messes your diet.

Summary Of This Diet

The ketogenic diet or more commonly known as the keto diet is a low carb, high in fat diet. It helps you lose weight by forcing the body in the metabolic state of ketosis.

Keto dieters, force the body to shed the pounds by breaking down the fat and using it as a source of energy rather than using carbohydrates and glucose, which are usually the primary source of energy.

In a normal diet, when we take carbohydrates, insulin and glucose are produced in the body. The body uses glucose to produce energy and stores fat. 

In keto diet, you deprive the body of carbohydrates and force it to use the fat as energy. So when your body does not have access to glucose, the body burns the fat and makes ketones to be used as fuel for the body and brain. This process is called ketosis.

But following a keto diet can be challenging for many people. 

There are supplements that provide exogenous ketones to support the effectiveness of your keto diet. It helps you to retain the state of ketosis even if you slip a bit on your carb intake.

And helps you achieve your goals of a keto diet. In the Keto diet, the process of getting into a state of ketosis can have an effect on the energy levels as your eating patterns change.

Exogenous ketone supplements help to take effect rather quickly and give you a boost of energy all day. It helps to optimize your keto diet, but it is not magic that will work without you putting an effort. The idea is to reach ketosis efficiently and burn fat while following your keto diet plan. 
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Is Grapefruit Keto?

 Are-Grapefruits-ok-when-on-a-keto-diet.People either love grapefruits, or they hate it. It is a fruit that you need to develop a taste for. It is extremely sour and tangy, that is why it takes some time for your palate to develop a liking for this fruit.

But there is no doubt that grapefruit is packed with nutrients. It is a nutritional powerhouse. And has tremendous health benefits. 

But Is Grapefruit Keto Friendly?

The ketogenic diet is built on high fat, medium protein, and low carb foods. People on keto diet cut sugary carbs out of their diet. In doing so, some healthy food options are also cut out. 

For example, citrus fruits. These contain natural sugars, known as fructose. If you take it in a large quantity, the fructose in the fruit will boost the blood sugar level, which will kick your body out of ketosis, and your diet will be blown.

Although grapefruit contains a lot of healthy nutrients, like; vitamin C, minerals, and antioxidants. The macronutrient profile of the food does not match that of the keto diet. 

A single grapefruit contains approximately 26 grams of carbs and almost zero fat or protein. So very likely, it can spike your insulin, and your body won’t stay in ketosis.

 In keto diet, you can take up to 50 grams of carbs per day, but you get into a state of ketosis more quickly if you stay with 20 grams per day.

This means a single serving of grapefruit can mess up your diet, and your body will find it challenging to go into ketosis.

But just because grapefruit is high in carbs, it does not mean that you cannot enjoy it at all.  You can indulge yourself in this tangy, juicy fruit in moderation. Keep the portion of the fruit small.

A half grapefruit contains approximately 11 grams of carbs and is enough to satisfy your taste buds. The purpose of a keto diet is to bring your body into a metabolic state called ketosis, in which the body burns fat as its primary source of energy instead of carbohydrates.

This process of burning fats results in the production of ketones. Ketones are used by the body as a source of energy when the carbs are short in supply.

That is why the carb intake, in this diet, is very low. You need to be strict in this diet to achieve your goal.  This can be challenging for many people, and you might eat something that is not keto-friendly.

To avoid your body getting kicked out of ketosis, you can go for exogenous ketones. Exogenous means externally created. These supplements are forms of​ ketone beta-hydroxybutyrate(BHB). Which the body normally creates on its own. Exogenous ketones can help you achieve ketosis while you are a little less strict about what you eat.

But that does not mean that you can have a high carb diet and then take exogenous ketones to cover the damage. They are only to help enhance the state of ketosis that you achieve with your diet and can do slight damage control if you get a little off track in this diet.
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5 Ways to Elevate Your Energy and Boost Your Wellbeing

5-Ways-to-Elevate-Your-Energy-and-Boost-Your-Well-being.With so many responsibilities on your plate, be it your work obligations, family duties, or just those everyday chores, it’s not so surprising to feel drained and exhausted, perhaps even burnt out. The mere pressure of modern life and all it brings can be stressful, since we’re surrounded by constant noise and everything happens at a fast pace that only seems to speed up daily. In the midst of all that chaos, finding time for stillness, healing, and energy recuperation through self-care can seem impossible.

Thankfully, all it takes is a little strategizing and some creativity. To help you get started on your own custom plan to restore your energy and ensure you have plenty of zeal for your daily activities, here are a few tried and tested bits of advice you can incorporate in your plan.

Reduce tension with breathingReduce tension with breathing

Constantly pushing yourself too hard to achieve certain daily goals can be detrimental to your health and cause you to feel truly spent. That’s why the answer to excess responsibilities often lies in doing less, as a way to help restore your energy for the next batch of challenges that are bound to surface soon enough.

One of the simplest strategies to achieve that is to introduce breathing exercises into your day, which will slowly teach you how to control your breath, use the exhale to reduce tension, and the inhale to absorb more positivity into your body.

Cleanse your bodyCleanse-your-body-detox-your-system-with-superfood

Living in the city has its perks and merits, but it also has numerous setbacks. Among them, you need to cope with constant exposure to noise, air pollution, and not to mention that your access to all-natural, organic foods is limited. So, you likely consume processed foods packed with all kinds of chemicals, flavor enhancers, and preservatives, which ultimately doesn’t do much good for your body and can make you feel sluggish and drained.

The best way to respond to this issue is to learn how to detox your system with superfoods, helpful ingredients, and whole foods that will eliminate toxins from your body quickly and efficiently. To boost your immune system properly, you can detox your body with the help of cleansing juices, too, and then slowly build up your resilience with a long-term diet and exercise plan.

Elevate your workout energy

Sometimes all of your efforts might be in vain when you need to prepare yourself for a challenging workout towards the end of the week. This is when your body is at its most vulnerable, when you’re most likely to suffer an injury due to a lack of focus or energy.

Preventing these issues with the help of best preworkout supplements supplements can help sustain your energy throughout your training session, but it also helps you stay focused, and then recover faster when you get home. A simple addition to your preworkout shake is a great way to amp up your energy levels and stay devoted to your exercise routine. No more excuses to skip a jog at the park or to avoid joining your aerobics class because you feel tired – these supplements are designed to prevent such issues in the first place.

Add a soothing bedtime ritualAdd-a-soothing-bedtime-ritual

To enhance your energy, you first need to help put your mind at ease. Getting enough sleep is yet another key pillar of longevity and health, one that will give you the much-needed vitality to exercise regularly and that will prevent those sugar cravings, to help you stick to an optimal diet. If you’re having a hard time getting enough rest, start by setting up a consistent sleep schedule, and a simple ritual to follow every evening.

Give yourself an hour before bed to do something that relaxes you the most: read a few poems, meditate with your scented candles lit, take a restorative bath, or simply do a few light stretches to relax your muscles properly. This will prepare you for all the challenges that lie ahead and build up your energy for the next day.

Refine your daily menu Refine-your-daily-menu

Side by side with regular exercise, the food you consume every day is a major source of energy that will define how you feel and how able you are to be active. If you’ve been putting this off for a while, it’s time to rethink your eating habits to introduce versatile veggies, lean protein sources, and plenty of healthy fats. On top of it all, aim for micronutrient-dense foods such as seeds, nuts, and legumes, all of which will give you access to slow-releasing energy.

Such a nutritious diet is bound to help you feel better, more alert, and of course, you will improve your physique as a result of healthy eating, too. More strength in your body, more mobility and flexibility paired with eating a wholesome diet will help preserve your energy to a great extent.

Stirring your innermost energy sources with these little behavioral modifications can help you be more active and less stagnant over time. The goal is to improve the quality of your life and to inspire you to practice regular self-care through these simple actions, so as to replenish your energy and devote time to growing as a human being, which will naturally lead to more vibrancy and vitality in your life.
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What to Eat During Pregnancy for a Healthy Mother and Baby

What-to-Eat-During-Pregnancy-for-a-Healthy-Mother-and-BabyIt is always important to eat good food, but particularly more so when you’re pregnant. What you eat and drink during pregnancy is the principal source of nutrients for your baby. During pregnancy, the goal is to consume as many healthy foods as possible.

The mother’s diet has to be safe and nutritious for a healthy pregnancy – which requires the correct combination of proteins, carbs, and fats and includes a wide range of plants such as vegetables and fruits.

If you already have good eating habits, minor changes are easy to make to ensure a successful pregnancy. Your diet must include the following foods:

1. Dairy Products

Dairy products are a great choice for pregnant women, particularly yogurt products. Dairy foods such as milk, butter, and cheese are healthy sources of calcium, protein, and vitamin D in the diet.

These ensure that you fulfill the increased demands of protein and calcium. Often, probiotics can help to reduce the risk of complications. Try to eat 3 to 4 dairy-food portions a day.

2. Whole Eggs

Whole eggs are extremely nutritious and an ideal way to increase the daily consumption of nutrients. They include choline, a nutrient vital to brain health and development.

Eggs are a very good food source and are inexpensive and easy to cook. Although pregnant women have been urged to stop consuming raw or undercooked eggs until now, recent research shows that lightly cooked eggs are healthy to consume during pregnancy.

3. Grains and Legumes

Legumes are foods that contain a lot of nutrients. Legumes include rice, peas, almonds, soybeans, and lentils. They provide vitamins B and trace minerals such as zinc selenium and magnesium.

Grains and legumes are high in nutrients, including the B vitamins: thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, and folate.

Most legumes are a healthy source of protein and when it comes to meal preparation they fall under the same group as beef.

Breads and cereals filled with whole-grain are fortified with folic acid and iron and contain more calcium than white bread and rice. Consider working whole grains into your meal.

4. Fruits and Vegetables

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables as they contain vitamins and minerals as well as fiber to help absorb water and avoid constipation. Fruits are highly recommended especially when you are close to your due date. Fruit such as watermelons, for example, helps your sleep and regulates muscle activity as well – important when you are preparing for labour.

Eat a number of fruits and vegetables a day – fresh, frozen, canned, dry or juiced. Ensure you wash them well. To benefit from the nutrients vegetables provide, wash them well and eat them raw or have them half-cooked with little water or steam.

5. Starchy Foods

Starchy foods are an essential source of nutrients, some vitamins and fibers, which make you stay full without too many calories. These include corn, wheat, beans, pasta, rice, cereals for breakfasts, noodles, peas, yams, millet, and oats.

6. Salmon

Omega-3 fatty acids are healthy for the brain and eyes of your baby and salmon is a perfect choice for that. Plus, it contains vitamins such as calcium and B vitamins.

Compared with other fish, salmon is fairly small in mercury too. Put it in a salad, or eat it grilled, broiled, fried or steamed. If you like sushi, eat it raw as sushimi! You can easily consume up to 12 ounces of low-mercury fish a week, such as salmon.

7. Dried Beans and Lentils

During pregnancy, all women require 10 extra grams of protein a day (or a minimum of at least 60 grams); beans and lentils are an excellent choice, at about 15 grams per cup. They are also high in fibre and help in the battle against constipation. 1 cup of cooked lentils meets half the daily demand for folate.


A healthy pregnancy is about eating a safe, nutritious diet that contains plenty of fresh fruits, fish, dairy products, and vegetables. Make sure your calories come from nutritious foods that contribute to the growth and development of your baby.

Eating a good, nutritious diet would most likely give you the nutrients you need. Remember, the forthcoming process is very critical and allows you to be prepared for delivery and then the joys that come with being a mother.
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