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 When-is-it-time-to-move-to-a-retirement-home.When a loved one gets older, it can be more challenging for them to care for themselves. When this happens, you have a couple of options. First, you can have your loved one move in with your family; however, this isn’t an option if you don’t have an extra room. The same is true if you work long hours because your loved one will still be alone all day.

The best option for your loved one is Sorrento Retirement Home. According to Statistics Canada, 2.6 percent of the elderly population in Canada live in residences designed for senior citizens. If you aren’t sure if a retirement home is right for your loved one, you should consider how they can benefit by moving to Sorrento Retirement Home.

#1 Health and Safety

One of the best reasons to look into retirement homes for a loved one is their health and safety. If your loved one lives alone, they can take a nasty fall and could be on the floor for hours and even days before they are found.

According to Canada Statistics, every year, one in three seniors aged 65 and older is likely to fall at least once. Fortunately, your loved one will be safe in a retirement home, and skilled caregivers will check on your loved one to ensure they are safe.

In addition, if your loved one needs extra care, assisted living is a possibility. Most retirement homes have an assisted living wing, where your loved one will receive their medication on time and always have immediate access to a doctor.

#2 New Friends

Loneliness is common in elderly people who live alone, especially if they can’t drive or get around independently. According to the Government Of Canada, 40 percent of seniors experience loneliness regularly.

Moving your loved one to a retirement home can prevent loneliness and depression. They will have a chance to meet new people who live right down the hall to spend time with. In addition, your loved one can eat in the dining hall with other seniors, and a retirement home can provide your loved one with a social life.

#3 Fun Activities

You won’t need to worry about your loved one getting bored when moving them to a retirement home. Most facilities have various activities throughout the day, such as gardening, dancing, card games, exercise classes, and yoga. In addition, many retirement homes take field trips to shops and to entertainment venues, giving them a chance to get out for a while. These are all things your loved one can’t do if they live alone.

#4 Better Quality Of Life

Moving your loved one to a retirement home will provide a better quality of life. Not only can they live independently and safely, your loved one will have new friends and can take part in daily activities. This gives your loved one a reason to get out of bed, and they will be happier.

If you worry about an elderly loved one living alone, moving them to a retirement home will be safer and more fun than living alone, and you will have peace of mind knowing they are safe and enjoying their golden years.
A Roundup Of Retirement Resources (For Those Nearing The Elusive Age)

A Comprehensive Guide to AARP Discounts and Benefits

 A-Comprehensive-Guide-to-AARP-Discounts-and-BenefitsIn the U.S., everyone’s heard of AARP. If you’ve hit 50 years of age, you’ve likely started receiving ads and invitations to join in the mail. Despite AARP’s widespread popularity (the most recent data shows that the organization has about 38 million members), you may not know everything AARP has to offer.

While there are numerous organizations similar to AARP that work on improving the quality of life of seniors, few match the scope of AARP’s operations or offer the same value.

If you’re considering signing up for an AARP membership but don’t know enough about the organization to make a decision, keep reading to learn more about the group and what it offers its members, retirees and non-retirees alike.

Joining AARP

Like many other non-profit and social organizations, there is an eligibility requirement for joining the AARP. To apply for membership, you have to be at least 50 years of age. The subscription fee for the first year is $12 per month if you sign up for auto-renewal. From the second year and onwards, the annual membership renewal fee is $16. Keep in mind that purchasing a membership allows you to add your spouse for free—they’ll enjoy all the same benefits and discounts.

Signing up for the AARP is a straightforward process; all you have to do is visit their official website and join from there.

Types of AARP Discounts and Benefits

AARP partners with hundreds of organizations across the country to improve the lives of seniors, and also has a well-developed website and app full of information and tools. The majority of AARP benefits fit into one of the following categories:

  • Free online services, resources, and content available to anyone with an Internet connection
  • Free online services, resources, and content created for seniors only
  • Member-exclusive online services, resources, and content
  • Member-exclusive discounts
  • Benefits and discounts provided to AARP members from third-party corporations and organizations

Online Tools, Resources, Networks, and Services AARP provides a wide range of top-notch online tools, resources, networks, and services. You can access these platforms through the AARP website or the AARP NOW app made available to members upon subscription. Some benefits include:

  • Finance and health tools
  • Social security resources and benefit calculator
  • Retirement planning resources
  • Tax filing assistance
  • Job search tools and resume help
  • Car buying program
  • Fraud watch network
  • Entrepreneurship resources

Discounts on Food, Travel, and Other Experiences

You’ve worked hard for the better part of your life, so why not enjoy the finer things once you’ve retired? AARP membership includes discounts for major restaurant chains, hotels, flights, car rentals, movie theatres, and more.

Insurance Programs and Discounts

AARP membership can also indirectly save you money on auto insurance, vision insurance, dental insurance, home insurance, and more. How does this work? Note that AARP doesn’t directly offer these discounts; private insurance companies create policies with the specific needs of seniors in mind and extend these plans to AARP members at a discounted rate.

For example, you should find out if you are eligible for AARP member auto insurance plans and discounts via third-party insurance providers. On top of lower rates and specialized policy options, these insurance companies typically include services such as senior driver safety programs, roadside assistance, and towing in their AARP member-oriented programs.

Entertainment and Online Content

Many retirees look for new ways to fill their time now that they’ve stopped working. AARP offers entertainment options like news and politics updates, articles curated for the 50+ audience, discounted books, a discounted subscription to Audible, podcasts, online games and puzzles, and more.

AARP Savings and Opportunities

AARP membership opens the door to countless resources, services, information, and discounts. While people look forward to their retirement years, it’s no secret that finances limit many seniors. As a senior, you’ll want to save anywhere you can, and you’ll want access to resources and opportunities. AARP helps seniors by meeting their unique needs based on their demographic and lifestyle.
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Retire Young – 3 Steps You Can Take Today To Set Yourself Up For Early Retirement

Public Pension on Wall Street? Liquidate Now!

A-Roundup-Of-Retirement-Resources-For-Those-Nearing-The-Elusive-AgeIf you’ve paid attention to Wall Street news over the past couple of years, you’ll know about the public school teacher protests that occurred outside of the state Capitol building several times. If you aren’t aware of it, and you are a public worker with a pension, you need to be.

What Caused the Coup?

This huge Wall Street coup consisted of public teachers from many different states across the country, voicing their concern over their disappearing pensions. When public services workers discovered that their pensions were diminishing and all of that money was finding its way into the pockets of high-end traders, a protest ensued.

Late last year, the Wall Street Journal reported that an increasing amount of pension plan assets ended up in U.S. stocks. Why has such a large portion of money from public pensions gone into risky investments that benefit nobody but the people selling those investments?

These squandered pensions didn’t affect just teachers. All public service workers, including firemen and police workers, have also been affected by these poorly-invested pensions.

Do you have a public pension plan in place? If so, it’s time to liquidate!

Avoid the Loophole

Technically, there is a law in place to protect pensions and make sure they are always adequately funded. This law is known as the Employment Retirement Income Security Act. However, there’s just one problem:

It excludes public employees. This loophole has allowed financial big-shots in Wall Street to use this money to invest in shady stocks and make other purchases that don’t promise great returns. This puts public employees in a fiduciary crisis since there is almost no federal or state regulatory agency that cares to investigate these acts for criminal activity.

You can avoid this scandal by taking a hold of your pension, even if you feel it’s too early to withdraw it. There are a couple of ways to do this:

Early Withdrawal

If you want to immediately cash out, it’s very possible to do so. However, there may be an early withdrawal penalty required. If you are younger than 59 ½ years of age, you can receive a penalty up to 10% of the pension amount.

There are some exceptions, however. For example, if you have received a permanent disability or you were somehow separated from your employment, you are entitled to liquidate your pension without incurring such high penalty fees.

Cash Payouts

You also have the option to withdraw your pension little by little, if the prospect of a lump sum doesn’t work out for you. You can start withdrawing your pension whenever you retire, but you may receive payments in a smaller amount than if you were to wait a few more years. It’s better to wait as long as you can to take out pension payments so you’ll have as much money as possible for your retirement. And while you’re at it, you should also check out sam shiah. He helps people get jobs on wall street. I know we’re in an economic downturn right now, you better believe that things will get better and they’ll start turning up. So learn the tricks of the trade so you can take advantage when things start going again.

If you are a middle-class worker in the public arena, pay close attention to what’s happening with your pension. You deserve to have as much saved up as possible for your retirement, so you never have to worry about fiscal emergencies. Speak with a financial advisor today about your pension liquidation options or other methods of protecting your pension from harm.
Consider a Home-Based Job as You Approach Retirement
A Roundup Of Retirement Resources (For Those Nearing The Elusive Age)

Consider a Home-Based Job as You Approach Retirement


Just because you’re about to retire doesn’t mean you won’t be productive anymore. You can still do a lot of things that will help you feel useful after retirement. You can also earn money and not worry about financial issues. Even if you’re earning a pension and you saved enough retirement funds, you still need to consider earning additional income. As you get older, you will have more illnesses. You want to have enough money to support your hospital bills.

An excellent idea would be to try working at home. Several jobs are now available even if you don’t leave home. Your age doesn’t matter either. As long as you have the necessary skills to carry out the responsibilities, you will get the job.

Learn new skills

After years of doing the same job, you might stop learning new skills. Before you retire, you have to consider learning something new. There are home-based jobs for programmers, graphic designers, writers, editors, and many others. Find out which of these jobs would be suitable for you, and learn the skill. You can even take extra courses during weekends so that you will be an expert by the time you retire. You may also start job hunting before retirement.

Retirement isn’t easy

Some people wait for years so they can finally retire and live an easy life. The truth is that it’s not as easy as it sounds. Imagine doing the same thing for several years, and then you change everything in an instant. You also feel bad that you’re no longer as useful as you once were. When you can continue doing a job at home, retirement doesn’t sound so boring after all.

You can still pursue your plans to travel around the world or do other things you love. However, you will get bored at some point. It’s good that you have another thing to do once you start to feel things are always the same. Besides, if you have a computer-based job, it doesn’t matter where you are. You can continue working while traveling.

Don’t forget to have fun 

Since you decided to continue working while in retirement, you might forget to have fun. It’s crucial that you still think of ways to make the most of your free time.

You can even consider looking for a fairground hire to bring out the child in you. When it comes to exciting activities, your age doesn’t matter. You also need to start feeling young since aging is terrible. If you intend to organize fairground rides for hire for yourself or your community, you can partner with the right firm.

Retirement isn’t something to worry about. It’s an excellent opportunity to do things you couldn’t do when you still had a full-time job. You also need to have a positive attitude while you’re at this stage. Being optimistic will help you stay young and healthy. Once you realize that retirement is fun, you won’t be able to wait until that day comes.
A Roundup Of Retirement Resources (For Those Nearing The Elusive Age)
Retire Young – 3 Steps You Can Take Today To Set Yourself Up For Early Retirement
Consider a Home-Based Job as You Approach Retirement
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