Going Back to University Later in Life

 Going-Back-to-University-Later-in-LifeFor some, the love of learning never dies. That is why you might feel a strong sense of urgency to head back to university later in life, despite having already racked up plenty of work experience in your industry of choice.

This decision might come into play because you are interested in a career change, or it might be that you simply want to improve your skills in your already existing field of expertise. Either way, you will undoubtedly be wondering whether to go for it and what to expect. Here is some more information.

The Application Process

If you do not quite remember what goes into this, you will definitely want to start getting your applications underway as early as possible. Do lots of research into the various institutions that you may be keen on and find out all their requirements.

The main requirements for getting into UNCW, for example, include high GPA and SAT scores. As you can find out on CampusReel, are an average of 4.22, and you will also be required to show a score of at least 1195 on the SAT or 72 on the ACT.

Furthermore, you should include information concerning your work experience and other tertiary education achievements for an improved chance of application approval.

You, Will, Have to Work Harder Than You Remember

Those adults who have been to university in the past and come back to continue their studies at a later stage tend to emphasize how it is a lot more demanding than what they remember. Student life is very different from working life and forces you to draw upon your time management skills to the maximum! Make it through by creating to-do lists and drawing up daily schedules. Write everything down even if you think you will be able to remember it. Chances are, you won’t.

You’ll Be Welcomed with Open Arms

Many older students worry that the younger students will look down on them or avoid interacting with them simply because of their age. More often than not, however, this is not true. The majority of young students will welcome older students with open arms, helping to show them the ropes and get them reacquainted with the student way of life.

You’ll Enjoy Every Moment

There are few things as rewarding in life than nurturing your education, boosting your knowledge, and learning new skills. As such, it is highly probable that you will love every second of your time spent at university no matter how old you are when you decide to return. Not many people are lucky enough to get a second chance to live life like a student, so enjoy it! You’ve earned it.

Ultimately, if you have your heart set on returning to university but are still overwhelmed with questions and uncertainty, take a deep breath, and just do it. Don’t let fears about ‘being too old’ hold you back from following your dreams. Now is the time to make them happen.

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Are You a Parent Who Wants to Go Back to College? It’s Easier Than You Think

are-you-a-parent-who-wants-to-go-back-to-college-its-easier-than-you-thinkIf you’re a busy parent, you’ve probably been putting off going back to school because you assume that you either won’t have the time or money to accomplish your dreams. After all, not only do you have a family to care for every day, but you might also work and have a home that needs constant cleaning and maintenance. Fortunately, going back to school is a lot easier than you might think and it’s a great way to have a career that brings in a more stable income while providing you with a sense of accomplishment.

Online Classes

If you’ve given up on the idea of college, it might be due to the fact that you couldn’t see yourself going to a local campus filled with young adults. Thankfully, online classes not only make things easier for you, but they provide you with the distance that you need to feel part of something. You can take online classes for many different majors and degrees, and all you’ll need is a computer or laptop. The classes are scheduled for you and it’s your responsibility to complete them as needed.

Adaptive Scheduling

If you would rather learn from a professor or teacher in-person, colleges have made things easy for busy adults who need more adaptive scheduling. This means that you can take night classes as needed or go for day classes while the kids are in school. By working with one of their school counselors and advisers, you’ll be able to find a schedule that works for your needs and still allows you to obtain the degree or certification that you need to get started in the field.

Student Loans

Another key problem that busy parents face is that they just can’t afford school. You might already be living from check to check and paying for college tuition for yourself just isn’t an option. With student loans, you get to have your tuition and textbook fees paid for you. Most loans won’t need to be paid back until after you graduate and because you’ll be working in a field that pays more, you’ll find it worthwhile to take the loan out.

Financial Aid and Grants

Many parents are eligible for grants and other forms of financial aid. In order to see what you qualify for, be sure to talk with a financial adviser who works at the college. They will typically look for ways that students of all ages can get into school easily and quickly without it becoming a financial burden. If you need to write a grant, be sure to use a grant writing template to get started.

Exams and Certifications

After school, you’ll typically need to take several exams to become either certified or to obtain a degree. These exams can be difficult for parents who now need to refresh their knowledge of the courses that they took. There are a multitude of exam prep programs for all different types of degrees and fields. By utilizing one of these programs, you’ll be more ready to take the tests needed to get started in your career.
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Why You Need Renters Insurance When You Go To College

Why-You-Need-Renters-Insurance-When-You-Go-To-College.When you go off to college, there are many things that you need to invest in. College itself is an expensive place and whether you or your parents are paying for your experience, there are a lot of cash changing hands. To deal with this, many people try to save where they can and avoid spending money on things like school books or renters’ insurance. The truth is that you can actually save money by buying renters insurance if something were to go wrong.

In this article, we are going to tell you some of the reasons why you need renters insurance when you go to college. Keep reading to find out more about why this might be the case.

Accidents Happen

One of the most important reasons why you need renters insurance is that accidents can happen a lot more easily than you think. When you are away from home, you will find that you need to handle things alone and this is what makes accidents more possible. The good news is that with renters insurance, you can protect yourself from any of these accidents, depending on the level of insurance that you have. If you want to protect yourself from these kinds of accidents then you will need to have a solid policy. Why-You-Need-Renters-Insurance-When-You-Go-To-College

Colleges Are Rife With Theft

We all rely on our mobile phones and other electronic devices these days so what would happen if someone were to steal yours? At this point, you would be thinking that your Mom was right – you probably need renters insurance to protect you. According to experts college campuses are one of the 5 most common places for phones or laptops to be stolen and this is not ideal. You’ll find that theft takes up 42% of the criminal activity that takes place in colleges across the country.

If you want to protect yourself and make sure that you have cover if any of these things were to get stolen, you need to make sure that you invest in some renters insurance. When you are taking out a policy, you need to make sure that these kinds of items are covered as some providers might avoid this.

You’ll Likely Have Friends Over

Another great reason that you need renters insurance when you go to college is that you will be likely to have friends over. These are probably going to be people that you have recently met and this can be quite exciting. Of course, if you don’t know these people very well then you might find that they are not opposed to putting in a claim against you if they are to get injured in your property.

The good news is that some renters’ insurance policies will protect you if this happens, as long as the expenses are within your policy range. You’ll find that you can afford to pay for the medical bills as well as the damage that was caused to your property. This is definitely something to consider when you go off to college and make friends.

You Are Taking High-Value Items

The final reason that we think you might need renters insurance when you go off to college is that students often bring expensive items with them to campus. For example, if you were to play an instrument that your parents purchased for you as a gift, you might want to bring it with you to your new college apartment. This is great but it also comes with a lot of risks.

If you are planning on taking some high-value items with you to college then you should make sure to get an insurance policy that will cover it. You might need to declare this item separately on your policy application so this is something to consider.

Key Points

If you are planning on heading off to college next year then now is the time to start thinking about renters insurance. College students can easily fall victim to theft and this is something that you will want to manage accordingly. If you can find a policy that will cover all of the items that you are planning on bringing with you then you should be able to feel safe within your new home.

Make sure to consider all of the tips that we have given you and don’t forget to get that renters insurance policy that your mum told you to get!
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5 Tools Every Creative Girl Needs

5 Tools Every Creative Girl NeedsDo you express yourself creatively? Maybe you’re a photographer or a guitarist, or maybe you create art with your hands or your voice. In any case, we’ve got some great technological tools for all you lady creators out there.

Here are 5 tools that will help you express yourself to your heart’s content. It doesn’t matter whether you create art as a hobby, or if you seriously dream about doing it as a career. You’re sure to have a blast using these 5 amazing creative tools.

1.      Studio Microphone

You can use a studio microphone for all sorts of different things!

If you’re a singer or a musician, you can use a studio microphone to record yourself singing or playing an instrument—or both! A studio microphone can record sound at a much better quality than your standard cell phone or DSLR microphone, and it won’t record all that ugly white noise that you’ll have in lower-quality mics. You can find high-quality studio mics for less than $150! Consider it a must-have if you or a loved one is a singer/songwriter and you plan on submitting audition videos to colleges or talent agencies.

You can also use a studio mic for recording your podcasts and vlogs. The sound makes the difference between a professional-quality video and an amateur one, so a good studio mic will take your online productions to the next level.

2.      Drawing Laptop

If you’re an illustrator, then you definitely need to bring home a drawing laptop. What exactly is a drawing laptop? A drawing laptop is any kind of laptop that has a touch screen on which you can make digital illustrations. Most drawing laptops allow you to draw with precision using a stylus pen.

A good drawing laptop should have great hardware so it can handle big creative programs, like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. The best drawing laptops have foldable screens so you can place the laptop in a “canvas-like” orientation to make drawing easier.

A drawing laptop isn’t just good for artists. You’ll love a drawing laptop if you’re a college student, too! A drawing laptop is definitely a college essential. When you’re taking notes in class, you’ll be able to use a drawing laptop to take handwritten notes. Lots of studies suggest that when you take notes by hand, you’ll retain the information a lot better than if you typed notes directly on a word processor. With a drawing laptop, you’ll be able to take handwritten notes but you won’t have to spend any extra time transcribing them from paper to computer.

3.      Tri-Fold Cosmetics Mirror

Are cosmetics your art form of choice? Then get a tri-fold cosmetics mirror for your bedroom! A tri-fold mirror is perfect for your room because you can fold it up when you’re not using it to save more space. Get one that’s fashioned with LED lights so that you’ll always have the best lighting to apply your makeup and style your hair.

4.      Grammarly

If you’re a writer, then Grammarly is one of the best creative tools you can add to your arsenal. Grammarly is an app that automatically detects errors in your writing, including spelling errors, grammatical errors, word choice, and wordiness. After you’ve written something—whether it’s a blog or piece of creative writing—just post it into Grammarly and it’ll quickly review the whole document.

You can also download Grammarly as a browser extension. If you download it to your browser, you can use the Grammarly corrections while you’re typing emails, social media, or Google Docs. It’s a great way to sharpen your writing skills and gain some insight into your own writing style.

5.      Portable Mirrorless Camera

If you’re a photographer or filmmaker, you should get a high-quality mirrorless camera, like the Sony Alpha a7. What’s great about mirrorless cameras is that they’re much more compact than a standard DSLR, so they’re better for taking on vacations, hiking trips, or backpacking trips.

If you own Sony lenses, you can easily attach them to the Sony Alpha a7 body. But you can also attach Canon lenses by using a Canon lens attachment. The adaptability of the camera gives you tons of options on how you can shoot and take videos.

There you have it, ladies! Embrace your individuality and express yourself with one of these great creative tools!
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