How To Run an Effective Non-Profit

All businesses have similar needs. As a business owner, you know that you need to find new customers, and that your small business will rise or fall depending on customer reviews online. You also know that successful businesses take care of their employees, once they’ve found the right people for the jobs.

Nonetheless, nonprofits have specific needs and challenges. Nonprofits often thrive both by introducing new products, as well as by finding new people to support their vision in a larger way. In other words, it’s not enough to offer discounts or post about a sale on social media, the way a small business in the retail sector might. Nonprofits need to leverage peer networks in order to inspire potential customers to take part in their overall mission. So, what is the best way to grow your small nonprofit into a change-maker on a global scale? Read on for some insights and great ways to be the change you want to be.

Peer-to-peer networks (P2P networks) provide the best way forwards.


A lot of small businesses struggle with defining their target audience, but this is one area in which you have a leg up. A great way to recognize who will be interested in your values is by looking at those who are already engaged. After all, new customers probably have a whole lot in common with current customers, right?

Peer-to-peer networks are what they sound like: trusted referrals from one peer to the next. Peer-to-peer networks (or P2P networks) may be utilized over social media, but they can also happen by using an email list or texting. The truth is that it’s human nature to trust the ones closest to us, and if we hear from someone in our peer network about a great organization, we’re more likely to invest in these new opportunities. Seeing as nonprofits are based in trust and values, P2P is your best bet for reaching a niche target audience.

Use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to your benefit.


An easy way for new followers to find your organization is through a search engine, right? Wrong. If your SEO isn’t in the best shape it can be, you might show up on page five of the search engine results. Seeing as most people don’t even click over to page two of their search results, you might as well be on the moon. One the best ways to grow your business is to utilize keywords and backlinks in order to optimize your online presence. You’d be amazed what rapid growth you’ll see when your business model incorporates SEO into its growth strategy.

Be clear about your branding.


As you’re working on SEO, you need to be sure that everything you post online, whether over social media platforms or anywhere else, is consistent. Brand awareness is great, but only if you look reliable to potential clients. An easy way to chase people away is by having a confusing brand that looks sketchy. The marketplace is full of nonprofits who want to make a lot of money by fundraising so that they can make an impact on the world. Your promotions are sure to fall on deaf ears if your digital marketing strategy isn’t cohesive. No one will give their email address to an email list that doesn’t look cohesive or secure, and they shouldn’t either.

To review, the best ways to grow your nonprofit organization are trifold: use P2P networks to reach your target audience, use SEO to drive organic views to your social media platforms and website, and be clear about your branding before reaching out. With all of these tips in your pocket, you’ll be driving change on a global scale before you know it.

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