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 When-is-it-time-to-move-to-a-retirement-home.When a loved one gets older, it can be more challenging for them to care for themselves. When this happens, you have a couple of options. First, you can have your loved one move in with your family; however, this isn’t an option if you don’t have an extra room. The same is true if you work long hours because your loved one will still be alone all day.

The best option for your loved one is Sorrento Retirement Home. According to Statistics Canada, 2.6 percent of the elderly population in Canada live in residences designed for senior citizens. If you aren’t sure if a retirement home is right for your loved one, you should consider how they can benefit by moving to Sorrento Retirement Home.

#1 Health and Safety

One of the best reasons to look into retirement homes for a loved one is their health and safety. If your loved one lives alone, they can take a nasty fall and could be on the floor for hours and even days before they are found.

According to Canada Statistics, every year, one in three seniors aged 65 and older is likely to fall at least once. Fortunately, your loved one will be safe in a retirement home, and skilled caregivers will check on your loved one to ensure they are safe.

In addition, if your loved one needs extra care, assisted living is a possibility. Most retirement homes have an assisted living wing, where your loved one will receive their medication on time and always have immediate access to a doctor.

#2 New Friends

Loneliness is common in elderly people who live alone, especially if they can’t drive or get around independently. According to the Government Of Canada, 40 percent of seniors experience loneliness regularly.

Moving your loved one to a retirement home can prevent loneliness and depression. They will have a chance to meet new people who live right down the hall to spend time with. In addition, your loved one can eat in the dining hall with other seniors, and a retirement home can provide your loved one with a social life.

#3 Fun Activities

You won’t need to worry about your loved one getting bored when moving them to a retirement home. Most facilities have various activities throughout the day, such as gardening, dancing, card games, exercise classes, and yoga. In addition, many retirement homes take field trips to shops and to entertainment venues, giving them a chance to get out for a while. These are all things your loved one can’t do if they live alone.

#4 Better Quality Of Life

Moving your loved one to a retirement home will provide a better quality of life. Not only can they live independently and safely, your loved one will have new friends and can take part in daily activities. This gives your loved one a reason to get out of bed, and they will be happier.

If you worry about an elderly loved one living alone, moving them to a retirement home will be safer and more fun than living alone, and you will have peace of mind knowing they are safe and enjoying their golden years.
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Senior Living and Memory Care For Alzheimer’s

Selecting-a-senior-retirement-living-center-for-your-loved-oneIt’s important to learn about the onset of first signs of Alzheimer’s senior living and other dementia-related symptoms are quite easy to confuse with aging. But, progressing symptoms can finally lift off the veil and make you wonder if it’s time to look for memory care service for your senior member. You can control the growth of this ailment by seeking early medical intervention. With the help of the right kind of medication and therapies, people suffering from such mental illnesses can continue to live in their homes for long without any worries. For a consultation, you can go to your primary care doctor.Senior-Living-and-Memory-Care

Anyway, once this disease catches up with someone, the person would need regular supervision eventually for their well-being and other’s safety. So, when you plan to move your dear one to a dementia care home nearby, make a note of following points before finalizing a place.

Security arrangements

Tour the entire facility to understand how it will deal with residents who try to exit it. Some memory care centers keep their main entrance locked every time and keep elevators used by staff and visitors under strict observation. Then, some facilities provide residents a wearable bracelet that comes with an electronic sensor to track their movements. Besides, security alarms on beds or wheelchairs are also added so that the caregiver is immediately alerted when a patient attempts to get up, forgetting he or she needs assistance.

Provision for fresh air and recreation

While being alert to the risk of exiting behavior of these patients, the memory care homes need to include a safe outdoor area in their facilities for them to breathe in the fresh air and spend time in recreational activities. For that purpose, some homes build circular paths inside and outside the facility where patients can walk.

Planned daily activities

Having an array of scheduled events for dementia patients under the observation of trained nurses and therapists is critical for their physical and mental health. So, check what all activities these facilities offer. It can include art therapy, singing, bread and cookie baking, etc.

Medical services

The senior retirement living homes generally have specialists visit their facilities to cater to the psychological and psychiatric needs of these patients regularly. They prescribe medicines and therapies based on the condition of the patients. So, check if physicians and other specialists visit the memory care unit. It will remove the need for taking the patient to a clinic every time.

Caregivers and nurses

Although only a licensed nurse should be allowed 24-7 at these facilities to handle any medical emergency, you can inquire for how many hours the skilled nursing services are available and how personal caregivers are equipped to deal with urgent medical cases. Ask them how they hire their staff and what training they give them.

The number of staff for the number of patients for best care

The cost of memory care homes is higher than a typical nursing home because they need to hire more staff compared to the number of residents in their facility to ensure their safety and security. So, ask them how many staff members they have for night duty and day job.

These are a few considerations that you need to make while choosing a memory care unit for your loved one so that he or she can continue to lead a comfortable life.

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Senior Living Facilities Explained

The choices of senior living explained

The options are many when choosing which type of senior living facility would be best for you or someone in your family. Knowing about what each kind of living offers should help to make the right choice even though sometimes too many choices might appear somewhat confusing.  Evaluating the options with an eye on the needs of seniors can make the task easy and avoid chances of feeling overwhelmed. Having gone through the list of facilities and amenities offered by the senior living facilities, consider the cost and how it matches your budget. This should help to create a shortlist of facilities from which you can select one that works best for you.Senior Living ConsiderationsHelping Your Elderly Parents To Enjoy Happy And Healthy Lives Depends On Understanding and evaluating the needs of seniors

Home sweet home

Living within a family often provides more comfort to older citizens as they live among the loved ones while being cared in the best possible manner. Seniors who are still quite independent and need only little assistance would feel that homestay is comfortable for them. The caregivers support them in all activities of daily living as they help with meals, cleaning and any other type of support that seniors would need. However, the home would require some upgrades to make a safer place for seniors.

Independent living

Senior housing, retirement homes, retirement communities, and senior apartments are some examples of facilities created to support seniors who want to live independently. The centers provide the perfect setting for seniors who wish to lead a life free from worries and stay busy with the activities that allow them to live life in their own way. The opportunities of socializing are high in this type of community that provides an environment that supports a spirited living.

Residential care homes

This kind of facility recreates home care with some modifications and with the touches of community living.  Personal care homes and adult family homes are the other names of such facility which is ideal for someone who is looking for care in a more personalized home setting.  Besides the assistance for daily living and meal services, comfortable living is a big attraction to these homes.

Assisted living

Older adults who love independent living but not able to perform all their daily work by themselves and need some little assistance would benefit by joining an assisted living community.  Help is available for the members round the clock as the staff helps with meals, bathing, dressing, transportation, and housekeeping.  To allow social mixing most of the centers have common areas for dining and other recreational activities.  Some senior members might require more support especially those who have Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, and it should not be difficult to find an Alzheimer’s care near you as many of the assisted living centers have arrangements for it.

Nursing home

Adults who are in need of extensive medical support along with assistance in daily living activities would find nursing homes best suited. Those with debilitating conditions are unable to take care of themselves and require constant medical supervision that is only available in nursing homes.

Understanding the needs of seniors and matching it with the budget helps to decide the best option.
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