Neck and Back Pain and What I Have Tried

Neck-and-Back-Pain-and-What-I-Have-Tried-And-Why-I-am-Looking-Into-Stem-Cell-TherapyHave you ever had a neck or back injury?

Or do you know someone that has developed a problem from arthritis in their neck or back?

There are so many reports and studies on these types of maladies. Including yours truly. Over the years and due to falls or car accidents, those past injuries have surfaced starting with having pain in my neck and sciatic. At first, in my back, I just thought my back was out of place and so I went to the chiropractor for adjustments and that worked for a while.

Then I started feeling a different kind of pain in my back. That is when I went to my doctor and she ordered Xray’s and after seeing the results, I had to go for MRIs and CT Scans then she sent me to an orthopedic doctor.

He told me I had disk degeneration, bulging disks including spinal stenosis ¹, (which happens with age).

But on this visit with the orthopedic doctor, he told me I needed surgery, of course, I didn’t like that answer, so I found another doctor. With the second doctor’s opinion, the treatment was not so invasive. He prescribed physical therapy, exercises, anti-inflammatories, and pain pills.

The latest was epidurals in my lower back which gave me some relief, however, due to long waits with referrals and the time for the doctor to perform the epidurals the pain would return rather quickly. So what is next, I will be trying Ablation ² in the coming month and will update on the effects.

Update 3/9/2020 I had the ablation on the left side and it will take 4-6 weeks for the nerves to die that they burned during the procedure. It was fine the first day but on the 2nd and 3rd-day after I was in a lot of pain and burning in my leg. But I can report that has stopped. I go back in a week for the other side. Hopefully, within 2 months I will have a better quality of life and less to no pain.

So what alternatives are available:

Because I am refusing to have surgery, I wanted to know what options I have for treatment and a better quality of life.

Of course, there is still surgery
♦ More Physical Therapy

♦ Ablation (uh·blei·shn)
♦ Stem Cell Therapy

How is Ablation used: It is the treatment of nerves that are causing the pain determined with a facet procedure to find the nerves that are causing the pain.

“It is a nonsurgical, minimally invasive procedure that uses heat to reduce or stop the transmission of pain”¹.

Stem Cell therapy is being used in a wide range of procedures  –– too many to mention. But I found a stem cell therapy for neck pain case study that was quite informative. In the piece, I learned that after being treated with stem cell therapy the patient was able to and return to normal activities.

No matter what the injury has been, I found that it is best to seek the advice of professionals at Coventry Back Pain and if you don’t like the information you are getting, keep researching until you find something that will work for you.

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