Choosing the Best Rehab for Your Needs

Before considering which rehab might be best for you, take a moment to congratulate yourself on your decision to help with your substance abuse or addiction issue. While picking a rehab can come with stress and even feel overwhelming, it could be the best gift you ever give yourself, too. If you’re wondering how to choose a great rehab facility for you, read on for things to consider.

Considering Luxury


There are no wrong answers when it comes to determining your rehab needs. The reality is that the more comfortable you are at the rehab facility you choose, the better your odds of recovering will be. If you’re someone who thrives with modern amenities and in a luxury environment, a place like Hope House in Arizona could be a great choice for you. Hope House doesn’t start and end with the only luxury.

They offer treatment options for people who have mental health issues and are working on their sobriety. The Hope House facilities are run by masters-level clinicians focused on treating the mind and the body to confront addiction head-on. Each addiction treatment center is staffed around-the-clock with qualified addiction specialists and licensed therapists. If luxury matters to you, the best way to find a rehab in your area could be a simple Google search for ‘luxury rehab in New York City’ or wherever you’re from.

If luxury is key to you, you’ll want to call the facility ahead of time and ask about policies and rules. If you have a chronic condition or another mental health issue, you should bring that up, too. Ask about the privacy policy, quality of life while in treatment, and what supports clinicians can provide after rehab to ensure your success.

Thinking About Responsibilities


For some people with substance abuse issues, the option of going to a residential rehab center isn’t possible because of responsibilities. Maybe you have a minor child and no family member to help look after them. Perhaps you’ve been helping manage expenses while overcoming a major illness and are worried about adding to medical expenses. Whatever your responsibility might be, it’s important to think about your priorities and where your sobriety falls on that list.

If your sobriety matters to you, there are ways you can take the next step in a healthier lifestyle without checking yourself into a live-in rehab. Consider partial hospitalization programs, seeing a therapist, joining a support group for people who struggle with addiction, or if you live in the United States, calling 211 for a list of resources and online support groups that might help you find ways to balance your recovery with a job, children, a family, and other obligations.

Considering Self-Care While Deciding


One of the best ways you can help yourself with preventative care is to engage in regular acts of self-care. That is, in taking care of your overall mental and physical wellbeing, you’ll be in a better position to tackle the challenges that come with your substance abuse issues. Think about ways you can unplug from stress and triggers while deciding on your long-term rehab care. Something as simple as turning to a bottled water dispenser instead of alcohol could make a difference in how you make your final decision. Otherwise, said, be sure you’re in a clean state of mind when researching your rehab options.

You know yourself best. In taking time to do your research and asking questions about your potential involvement in treatment decisions, you’ll be putting yourself in a position of empowerment. The bottom line is that no matter what rehab facility you pick, your recovery journey starts and ends with you. Whether you have ongoing mental health issues or need support giving up alcohol or drugs, take a deep breath before weighing the pros and cons of recovery centers. Trust yourself to make the right decision for you. Again, congratulations on taking this first step toward a healthy lifestyle. You deserve it and are worth it.

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