Seattle to Scotland — 3 Travel Tips

There’s a small yet significant Scottish population in Washington state — the 2010 census indicated 200,000 individuals of Scottish descent or roughly three percent of the total. Seattle to Scotland — 3 Travel Tips

And since 2007, The Caledonian and St. Andrews Society of Seattle has celebrated Burns Night and Chinese New Year simultaneously at the end of January as ‘Gung Haggis Fat Choy’. This culinary cultural fusion combines the iconic Scottish pudding with a range of delectable Asian delights. 

But whether you’ve got tartan in your blood or simply want to visit 2017’s most beautiful country in the world according to Rough Guides, a trip to bonnie Scotland might be easier to organize than you realize.

If you’re savoring the thought of a Seattle to Scotland vacation, here are three travel tips.

  1. Flights

If your geography’s good, you’ll realize that you’ll be sat on a plane for some time to make this trip — the quickest non-stop flight takes the best part of 10 hours.

But you can arrange to fly to Edinburgh, Glasgow or Inverness and ticket prices are surprisingly reasonable, considering the distance.

Carriers like Virgin Atlantic, KLM, Brussels Airlines, Finnair and Lufthansa offer round-trip Seattle-Tacoma flights to Glasgow or Edinburgh from around $500 — not bad at all.

Once you know your desired travel dates, search for the most reasonable Sea-Tac to Scotland flights and you’ll find a deal that matches your budget.

  1. Parking

The last thing you need prior to a long-haul flight to Scotland is a stressed journey to Seattle airport spent stuffed into public transport besides dozens of perspiring fellow travelers. And if you’ve got young kids in tow, this scenario is a touch-paper for explosive tantrums.

Better to book Seattle-Tacoma airport parking at and travel in the comfort and privacy of your own vehicle. You’ll head for check-in feeling completely relaxed and when you return home, you can hop in your car and be on your merry way.

To really get yourselves in the mood for your impending trip, be sure to sing along to 500 Miles by The Proclaimers — there’s nothing like a spot of car karaoke to raise the spirits.

  1. Tattoo

Don’t worry — you don’t need to get a set of bagpipes, thistle or bottle of Irn-Bru inked onto your skin before traveling to Scotland (unless you really want to).

But if you’re visiting in summer, you absolutely must order a ticket for The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. Held at the spectacular Edinburgh Castle esplanade with performances throughout August, this superb event features military music, amazing marching moves and fantastic fireworks.

It sparks the senses of visitors from across the globe — but when you hear the massed bands pipes and drums belting out traditional tunes like Highland Cathedral, you’ll start to understand what’s so special about Scottish culture.

These three travel hacks are the tip of the iceberg for a Caledonian adventure — but they’ll set you up solidly for a Seattle to Scotland trip to remember.

Do you have advice for a Scottish holiday? Share it in the comments section.

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