Getting Ready for Baby-Nursery Set-Up 101

When a new baby is on the way, the range of emotions runs a broad spectrum for expecting parents from excitement to complete terror. Somewhere in between those emotions is the joy of setting up and decorating baby’s nursery. Although it would be wonderful to have someone come in and arrange, paint and furnish to your exact specifications, it is not necessarily realistic or desirable. Sometimes do-it-yourself projects mean a little more and come from the heart. Babies Nursery

Getting Started

When you think about your baby’s nursery, what do you envision? Write down how you see the room. What color is it? Do you have a theme in mind? Choosing a theme doesn’t have to mean decorating with some popular cartoon character or television show, it could be as simple as a color or a even a season. Once you have compiled a list of  your vision, you can then start making other choices like paint or wallpaper, carpet or area rug, window blinds or curtains and so on.

Wall Decor

The easiest choice is obviously paint over wallpaper since it’s less time consuming. It is also easier to re-decorate down the road. Choose colors that are soft and not too bright, especially if you want to hang other pictures or vinyl decorative stickers. In fact, you can even create your own vinyl stick ups just by purchasing adhesive vinyl sheets and cutting out the appropriate shapes.


If you want to create texture on your walls, why not try sponge painting or rag painting? You can create a soft, cloudy sky effect on the ceiling with some blue paint as the background and sponged-on white. With sponge and rag painting, it’s hard to mess it up since the design is unique every time! A quick Internet search will yield you dozens and dozens of how-to videos as well.


Take into account the room size you are working with. A baby really doesn’t require a lot of furniture; a crib and dresser is really all you need. If you have additional space, you could add a glider chair for nighttime feedings, but that is for you not baby. Many people will tell you that you will need a change table, however, you will likely find yourself changing Baby wherever you may be–living room, bedroom etc. Optionally, there are dressers which act as a change table on top.

Window Coverings

If you want to add bright colors to the nursery, you can do it easily with your window covering choices. This is an easy way to add color without the commitment that paint brings. Choose a decorative pattern if you want to give Baby a visual stimulant. You may want to consider a blackout curtain to keep daylight out during nap time and when it is still light outside at bedtime.

Jump Right In

When it comes to decorating and setting up your baby’s room, the cliche is true-the sky’s the limit! Get some ideas down on paper to organize your thoughts and then jump right in! Just remember nothing is permanent so if you end up hating something, it can be changed. Have fun and enjoy the process. Before you know it, you will be changing the nursery to a spare room when they leave for College.

10 Ways to Decorate Your Baby’s Nursery with Style and Creativity

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