3 Themes To Consider For a Boat Party

Various Themes You Can Consider for Your Upcoming Boat Party to Make It Fun and Exciting! 3 Themes To Consider For a Boat Party

Theme parties are always a lot of fun. They bring uniformity to your event; you get to choose the right kind of decorations, the type of food and beverages to be served, etc. which will match the theme of the party. They also bring out the creative side of you and let your imagination take control. Boat parties are most entertaining when they have some theme incorporated into it. In this article, you will learn about some of the most wonderful theme parties which you can throw for your boat party.


This is an easy theme for a boat party. You can organise such parties for both adults and kids. All you need would be to decorate your ship like that of a pirate’s ship. You can put up a long flag that depicts the skull and bones with a black background – the classic pirate insignia. Decorate the ship with pirate designs and motifs; you can get many historical figurines to choose from. For adults, you can keep rum as the preferred beverage, for children soda will do. You can have sea fish based cuisine. Everyone will be required to wear pirate costumes.


This is a perfect theme for a young girl’s birthday party. The boat will be decorated in white, with white and pink flowers. Girls will dress as fairies while boys can be elves. It will be a cute affair. For food, there will be plenty of chocolates and ice cream.

Under the sea

For people who are hardcore costume enthusiasts. Dress up as underwater creatures and monsters in this party, wearing costumes of mermaids, Nemo and other Disney characters. You can also dress up like the Kraken. Decorations would involve a lot of green and blue lighting and backgrounds to resemble the underwater environment.

You can visit the boat party organisers to know more about organising boat parties on the river Thames and learn how to throw a good London boat party.


One of the most popular forms of parties today is boat party. They are easily affordable as they come in various budget packages. Not only do they save your time and efforts, which would have been otherwise spent in planning the details of your party, but they also give your guests a lifetime of memories. Boat parties can be customised in various ways; they can be made a lot more exciting with theme parties being incorporated. There are various types of theme parties like pirates, fairies, etc. Theme parties would require you to do the decorations, lightings simply and the preparation of the food in a different way to match the mood of your party, of course, costumes relating to the particular theme would also have to be worn by everyone. But theme parties add more character to a boat party, and they are great fun, especially if you include games and contests too. Hopefully, this article would have given you some notions about the various types of theme parties which you can organise.

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