Way to Beat Bad Online Habits and Be More Productive

Productivity can suffer due to various factors. So, if you want to be more productive, you should put an end to your bad online habits as they negatively affect productivity. Thus, if you are carelessly browsing without a purpose, using your phone excessively, checking your emails constantly, and being connected all the time, we have solutions for you. You should be more selective when browsing and limit your internet and phone use. Beating bad online habits is now possible by simply following our tips. Way to Beat Bad Online Habits and Be More Productive

Staying productive can be an arduous task and it requires a lot of focused efforts and planning. There are people who consider themselves productive only when doing numerous things at the same time. On the other hand, other people tend to think this process thoroughly, see what they are doing wrong and try to improve their behaviour and increase productivity. Most of the people usually procrastinate and being productive isn’t something they experience. However, sometimes you really need to be productive and do as much work as possible. That’s the time when you have to ditch some bad practices. An exceptional example of bad practices is our online habits. Do you often find yourself carelessly browsing the web when you’re supposed to do some work? Do you often find yourself reading the advertisement for some paper writing service you might never use? Luckily, you’re not alone. In fact, productivity suffers from these bad online habits as they can lure even the most responsible and focused person. Hence, we decided to list some of the worst online habits most of us are guilty of and the ways how to beat them. So, if you were looking for a solution to increase your efficiency, keep reading!

Bad Online Habits and How to Beat Them

Being Connected 24/7

This is one of the most common bad online habits for most of us. We live in an increasingly connected world and we tend to be connected to the internet 24/7. What’s more, scrolling through the newsfeed is the first thing we do in the morning and the last thing before going to bed. However, this is a terrible habit as we don’t let our brain rest and the brain is distracted throughout the whole day. Most of us don’t even unplug when there is an important task to be finished, such as writing the dissertation.

In order to eliminate this bad online habit, make sure you unplug as much as possible. Likewise, don’t touch your phone immediately after waking up but leave the morning for relaxation and start off on the right foot. Before going to bed, forget about your phone as there is no place for it in your bed. Instead, opt to read some book so you can relax and sleep like a baby. Instead, we procrastinate and when pressed for time, we decide to buy dissertation online.

Browsing Without a Purpose

What we usually do when we want to take a short break from work or when not feeling like working, is opening many tabs in the browser. Carelessly browsing through websites and social platforms is a real distraction and you just can’t stop. You waste hours and hours just browsing without purpose and as a result, it kills your productivity and ability to stay focused.

Killing this terrible online habit requires a lot of dedication and determination. However, if you’re looking for a quick solution, then we suggest installing software which blocks certain platforms, such as Facebook or Instagram. Moreover, there are numerous tools on the web which limit your time online and notify you when you’re using the platforms too much. In this way, your time browsing without purpose will be minimized and your productivity maximized.

Excessive Phone Use

Are you constantly glued to your phone and can’t live without it? Do you even use it during meal time? These are clear signs that you’re using your phone too much. Excessive phone use is detrimental to your sleep and mental health. What’s more, it can lead to depression and lowers your efficiency and capacity to carry out tasks.

To stop this bad habit, avoid using your phone so much. For instance, you can limit the time for using your phone up to 2 hours a day. Moreover, install custom alert profiles which review your notifications and help you not to get distracted.

Lack of Section

Not being selective enough on how you spend your time online can result in lack of productivity. Your focus and energy will be minimized if you’re constantly watching random YouTube videos, checking unimportant notifications, and clicking spammy links. Paying attention to everything online wastes your time and you won’t have time for some important things.

Thus, if you aren’t selective enough you definitely need some help. These are some of the things you have to do to eliminate wasting your time online:

    • install an ad blocker to block ads from appearing on websites;
    • unsubscribe from all websites and their newsletters;
    • turn off notification of the social platforms;

Checking Email Throughout the Day

We all have an email but some of us tend to use it more than the others. If you check your email constantly throughout the day, you lose up to 25 minutes of work time each time you do that. What’s more, this action makes you dumber and can cost you time.

Hence, in order to eliminate this terrible habit, make sure you have a set time for checking your email. For example, check your email twice a day or only after you have finished with a certain task.

Being more productive is no easy feat. Productivity doesn’t mean working harder, but smarter. However, there is a myriad of things which simply kill productivity. Some of the things which most negatively affect productivity are the bad online habits. And guess what? We’re all guilty of at least one of them. Hence, knowing how to eliminate these bad online habits will make productivity and efficacy a much more attainable goal.

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