6 Techniques to Improve Your Family’s Bond

Do you ever feel like your family is drifting apart?
Well, you’re not alone. Every family goes through periods of communication breakdown where it feels like you’re all living completely separate lives. Don’t beat yourself up over it, but don’t let it continue either. The longer your family goes without any real bonding, the harder it’ll be to connect again.

With that said, it’s never impossible to connect with family you have drifted apart from, as long as all parties are willing.
Follow these 6 techniques to improve your family’s bond. 6 Techniques to Improve Your Family's Bond

1. Put your family first
If you start feeling disconnected, chances are good that you’ve let something get in the way of family time. Maybe it’s work, social media or friendships (yours or your children’s), but it’s time to reverse that pattern.
Identify one thing, if you can, that’s taking the most time away from your family. Do whatever you can to minimize its impact on family time. If you’re working too many hours, see if you can take work home and do it after the kids go to sleep. If you’re spending too much time on your phone, make a serious effort to put it down. Whatever the time-waster is, don’t let it interfere with family time.

2. Communicate more and better
You can talk to your family all day and still feel like you’re drifting apart, if you’re talking about the wrong things. Try to have more meaningful conversations by asking about their day and responding with more questions or relevant comments. Show you care by listening and responding to what they say.

3. Show your appreciation
Showing appreciation is about more than saying thank you, but thank you’s are also important. If you’ve lost this basic pleasantry, it may be time to add it back into your repertoire.

But the absolute best way to show your appreciation is by returning the favor. If someone does something nice for you, do something nice for them. Talk about the nice things your family members have done for you too. Even if it feels forced at first, we all need to feel appreciated, so it’ll pay off in the end.

4. Treat family as you would friends
We’ve all said terrible things to our family members that we wish we could take back. But here’s the thing: You can’t take it back. So, before you utter any hateful words in the heat of the moment, think about whether you’d say this to your best friend.

We tend to be nicer to our friends than our family because we know friends have a choice. They don’t have to put up with rage-fueled outbursts and doors slammed in their faces. But the fact that family will still be there through the worst should help us appreciate them more.

5. Designate a family fun night
It’s important to spend time together if you want to bond, but it’s also helpful to share common experiences. Try to designate one night a week to do something fun with the family.
You could join a bowling league, try different restaurants or have a movie night at home. Just make sure everyone is there and no one is glued to their phones.

6. Get outside help
If you’re working to overcome an obstacle or are having trouble getting through to someone in your family, consider going to family therapy. Sometimes, it just takes an outside ear to get people talking about the issues that stand in the way of being happy. This can be a temporary or more permanent part of your life, depending on how well it works for you.

There’s nothing more important than the family bond, so try to get everyone on the same page before they drift too far apart.
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4 Ways a Life Coach Can Help You & Your Family

Everyone needs a bit of guidance in life to direct themselves on the right path. Emotional and financial worries can be a huge setback for anyone trying to live a healthy life. Not everyone is strong enough to deal with all the adversities of life which can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. There comes a time when you must seek someone who can guide you and your family through tough situations and will help you to cope with the fast pace of today’s life. If you are serious about you and your families well-being, it may be time to find a coach who can guide you through tough decisions as well as make sure that you are progressing in all areas of your life.   4 Ways a Life Coach Can Help You & Your Family

  1. Financial Guidance

A life coach will help you to manage your finances by allowing you to prioritize your needs and spending. Many families who are trying to save money for their children education while also making ends meet struggle when they lack proper planning and need someone who can help them manage their budget efficiently.

They will guide the family about the insurance plans regarding the future planning such as education expenses of the kids. These plans will allow you to save a little money side by side which will be an aid for the future. Keeping the money for health can also be a useful aid in times of distress.

  1. Define & Achieve Goals

As every family member has a different personality, so everyone needs different types of counseling that will help them to get a right direction for their future. As most of the families are concerned about dealing with the relationships and children behavior and their future, life coaching will allow them to set their goals for the future and work hard for that goal.

  1. Stay Positive

Life coaching will allow the families who are suffering from any setback and trauma to look at life with a new positive perspective. The counseling and guidance will refresh the minds allowing them to have a positive outlook on life. Having a financial setback can disturb a family, but a life coach can guide the family to head into a more safe and risk-free finance option. This will allow them to stabilize them, emotionally and financially as well. Such counseling will enable them to excel in life.

  1. Family Communication

Some families tend to communicate a little less as most of the members are busy with their lives. In such cases, a family is vulnerable to any type of conflict by the closest of the relatives. Family bonding and communication will allow the members to diminish the miscommunication, misunderstandings and generation gaps between the parents and children. All of this is possible by the life coaching expert who will stay in touch with them through the times of distress. He is a companion of your happy and sad times, and he will guide you through these times with ease and comfort.

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