How To Choose the Right Garage Flooring

There are a lot of options to cover the concrete in your garage, but they vary greatly in cost, prep time and appearance. Additionally, how you use your garage will affect which flooring is a good fit for you. Completing such a project, however, could help you sell your home. Organizing all these factors in one place can be overwhelming, so here are a few of the most popular options to get you started.

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This is one of the most common floor coverings for concrete floors. It needs a moisture-free concrete to seal to the floor properly, so the concrete has to be prepped carefully; some garages might not be a good fit if there is moisture seeping into the concrete from the ground. You can save a lot of money by taking a long weekend to apply the epoxy itself; properly applied this is a great option for garages. It provides a shiny, but low maintenance, easy to clean and durable surface that will stand up to years of hard use.

Flexible Plastic Tiles

These tiles are relatively easy to install. You simply snap them together, cutting them where necessary. If you’re creative by nature, you can buy several colors and create colorful patterns on the floor of your garage. They are vulnerable to staining, so you may need to replace tiles; however, it is easy to snap out a damaged tile and replace it.

Concrete Paint

The paint is prone to chipping, staining and getting damaged, so it’s not ideal if you’re doing a lot of work in your garage. You’ll want to keep some paint on hand to fix these blemishes with easy touch-up jobs. Applying it involves prep work like the epoxy, so plan on a long weekend to get this installed. Applying it, however, is a simple matter of rolling it on. While not the most durable flooring, it’s the most budget-friendly option.

Rigid Plastic Tiles

Like the flexible plastic tiles, these are easy to install and come in colors that enable you to put a unique pattern on your garage floor. They are essentially a more durable version of the flexible tiles; they’re less prone to staining and will hold more weight. Unfortunately, water is more likely to seep beneath them and cause mildew on the concrete. There are designs that attempt to mitigate this, but mildew is still an issue to look out for if you purchase these.  

An ideal garage floor needs to be durable, stain resistant and within your budget. That said, it is still part of your house. The right flooring will help your garage look nice, all while enabling you to spend less time maintaining it. It’s sometimes hard to keep floors clean, I have chosen some popular systems but I might receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on a link.

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Family Life with Laminate Flooring

Family Life with Laminate Flooring

Designing a family home is a tough task.

You have to consider every member if the households needs and expectations, to promote a healthy and happy home environment; all the while trying to offer a consistent look and feel that every budding interior designer craves.

Another element to consider is new arrivals to the family, what would be best design to fit around each family members specific needs and tastes.

Now most rooms in the home can be adapted without many problems. Depending on how far you wish to go, it could be as simple as a lick of paint and some furniture rearranging. However for some of you, a complete re design may be necessary, which leads to the horror of having to replace the floor. Family Life with Laminate FlooringNot only is this an unpleasant task physically, but also mentally as you struggle to decide which flooring you would like to use as a replacement. Hardwood, Tiles, Vinyl, Carpet. All options which have their own unique benefits and drawbacks.

However there is one type of flooring that has not been mentioned, one that offers the creative flexibility of carpets with the durability and dependability of hardwood flooring. The flooring in question is laminate flooring. For those looking for a consistent look and feel for your home design, then this is the perfect option for you.

However why is this?

1. A Splash of Colour  

One of the most unique selling points of wood laminate flooring is its vast and expansive colour pallet.

Avoiding the staining and varnishing that is often associated with hardwood furniture, the unique printed layer of laminate wood flooring emulates the distinctive charm of hardwood.

Yet at the same time, it also offers unique colour pallets which can suit any room in the home. From the living room all the way through to the bedroom, all of your creative ambitions will be realised.

Such styles include traditional oak finishes, vibrant white laminate flooring, sleek grey laminate or perhaps some absorbing black laminate.

2. User friendly  

The second benefit to laminate flooring is how user friendly it is.

This extends into two fields, the first of which is the installation process. Of course, when it comes to home renovation, the floor is one of the most daunting areas – especially as any small mistake may lead to added expenses. However thankfully laminate flooring reduces these risk factors thanks to an easy to lay design. This features a simple snap, click installation method which even the least DIY savvy homeowners can install with ease.

In addition laminate can be laid on top of pre-existing sub flooring, including concrete and even vinyl subflooring. On top of this your new laminate floor plan will only need 48 hours to fully acclimatise to your room.

After instillation however, laminate really comes into its own thanks to its day to day user fendilines.

Firstly is the durability, with its layered design incorporating a high density central layer, and a clear top layer which is both scratch resistant and water resistant.

This makes it great for family homes with kids and pets, as accidents will happen; so having a durable and easy to maintain floor is one less thing to worry about.

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The Secret to Clean Hardwood Floors at Work

Whether your office is big or small, clean floors are a must if you want to impress clients.

A successful business is not just about hitting monthly targets and running a successful marketing campaign. It is just as much about keeping your base of operations (that is, your office) tidy and conducive for work.

The office is an extension of your identity and branding as a company, so you should always keep it clean. You cannot expect to make negotiations and close deals in a space that looks intimidating. Conversely, a professional-looking office encourages a relaxed atmosphere.

Aside from that, your office is one of the places where people spend a lot of their time. Studies show that an office’s layout has an effect on an employee’s productivity. The relationship between objects and physical spaces contributes to visual stimuli. For example, having a few things in a room will make the room look bigger, giving the impression of free movement.

Clean floors contribute to clear thinking. Hardwood floors, in particular, should be kept polished and spotlessly clean. Many people come and go, and dirt from outside the office will likely be left on the floor. A simple floor mop can actually make or break your reputation as a business.

Whether your office is big or small, clean floors are a must if you want to impress clients. How do you keep your hardwood floors classically beautiful then? Read this inforgraphic for an extensive guide on cleaning hardwood floors. HowtoCleanHardwoodFloors

The best cleaning practices are just as valuable as the best business practices are. Your physical office spaces are also your investments to make the company look good. Make an effort to keep your floors sparkly and immaculate.

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