10 of The Most Important Things You Need to Know About Sleep

What-you-need-to-know-before-going-to-sleepWhat do you know about sleep? Sleep makes us feel better. After sleeping for at least seven hours, the optimal sleep duration for adults, we tend to feel more energetic, we become more alert, happy, and increase our productivity.

Some of us treat sleep as an optional activity, while some even brag about how less they sleep. As much as 40% of adults in the United States don’t get sufficient sleep.

  1. Sleep enhances our memory and repairs our body

Sleeping for the recommended duration relaxes our minds and helps us retain information. Usually, after high-quality sleep, we tend to increase productivity and recall things better.

Also, when sleeping for long duration’s, the body restores and rejuvenates muscles. The body repairs tissues and synthesizes hormones. This is why sleep is critical during growth stages. That is why children and teenagers need more hours of sleep, usually ten hours.

  1. You cannot catch up on sleep

Most of us work during weekdays and tend to use the weekend for catching up on sleep, sorry to burst your bubble, but there`s nothing like catching up. If you are facing sleep deprivation, the only way you can overcome it is by several consecutive nights of getting sufficient high-quality sleep.

Majority of parents experience sleep deprivation during the first year of their baby`s birth. On average, they miss between 400 and 750 sleep hours.

  1. It is essential for women to get sufficient sleep

Sleep deprivation poses more significant risks for conditions such as stress and diabetes. Women are more susceptible to these kinds of illnesses. Maybe it is because of the female hormones. Therefore, it is imperative for women to get at least 7 hours of sleep.

  1. The question of snoring

Many think snoring is a part of sleeping because it is common. However, snoring may indicate a person is suffering from either sleep apnea, or from a critical breathing disorder. You should consult your doctor for a better diagnosis. The doctor can prescribe a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) appliance such as a ResMed CPAP machine to eliminate snoring and alleviate sleep apnea.

  1. Always shut down all forms of light before sleeping

Light from electronic devices usually alters sleeping cycles. They do this by affecting the hormone responsible for inducing sleep, melatonin. Therefore, whenever you experience difficulty sleeping, consider shutting off all electronic devices.

  1. Only a small proportion of individuals can optimally function after sleeping for less than seven hours

As a result of genetic mutation, there is a small proportion, 1% of individuals who can optimally perform after sleeping for fewer hours.

  1. Failure to get enough sleep may ruin your career or performance

Usually, when you sleep for less than 7 or 8 hours, you are likely to experience sleep deprivation symptoms. Not only does sleep deprivation affect your health, but also hurts your career.

Health conditions that come from a failure to have enough sleep include diabetes, heart disease, and increased risk of obesity, stroke and high blood pressure. High blood pressure comes along with conditions such as impaired cognitive abilities. Effects such as difficulty in focusing and reduced productivity will interfere with your performance at work.

  1. Your working hours may interfere with your sleeping pattern

Research shows that most night workers experience sleep problems, compared to day workers. Those who work at night sleep during the day, which changes the body`s circadian sleep regulation. Hence, it leads to disastrous effects. Therefore, those who pick jobs during the night, are more prone to the hazardous impacts of sleep deprivation.

  1. The career you choose determines how much sleep you get

Some professions work in shifts for example paramedics and police officers. Compared to people in other occupations with regular working hours, those working in shifts sleep less.

  1. The type of mattress you sleep on matters

You cannot enjoy the night nor have a quality sleep without the best mattress. You should sleep on something that is soft and comfortable. Usually, there are many types of mattresses in the market, but one stands out the memory foam mattress. Sleeping on a memory foam mattress is recommended for people with back problems.  To promote better sleep, you can choose to buy a mattress topper for additional comfort.

Final words

Many mattress manufacturers claim to manufacture mattresses with a perfect balance of comfort and support.  Therefore choosing a memory foam mattress, may be a tedious task. Sleepco is a renowned mattress firm, where you can buy the right mattress.

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