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Peach Tart with Cream Cheese and Thyme 4 comments
Welcome to Oh My Heartsie Girls Friday Features  Enjoy Friday Features-Have a great weekend!!!  I have been hosting linky parties on my blog since 2009 and dont intend to stop any time soon. What do you find interesting, what do you look for when participating in a Linky Party? Tell Us in Comments How long have you been visiting our […]

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The Benefits of Placing a Shag Rug In Your Living Room  You do not have to give your living room a complete makeover just to create a different look. It is easy to change up the vibe with accessories such as shag rugs. If you are unsure of this change, here are several benefits of buying shag rugs for the […]

5 Benefits of Placing a Shag Rug In Your Living ...

Thirst for Mediterranean-4
Dining Room Design: Ideas & Inspiration Image source: home-designing.com Every room in your home is unique, but there is something special about dining rooms. That is where you gather with your friends and neighbors on Friday evenings and chat about your week; or maybe the whole family likes to sit together for lunch on Sundays and all the generation gaps […]

Home Series: 4 Ideas and Inspiration For Dining Rooms

Many homeowners don’t pay attention to quality when buying a mattress- Quality Beds
Mattresses – why it is last but not least thing of your room décor We spend a third of our lives sleeping, which means mattresses play a fundamental role in our daily lifestyles. No matter how expensive and beautiful a bed looks like, if it doesn’t have a comfortable mattress it is useless. Decorating your room and making it look […]

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Oh My Heartsie GIrls Weekly Linky Party For All Blogs To Share Their Latest Posts 5 comments
It is amazing to me that each year we go through different trends for home decor, changing from fabrics, colors, textures, styles and its hard to keep up with all the changes, not to mention trying to change your home to fit into the “trend of the year”! But I am sharing with you a few of the newest trends […]

Home Decorating Trends For Pantone 2016-Color Changes, Textures and Styles

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Welcome to Friday Features, this is my 65th addition, thanks for stopping by to be included in the party. This is my opportunity to share some great recipes and home ideas with you from those that linked up from last week and hope that you will enjoy this weeks features! And if this is your first visit were happy to make your […]

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With the cooler temperatures we will soon be spending more time indoors allowing us to focus on making changes in our homes decor with home accessories, without breaking the bank. Living Room|| On your coffee table for example, remove everything to start with a new pallet, find a tray and add a few items such as a vase of flowers a […]

Shopping Target For Home Accessories