Mattress in a Box: The 7 Best Mattresses You Can Buy Online

Mattress in a Box: The 7 Best Mattresses You Can Buy OnlineWe spend about a third of our lives asleep on our mattresses, so it makes sense that we would want to buy one that we enjoy.

In those few moments of rest that we are able to grab, we want to be as comfortable as possible! 

So it might seem a little weird to be buying mattresses online. After all, wouldn’t you want to test it out first to make sure you’re actually comfortable? 

Well, in today’s era of online shopping, you can actually get a decent mattress in a box. These companies below have proven that you don’t need to awkwardly flop on two dozen mattresses before you find the perfect fit.

You can just click buy and wait for it to show up. 

We’ve got our top seven choices for you below — but first, let’s chat about why you should buy your next mattress online. 

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Why Order a Mattress in a Box? 
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So the main question is…why? Why would you want to order your mattress online instead of shopping in a big box store? 

Well, first of all, if you want to keep your pushy salesperson interactions to a minimum (AKA none at all, if possible), buying online is fantastic.

Buying a mattress in a store often comes with a sales rep who’s just a little too invested in your purchase that day. 

Plus, you can save some major cash.

We’ve all been shocked by the price tag of a mattress before. Part of why online retailers have been so disruptive is because they’ve got high-quality products for a fraction of the price — and they deliver. 

You really can’t beat that. 

So which ones should you look into first? Check out our top seven. 

  1. Tuft & Needle

If you like a firmer mattress, this might be the company for you. Tuft & Needle is known for mattresses that have a little more support to them. 

They have a special kind of foam mattress that’s specific to the company. Whatever their formula is, it’s working — they’ve got tons of rave reviews. 

Plus, for the more civic-minded, the company is super invested in charity. So invested, in fact, that if you don’t like your mattress, they want you to donate it to charity. If you can prove to them that you did, they’ll refund you in full. 

  1. Bear

If you have any kind of muscle pain, the Bear mattresses were designed with you in mind. 

Its memory foam mattresses help to align your spine so that you wake up feeling even better than you did when you hit the sack.

They use Celliant technology in their mattresses, which has been proven to help regulate your body temperature (no more overheating!), help you fall asleep faster, and even improve your athletic performance. 

  1. Helix Sleep

What if you’re not sure what you want out of a mattress?

Maybe the idea of going to a store is appealing because you’ll only know what you want when you lie on it. 

In that case, you might want to check out Helix Sleep. Before you buy a mattress, they’ll prompt you to fill out a sleep quiz to get more information about your needs. Then, they’ll recommend mattresses that are tailored to you. 

If you have a partner who has completely different sleeping needs — maybe they like firm while you like soft — you can personalize each side so that everyone is happy. 

  1. Casper

If you spend a lot of time on Instagram, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen the Casper mattress advertised. This was one of the first companies to really kickstart the online mattress trend, and their online marketing strategy means they’re everywhere

This mattress comes in six sizes and is a mix between latex foam and memory foam. If you fall somewhere in between “I need my mattress to have a lot of support” and “I like soft, but not like, too soft,” this is probably a good choice. 

You get a 100 night trial with this mattress, so there’s plenty of time to decide if you like it or not. If you decide that you don’t, the company will send someone to come pick it up and donate it. 

  1. AmazonBasics

If you’re loving that Prime life with Amazon, we’ve got good news for you — even Amazon has hopped on the online mattress trend! 

If you want two-day shipping on a mattress, Amazon has got you covered. Their AmazonBasics mattress is reasonably priced and made with memory foam, so it’s great for those who love soft mattresses. 

If you end up disliking it, it comes with a one-year warranty. 

  1. Leesa

The Leesa mattresses are also made of memory foam, but they’re designed to be medium softness.

If you end up in twenty different sleeping positions over the course of the night, this one is worth a shot. They’ve manufactured it so that it’s comfortable no matter how you sleep. 

This is another civically-minded company. For every ten mattresses they sell, they donate one to a shelter. 

  1. Layla Mattress

Finally, our last mattress is perfect if you really just can’t decide what you want. Maybe some nights you like a firmer surface, while others you want to sink into a mattress that’s delightfully soft. 

The Layla mattress is the only foam mattress that’s actually meant to be flipped, so you get a two-for-one deal. Their copper-infused memory foam helps to keep one side firm, while the other side will cradle your body. 

You really can’t go wrong if you choose to buy your mattress from them. If you change your mind, just flip it over. 

Get the Rest You Deserve

Sure, it might seem a little weird to buy a mattress in a box. The seven companies above, though, have definitely proven that it can be one hundred percent worth it. 

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, skip all that awkward time in the store and have one shipped right to your house. 

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