Sneakers In Film: Greatest Sneaker Moments in Movie History

Sneakers In Film: Greatest Sneaker Moments in Movie History Surely, sneakers don’t get the respect they deserve in movies. But, someday they will! One day there will definitely be an Academy Award for Best Sneaker in a Support Role!! Till then, here are some greatest sneaker moments in movie history mentioned for you:

Scott Pilgrim vs the World

Based on a novel, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Michael Cera was casted as Scott Pilgrim. The actor and the actress Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth) face a tough start in their developing relationship when the seven evil exes of Ramona come up one after the other to fight Scott. While Ramona wears sleek outfits, Scott is mostly seen wearing T-shirts and jeans with Adidas Originals Superstar sneakers. It was amazing to see how Scott laces his sneakers up in slow motion before appearing for the battle.

The Goonies

Jonathan Ke Quan’s Wang character was seen wearing Nike Sky Force Hi sneakers in the memorable film The Goonies. The moment when the gang was hiding from the Fratelli family, the kicks secreted a slippery substance which provided an extraordinary way for the Goonies to escape. In 2008, Puma sneakers for men released a special edition of Puma Disc Blaze Sneaker and renamed it Goonies Disc Blaze.

Teen Wolf

The Class comedy Teen Wolf, displays Michael J. Fox plays Scott Howard, a teen kid dealing with different types of growing pains in comparison to an average high school child: because he is a werewolf. The secret is revealed when he transforms into a wolf during a basketball match. Scott is seen metamorphosing with his uniform as well as sneakers. He dons Adidas Tourney in the movie along with Nike shoes.

Beverly Hills

The hit action comedy, Beverly Hills sees cop detective Axel Foley, performed by Eddie Murphy running all over the place endeavoring to bring his friend’s killer to justice. The police officers wear a comfortable pair of Adidas Sambas. Foley sports a white Samba Country Os featuring three green stripes and original style in the scene when the Detroit police officers throw him through a glass window at the order of Villain Victor Maitland. Foley is then arrested for disrupting the peace of the area.

Forrest Gump

Played by Tom Hanks in 1994, Forrest Gump is a simple move based on simple things in life. When his love Jenny (Robin Wright) comes to visit him, she brings Forrest a new pair of Nike Cortez sneakers. Forrest unwraps it and stares at the shoes and then later runs in them for almost three years.


In the movie Tootsie, when Dustin Hoffman before becoming Dorothy Michaels rocks a dazzling pair of Puma Suedes in both the film as well as its poster.

There are dozens of movies with Adidas womens shoes and Puma men shoes. Every sneaker has its own relativity with the movie and yes, they do leave an impression on movie watchers. So, the next time you love a sneaker, then surely the brand has it in store for you. Go ahead and shop for them.


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