How to Take the Best Care of Your Fashion Rings

How to Take the Best Care of Your Fashion RingsFor men and women who are not accustomed to wearing rings with precious stones like diamonds regularly, the addition of a pricey accessory on your finger can be worrisome because when they are not exulting in the attention they are getting, they are possibly wondering how to take the best care of it. Since a diamond ring is possibly the most expensive piece of jewelry that you own, here are some useful tips on taking the best care of it.

Clean the Ring Regularly 

There is hardly any point in wearing a beautiful diamond ring if the sparkles are going to be subdued due to the buildup of dirt and oil residues on it. Fortunately, the cleaning procedure of something so expensive is really simple. All you need to do it to take some lukewarm water and add to it a few drops of some mild detergent liquid and drop in the ring for an overnight soak. The next day, gently scrub the stone and the metal ring clean with a soft toothbrush and pat dry to see it sparkling like new once again.

Be Careful When Wearing the Ring 

Just because diamonds are one of the hardest substances in the world, it does not mean that you can afford to be careless when wearing a diamond ring. If the ring takes a hard knock, the diamond can chip or fracture quite easily depending on the impact. The prongs holding the stone in place can also get bent and unless you notice the damage, you can easily lose the stone if it falls off. If you have a lifestyle that is rough or you like to work with your hands, you may be better off with Tungsten Rings as they are not only tough but inexpensive too. According to, a good way of keeping in a diamond ring in top shape is to get it checked by a jeweler twice a year.

Know When to Take Off Your Ring 

Even if you are tempted to slip off your ring to wash your hands thoroughly, resisting the urge is better as most people tend to forget to wear them afterward and leave them on the sink top, which can be pretty disastrous if you do it in a restaurant or other public space. If you are planning a day at the beach or even spending a lazy afternoon at the pool, it is better to take the ring off. The exposure to the saline water or the chlorine in the pool water can tarnish the metal of the ring and further, you can end up losing the ring itself because your finger tends to shrink when exposed to water and the ring will become loose. Similarly, playing active sports with your precious ring is not recommended.


It is important to wear the ring of the correct size so that you do not lose it accidentally, however, be cautious if you are planning to get your ring resized as fluctuation in weight and temperature can often cause your finger size to change. If your ring is expensive, it is important to get it insured after a proper valuation.
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