What to Photograph at the Scene of Your Car Accident

What-to-Photograph-at-the-Scene-of-Your-Car-AccidentSometimes a picture can tell a story better than we ever could. The same is true for car accidents. No matter how descriptive you are, some people won’t understand or envision your accident until seeing a photograph. When it comes to car accident claim cases, you’ll also want to provide as much photographic evidence as possible. 

You can never have enough photographs of your car accident scene. However, you’ll need to know how to take the right pictures that will increase your chances of winning compensation. While a Milwaukee car accident attorney can assist you with taking pictures of your accident, the following are tips about what you should photograph at the scene of your accident. 

Photograph the Damages to Your Vehicle 

Be sure to photograph the damages your vehicle itself has sustained from your accident. Make sure to get multiple angles of any scratches, dents, or significant damage you notice at the scene of your accident. Don’t forget to photograph the vehicle of the other party as well. 

The other party may make ridiculous claims about the damages to their car, and you’ll want to have evidence that will prevent them from lying. You’ll want to inspect your car for anything property damages. Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance while attempting to photograph your damages. 

Photograph Your Physical Damages

The sooner you photograph your physical damages, the better. Cuts, bruises, and more perfect pieces of evidence to capture. Any future swelling or physical injuries that were the result of your accident must also are valuable evidence. Visiting a doctor and receiving a physical inspection is recommended. 

If your doctor finds any broken bones or injuries, you’ll be able to take a picture of them or even get a copy of your X-ray. 

Take Pictures of the Scene of the Accident 

You have to set up the scene of your accident to make others understand what happened. Sometimes taking pictures of the roadway or intersection is all you need to strengthen your case. Road signs, along with any other witnesses or vehicles, are useful images to have. Don’t be afraid to take too many pictures because you can always sort out which ones help your case the most. 

Your Photos Don’t Have to Be Perfect

Don’t be nervous about your photo taking abilities. No one is expecting you to have perfect pictures of your car accident damages. Just make sure your photos are clear enough for others to tell what’s going on in the image. If you’re still unsure about how you should take your photos, call your car accident attorney for help with choosing your photos. 

Thankfully our smartphones are more than just social media devices. Each modern smartphone comes equipped with decent to great cameras that we carry around in our pockets every day. You no longer need an expensive dedicated camera to take good photos. 

For this reason, you should take advantage of your smartphone camera and take as many photographs and videos of your accident as possible.
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